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How to Rebirth fast in The Survival Game – Roblox

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Though most of the time you'll be looking to simply survive or farm up materials like Bluesteel Ore in Roblox's The Survival Game, at some point you will be able to Rebirth your character. Rebirthing is a process that resets all of your character's skills back down to level one, which pretty much makes them a fresh character again. However, there are some huge benefits to Rebirthing, so many players are looking for a way to perform it as quickly as possible.

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How can I Rebirth quickly in Roblox Survival Game?

First off, you need to know that to Rebirth, you must max out all skills at level 25. The specific skills are Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting, and Food, each of which will have varying strategies for maxxing them out. Secondly, you'll want to max out the skills in the above order, as clearing them out in that order will speed up the process. For example, Mining and Woodcutting will give you plenty of materials for maxxing out your Crafting skill. Lastly, arm yourself with the highest quality tools possible, as this further speeds up the process. Armed with the right knowledge, you should be able to reach level 25 and Rebirth quickly.

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How to max out Mining skill in Roblox Survival Game

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The quickest way to max out the Mining skill in The Survival Game is to create a boat and sail your way to the two statues and the waterway between them. The two statues' location is marked above on the map, and if you sail between them you'll enter a space between the two rock outcroppings they sit on. Within, there is a hidden cave built into the left side that houses a ton of rocks, minerals, and other mine-able materials that you can farm all the way to level 25 Mining.

Note that once you mine out the entire cave, it can take several minutes for the ore to start respawning. However, to cut this time out you can leave the current server and join another one. Assuming no one else is farming that cave, there is sure to be more mine-able materials. Also, if you're playing on a private server, you can simply leave and reset it.

How to max out Woodcutting skill in Roblox Survival Game

Woodcutting does not really have a specific location, but you'll want to make your way to Pine tree areas. Luckily, Pine forests are a majority of the land in The Survival Game, meaning you can pretty much start chopping down trees wherever you want. The only major thing to note here is that you should prioritize the largest trees you can find as this will speed up the Woodcutting leveling process.

How to max out Crafting skill in Roblox Survival Game

Leveling the Crafting skill is even less specific than Woodcutting, as there is no best location or area to level it up. In fact, all you have to do is start crafting Wooden Floors. What you want to do is open up the crafting menu and head to the building materials to find the Wooden Floor recipe. From there, point directly at your feet and spam click to start building Wooden Floors. This will cause you to build a bunch of Wooden Floors on top of each other and will very quickly increase your crafting level.

One other trick is that once you run out of materials for the Wooden Floors, you can then break the Wooden Floors you have already crafted to reuse their materials. The best way to do this is to use a sword and strike at the bottom of the pile, as your sword will hit most or all of the Wooden Floors with each strike. You can then start the process over again and loop it until you either run out of materials or reach level 25 Crafting.

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How to max out Food skill in Roblox Survival Game

Depending on what materials you already have, maxxing out the Food skill can be quick or slow. This is because the best way to max it out is through creating as many Farms as possible, and to do that you need Carrots or Wheat. The idea is to use a Shovel to till the ground and then place down Carrots or Wheat to plant them. Simply planting them is enough to level up the Food skill, so if you have plenty of plants you're good to go.

However, for those who need plants, your best bet is to search the world for them. Carrots and Wheat spawn randomly throughout the grassy and forested areas, so be sure to grab them whenever you see them.

Benefits of Rebirth in Roblox Survival Game

You may be asking why you would want to reset your skills in the first place, but the reason is quite simple and very helpful. When you Rebirth, you are given a Rebirth Token that can be used in the Rebirth Shop. In this Rebirth shop you'll find passive abilities that can be purchased with Rebirth Tokens. These abilities will stick to your character even when Rebirthing, allowing you to upgrade your character with each Rebirth. Some of the passive abilities you can unlock are incredibly strong, such as Survivalist which slows your rate of Hunger buildup by 50% and restores one Health Point every second.

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How to Rebirth fast in The Survival Game – Roblox

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