Arm Wrestle Simulator Pets Tier List – All Pets, ranked

Know the best pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator!

Apart from defeating AI bosses or other real-life players, my favorite thing to do in Arm Wrestle Simulator is collect rare and valuable pets. This is because pets are unique items in the Arm Wrestle Simulator that help you to boost your overall training numbers, enabling you to multiply your gains instead of relying on single click gains. So, if you're a beginner in Arm Wrestle Simulator, you can start with something like Magic Mage or Spooky and move on to collecting top-rated pets like Ninja Kraken. 

All Pets in Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator - Ranked Tier List

All the Pets are ranked according to their base version without considering their evolvedvoidgolden, or mutated form.  

Ninja KrakenS
Hollow DominusS
Haven OverseerS
Ultra SerpentS
Lumo BoxerA
Lumo SheepA
Lumo CatA
Lumo DogA
Hollow DragonB
Cool CrabB
Ninja SquirrelB
Raid 99B
C- 7B
Robo SharkB
AT- 10B
Beef 10B
Hollow CrocB
King TridentB
Queen TridentB
Spiky HaloC
Moon BatD
Moon SpiderD
Sun DeerD
Moon OwlD
Sun RabbitD
Solar DogD
Sun BullD
Robo ElephantD
Hollow CatD
Robo AxolotlD
Robo ParrotD
Halo GuardianD
Ninja YetiD
Hollow JellyFishD
Summer CatE
Ninja ParrotE
Ninja PandaE
Halo DogE
Halo CatE
Robo CatE
Toxic HydraE
Flame BeastE
Artic FoxE
Magic MageE
Water MageE
Grass MageE

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Best Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator - Roblox

S- Tier 

All the pets in this tier are meta units. They are the best in terms of numbers and should be on your list if you are aiming for the leaderboards.

  • Hollow Dominus: In the current version, Hollow Dominus is the most powerful pet in Arm Wrestle Simulator. It multiplies your boost number up to 5000%. Remember, it is a limited-time holo event pet that has a rarity of 0.1%.
  • Ninja Kraken: The second strongest pet in Arm Wrestle Simulator is Ninja Kraken. It scales your boost numbers by x4500. If you can evolve it, you can expect the boost numbers in the range of 9000 and more.

A - Tier

Once you enter World 4, you can access most of the pets in the given tier. Though most pets here are expensive, we have listed some of the cheap and best ones.

  • Spark: Spark is a part of the Nuclear Egg Collection. It can expand boost numbers by 1500%.
  • Lumo Boxer: Lumo Boxer is also part of the Nuclear Egg Collection. The pet can multiply your boost numbers by 1200%.

B - Tier 

If you want to leave World 3 and enter World 4, You must equip some of the pets in the B-Tier. Since there are many options in the given tier, we have carefully picked some of the best from it.

  • Proto: This pet can be obtained through the Atom Egg collection in World 4. You can shoot up your boost factor by 1000%.
  • Raid 99: The Raid 99 is a part of the Widget Egg collection in the Bunker World. It can boost your numbers up to 700%.

C- Tier 

I found myself using a lot of pets from C- Tier when I entered World 3. These pets are effective in training, as you need strengths in billions to defeat bosses in World 3. Aim for the following pets after farming wins.

  • Cutlass: Cutlass is part of the Treasure Egg collection that increases your 130%
  • Ascent: Ascent is a part of the Clam Egg collection in World 3. It can provide a 180% increase to your overall training number.

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D - Tier

The pets in these tiers are slightly better than the ones in E Tier. Try to upgrade to these after spending 5 to 15 hours in the game. Use these pets to win your first PVP fight or leave World 2. Target these pets when you have enough wins.

  • Drifter: Drifter is a pet that can be opened through the Ice Egg collection inside the Gym. It is a common pet that scales your overall numbers up to 50%.
  • Rogue: It is also part of the Ice Egg collection in World 2. It's a rare pet, but if you get hold of it, you can increase your boost numbers by 70%.

E- Tier

Pets under this tier are pretty bad in their overall boost numbers. Still, some of the following hidden gems in this tier can provide a big headstart to take your Arm Wrestle Career.

  • Spooky: Spooky is a part of the Blackhole Egg collection in the first world. He increases you by 5%.
  • Orca: The dolphin - Orca is a part of the Crystal Egg Collection in the second world. The pet can increase your overall boost numbers by up to 10%.

How to get pets in Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator

To get pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator, you must hatch eggs. You can obtain eggs from each world and the store section. Know all the Eggs and their price from the following table.

Egg NamePrice
Earth Egg5
Icy Egg25
Lava Egg125
Blackhole Egg700
Crystal Egg7.5K
Molten Egg22.5K
Solar Egg75K
Moon Egg225K
Ice Egg650K
Burning Egg2 Million
Coconut Egg5 Million
Palm Egg25 Million
Treasure Egg125 Million
Clam Egg635 Million
KingFish Egg3 Billion
Poseidon Egg15 Billion
Rust Egg75 Billion
Widget Egg1.5 Trillion
Atom Egg30 Trillion
Iridescent Egg600 Trillion
Mutant Egg12qa
Nuclear Egg240qa
TRex Egg525 Billion
Herbivore Egg10.5 Trillion
Pterodactyl Egg210 Trillion
Dino Mystic Egg600 Trillion
DinoFossil Egg85qa
Gem Egg1.7 qi

Apart from these, the game also debuts several limited-time eggs in the store for each update.

How to Hatch Eggs in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Once you pay the fee, the game will automatically hatch one egg. However, you can increase your chance of acquiring pets with high rarity by buying the x3 hatching eggs feature to open three eggs simultaneously.

How to Evolve Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

You can evolve any pet by collecting three units of the same pet. Once you have three identical versions, use the evolve button from your inventory. You can upgrade your pets a total of three times in the game.

  • First Evolution - Big
  • Second Evolution - Large
  • Third Evolution - Omega

How to get Golden Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

There are two ways to obtain Golden Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator.

  • You can obtain it randomly while opening an egg
  • Use the Gold Evolution machine inside the Gym

Remember to consume the Golden Potion, Mostly available as gifts, before opening or using the machine to increase your chance of obtaining a Golden Pet.

How to get Void Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

Similar to Golden Pets, you can obtain Void Pets in two ways.

  • You can obtain it randomly while opening an egg
  • Use the Void Evolution machine inside the Island

Make sure to drink the Void Potion to scale your chances of getting a Void Pet. You can obtain Void Potion for free from the daily rewards section.  

How to Mutate Pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator

You can mutate any pet using the Mutation Machine inside the Nuclear Bunker or World 4 POI. After mutating, you will obtain one of three versions of the mutation trait.

  • Glowing - 64%
  • Rainbow - 35%
  • Ghost - 1%

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