How to make pancakes in Roblox Islands?

Do you like pancakes? Yeah we like pancakes!

Along with the addition of turkeys, raspberries, and Maple Sap comes the fan favorite breakfast food, pancakes! This new Islands meal comes in four varieties and can be crafted in just a few steps. In the guide below we'll be walking you through these steps and listing all four pancake recipes and their necessary ingredients.

Making pancake dough

Before you can begin creating your various pancake flavors, you'll first need to create your basic pancake dough. The recipe for this dough is obtained after completing the steps below. For a full breakdown of these steps, check out our guide on how to get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands.

  • Enter the Maple Isles
  • Speak with Bailey the Maple Baker
  • Obtain the Maple Workbench and place it on your island
  • Craft multiple tree taps and place them on various maple trees
  • Collect at least three Maple Saps
  • Bring them back to Bailey

After completing the steps above, you will be awarded with the pancake dough recipe. To make pancake dough, all you'll need is a cooking table and nine wheat. There is no cooking level required for this recipe, so anyone can make it.

Making each pancake

Plain pancakes

Once you've made your pancake dough, you'll need to cook it over/on a campfire, small furnace, desert furnace, or industrial oven. After the dough has cooked, it will turn into a stack of plain pancakes. To move forward with Bailey's next quest, bring her five of these plain pancakes.

After doing so, Bailey will thank you and give you two new items, the Syrup Bottler and Sap Boiler. She'll then ask you to use these items to make her 10 sweet pancakes, which are just plain pancakes covered in syrup. To get started on these pancakes, head back to your island.

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Sweet pancakes

On your island, locate your tapped maple trees. Depending on how you want to set up your system, you can either attach your sap boiler directly to one of your trees, and then connect your syrup bottler to that, or, you can use your Maple Workbench to create wood pipes and build wood pipes out from each of your trees and merge them in the middle with the sap boiler—the choice is completely up to you.

Either way, you should receive bottles of Maple Syrup at the end of the process. To make sweet pancakes, combine one stack of plain pancakes with three bottles of Maple Syrup. Bringing 10 sweet pancakes to Bailey will prompt the next part of her quest—helping her cousin spook turkeys.

Berry pancakes

Maple Baker Bailey's cousin, Berry Farmer Emma, can be found across the long wooden bridge. Speaking to her will start the turkey quest, in which you'll be asked to spook numerous turkeys and collect 20 raspberries. If you successfully bring Emma these 20 berries, she'll award you with the berry pancake recipe in return and will continue the quest by asking you to make her 10 of these pancakes.

The recipe for berry pancakes is six raspberries, six blueberries, and one stack of sweet pancakes. To collect raspberries, continue spooking turkeys on the Maple Isles. To collect blueberries, harvest them from your island by purchasing blueberry seeds from Cletus for 1,500 coins.

Once you've collected enough ingredients and have made 10 berry pancakes, return to Emma the Berry Farmer and speak with her. In exchange for the pancakes she will give you a turkey egg, a few raspberry seeds, and the recipe to make berry baskets. Unlike any other fruit in Islands, raspberries cannot be harvested by Robloxians, they can only be harvested by turkeys.

Because of this, you'll need a turkey on your island if you wish to grow and harvest any raspberries of your own. Turkeys will harvest these fruits and place them inside of crafted berry baskets throughout the day.

Fhanhorn's Pancakes

After completing Emma's quest line, she will point you in the direction of Don, another member of Emma and Bailey's family. Don can be found behind Emma on the edge of the pier, standing next to a large hot air balloon. In exchange for completing Don's make 50 berry pancakes quest, he will fly you to the Fhanhorn boss's spawn location.

Defeating Fhanhorn can be tricky, as this boss has the ability to heal himself with maple trees. To stop Fhanhorn from doing this, cut down as many maple trees as you can while battling him. After defeating Fhanhorn, you will be awarded with a few Fhanhorn Flowers and can speak with Don again to receive the recipe for Fhanhorn's pancakes—these pancakes require one stack of berry pancakes and three Fhanhorn Flowers.

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Pancake summary

A brief summary of each pancake can be found below:

  • Pancake dough
    • Recipe:
      • Nine wheat
    • Buff:
      • None
  • Pancakes:
    • Recipe:
      • One pancake dough
    • Buff:
      • None
  • Sweet pancakes
    • Recipe:
      • One stack of pancakes
      • Three bottles of Maple Syrup
    • Buffs:
      • Restores 25 HP
  • Berry Pancakes
    • Recipe:
      • One stack of sweet pancakes
      • Six blueberries
      • Six raspberries
    • Buffs:
      • Restores 60 HP
  • Fhanhorn pancakes
    • Recipe:
      • One stack of berry pancakes
      • Three Fhanhorn flowers
    • Buffs:
      • Grants the Might of Fhanhorn for 15 minutes, increasing the chance of mobs dropping an Antler Hammer or Antler Shield
    • Required cooking skill:
      • 75

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How to make pancakes in Roblox Islands?

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