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Barry’s Prison Run Walkthrough – Roblox

Here is a detailed walkthrough to finish Barry's Prison Run in Roblox!

Barry's Prison Run is an obby made with first-person gameplay in mind. With multiple difficulty settings and a timer at the bottom of the screen reminiscent of a speedrun, Barry's Prison Run is an experience where you dodge, weave, parkour, and fight your way to freedom. In case you aren't sure just how to escape Barry's prison, I've put together a walkthrough on exactly how to do it.

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The Prison

  • A Player standing in front of the jail in Barrys Prison Run

After choosing your point of view and difficulty, you'll spawn in the middle of a prison cell. Look to the corner for a yellow arrow, then climb onto the top bunk. From there, you'll be able to jump onto and walk along the pipes on the walls.

Click on the air vent to open it, and make your way through the prison's vent system. On the other side of the vents, drop down and follow the yellow arrow again, jumping up the metal pieces. The next platform has a pit of spikes and another yellow arrow pointing to a button. Press the button, and metal grates will appear over the spike pit for you to jump on. On the next platform, grab the wrench on the wall at the right, and use it to break the next vent open and drop back into the prison.

Now that you've dropped back into the prison, it's time for stealth to come into play. Avoiding Barry's line of sight, press the button on the right side of the wall to open the vent, then head up the stairs to the upper cell blocks. At the end of the hall where the yellow arrow is, jump up onto the pipes and follow them into the vent.

Drop down, and you'll find yourself in the bathroom. Click on the second stall to the right to reveal a hole in the ground with a shovel next to it, then click the shovel to equip it. Dig your way down, and you're now in the lava-filled underbelly of the prison.


Once you've found yourself under the prison, jump across the lava using the obsidian spikes. Jump across the bridge, too, but be careful, as the cracked planks will break under you, sending you into the lava if you're too slow. Head through the skull-shaped threshold, and jump across the spike pits in the ground.

Up ahead is a corridor with a giant ball of magma rolling through it. Wait for the ball to pass, then move into the hallway and to the right, and go into the first enclave at the side of the hallway that you see. Once the ball passes again, move into the next space, then to the next.

Climb up the ladder, where Barry is patrolling the next room. Avoid Barry, and head down the open hall at the far right of the room. Click the wheel to turn it, then head down the center hallway that's just opened up. Parkour up the stairs, then step onto the platform and click the lever for the elevator to take you out of the underground.

The Vents

Out of the underground, you'll find yourself at a crossroads with one hallway blocked off. Head to the left and interact with the vending machine, drinking an energy drink to increase your speed. Complete the high-speed parkour next to the vending machine by jumping once you've reached the yellow stripe at the end of each block, then climb up the ladder.

Open the storage room and grab the stepladder, then place it underneath the vent. Open the vent, then jump off the top of the stepladder and onto the ladder inside the vent.

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On the other side of the vent, there is a spike pit with a path over it. Be careful crossing, as there is a fan blowing against you that will move you in different directions. Once you've crossed the path, climb the ladder to the left, and jump up the pipes.

You'll arrive at an area where you are instructed to "close the valves" to move on. The first valve is directly to your right; simply jump up onto the metal piece in front of it and click the valve to close it. The next two valves are on the platform below. Jump down where the ladder is, and all the way to the left you should see the second valve. Use the pipe jutting out from beneath the metal platform to get in range, then jump onto the platform where the valve is, and close it. Follow the pipe in the opposite direction to get to the next valve, then climb back up. Jump onto the metal piece where you found the first valve, then jump onto the piece above it that was being blocked by gas. Follow the metal pieces, then move into the vent.

Here, you'll see a corridor with a fan blowing. Move into the air current, and you'll start moving at high speed. Your only job here is to jump when you reach the yellow stripes, avoiding the spike pits below, until you reach the ladder. Climb the ladder, and you'll find a large room with a fan blowing upwards, and a metal vent sticking out the side of the wall. Jump in to start floating, and maneuver your way into the vent from the top.

Garry the Chef Boss Fight

Out of the vent, you'll find yourself on the other side of the blocked hallway. Here, you're faced with the prison cafeteria, occupied by Garry the Chef. Once you're noticed, the boss fight will start, and Garry will begin throwing food at you to slow you down.

Stay out of Garry's reach and make your way behind the cafeteria counter, where you'll find a weapon. Grab the Food-Zooka and click to launch projectiles at Garry until his health bar is depleted.

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Once the chef has been defeated, not only do you get to keep the weapon, but you get to go down a slide, which can be found at the far end of the cafeteria.

Barry Boss Fight

After being ejected from the slide, climb the ladder that can be found at the far right of the platform, and open the exit door. Walk into the upward air current and avoid the spinning lasers.

Head down the hallway and up the ladder to grab a metal plank, then bring it back down. Use the metal plank as a bridge, then pick it up once you've reached the platform to reuse it.

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Head out the door into the courtyard, and you'll find Barry in a giant mech. Use the Food-Zooka to target the mech's arms until Barry's health bar is depleted.

Once defeated, Barry will explode, and the door to a SWAT van will open. Enter the van, and a cutscene will play of you driving out into the desert, then the car will stop, and you will get out. Follow the yellow arrows one final time, climb the ladder, and parkour your way to the top of the structure. Get in the helicopter, and you'll have successfully beaten Barry's Prison Run.

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Barry’s Prison Run Walkthrough – Roblox

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