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An unusual collab has just debuted on the Roblox platform—financial services and investment company Fidelity, and...pancakes? That's right, the deliciously-sweet Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon experience is active on the platform right now, courtesy of Fidelity, and you can earn three free avatar items just by playing it! To learn more about these items, and how to obtain them, continue reading below.

How to earn all free items in Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon

The list below details all free items that have ever been available to earn inside Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon. For a closer look at each item, continue past this list.

Pancake Party Mask

The Pancake Party Mask is likely the easiest item to obtain in this experience, as it can be claimed in just a few short steps. Upon spawning into Pancake Empire Tycoon for the first time, you'll be directed to complete a short tutorial. During this tutorial, you'll be shown how to make pancakes, how to earn YumYums from your pancakes, and then how to feed these YumYums to your fantasy creatures. In case you missed it, pancakes are made by stepping on any of the green, pancake-labeled buttons, YumYums are deposited from the pancakes and collected by walking into them, and your fantasy creatures are fed by stepping on their corresponding switches.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

After feeding all three of the fantasy creatures at least once, you'll automatically unlock the Pancake Party Mask item.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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Bring Home the Bacon PJs

This layered clothing item is unlocked after completing three in-game "recipes," or quests. There's a variety of quests that can be completed to unlock this item, but the ones we did are listed below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Once you've completed at least three quests, head to the book tent pictured below to claim their rewards and earn the Bring Home the Bacon PJs. That's all there is to it!

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Royal Tippy Topper

To unlock the Royal Tippy Topper, players must unlock all 15 tiers of pancakes that can be made in this experience. This item will take a long time to obtain, and we mean a long time, so be prepared to grind if you want to unlock it! To check your progress and see what pancake tier you're on, click the journal icon on the left side of your screen. If you scroll down to the bottom of this journal, you'll see the Royal Tippy Topper pancake.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

At the time of this article's publication, less than 50 people have unlocked this item, and the experience has been open for over a week! Needless to say, this item will hopefully be getting a nerf in the near future.

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Super Delicious Superhero

The Super Delicious Superhero is earned by inviting a player from your friends list to your current server. To invite a friend, click the handshake icon on the left side of your screen, locate the friend you want to invite, and click the Invite button next to their name.

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As soon as they join the experience through your invite, you will receive the item and its corresponding badge!

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon Tips & Tricks

To earn as many YumYums as possible and, in turn, make the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time, we need to understand the Pancake Empire Tycoon basics. As I'm sure you've learned by now, adding pancakes to your pancake tower will increase the amount of YumYums that are produced. On top of just adding more and more tier one (standard) pancakes, however, we can also mix our pancakes together to create better/higher tier ones.

For example, if you buy three tier one pancakes, and then interact with the large mixer that's to the left of your pancake tower, you will combine those three tier one pancakes into one tier two pancake, and so on and so on. To put it simply, combining three pancakes of the same tier (using the mixer) will create a new pancake of the next highest tier, until you reach tier 15. When you reach tier 15, you won't be able to create anymore new pancakes, as that's the highest tier in the experience!

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Now that you know the basics of how to make pancakes, we need to know how to make them faster, right? Pancakes can be purchased in single stacks, or in bulk at 10, 50, 100, and 1,000 pancakes, with each bulk option being more expensive than the last. Each time you purchase a single pancake, or a bulk of pancakes, the price will increase, sometimes quite drastically, so knowing how to make money quickly is important.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Next to your fantasy creatures is a large bowl with a green button in front of it that says "Faster Sell Rate." Stepping on this button will increase the amount of money you earn per second, and doing so only costs a small fee. To earn the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time, we would highly recommend investing a hefty chunk of change into increasing your sell rate.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

On top of that, paying attention to which fantasy creature offers you the best investment/turn around deal is also very important, and will drastically increase the amount of money you make if done correctly. For a breakdown of each creature, check out the list below.

  • The turtle creature offers you a 1 for 1 return on your investment, meaning the amount of YumYums you give him will directly reflect the amount of money he makes you in return, whereas both the owl and dragon creatures have possibilities to earn and lose you extra money.
  • Trusting the owl could give you a 1.5x return, a 1 for 1 return, or a 0.9x return, which means that while you could earn more money with the owl, you could also lose a small amount of money as well.
  • Investing with the dragon is even more risky than the owl, because though it does have a chance to award you an impressive 2x return on the positive side, there's also a chance it could give you a measly 0.6x return on the negative side, which means you'd only be getting roughly 60% of what you invested as YumYums, back in your pocket as money.

Taking a risk with the owl or the dragon isn't always a bad thing though, which is why paying attention to their investment chances is so important! Each time you pay one of the three creatures, the percentages above their heads will change, indicating which one of their outcomes in more likely to happen the next time you pay them. Pay attention to these changes! If you're lucky, the dragon could go from 10% 2x chance and 90% 0.6x chance, to 75% 2.5x chance and 25% 0.6x chance, which might be worth the risk!

To help make it easier for you to stay on top of the changing chances, we'd also recommend saving up and purchasing the AutoCollect for one million dollars, which will collect all of your earned YumYums for you, so you don't have to keep running back and forth from the collection base to the fantasy creatures.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Repeating the steps mentioned above should earn you pocketfuls of cash in no time—it took us around 45 minutes to earn 75 million dollars with this method!


That's it for our guide on how to unlock all free items in Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon! Are you planning on grinding this experience out? Have you earned any of the badges yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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