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Roblox my eyes deceive ending, explained

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Though it has since been removed from the Roblox platform, my eyes deceive was an exceptionally popular (and dark) psychological-horror experience that told the story of a young girl who was trapped in a secluded basement by her father, and forced to live the same repetitive day over and over again. While this game can still be played in its original form on, I'd advise using caution before taking it on—its themes can make even the bravest horror fans squirm in their seats.

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What is my eyes deceive on Roblox?

As mentioned above, my eyes deceive was a psychological-horror experience on Roblox that was ported directly from a preexisting game of the same name. The original version of my eyes deceive (released in May 2023) was created by a small independent developer named nouhidev, who (in September of the same year) gave permission for the game to be ported to Roblox by another independent developer, Cheez Plox. In Oct. 2023, however, after realizing the Roblox version of the game had pulled in thousands of more plays than his original, and becoming tired of YouTubers not giving him the necessary and deserved credit, nouhidev requested the experience be removed from the platform, and directed anyone who wanted to play it to its page.

Because my eyes deceive on Roblox was a direct port of the original game, everything about both versions is/was nearly identical. In both versions, you play as a young nameless girl who's been secluded to a prison-like basement by her father for her entire life, and isn't allowed to leave or do anything besides eat designated food, drink water, sleep, play a single game on a tablet, use the bathroom/shower, write in a diary, and take a required set of pills every day. The only person the young girl has contact with is her father, who talks to her through a large metal hatch in her ceiling at a certain time every day. While talking with her father, the young girl hears about the outside world, which, according to him, is full of disease and horrifying monsters, and not meant for a little girl. To protect herself, the girl takes pills every day that ward off the fatal diseases that exist outside the basement/shelter.

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Roblox my eyes deceive game ending explained

Note: The next section of this guide will contain spoilers for the rest of the story—continue with caution if you don't want to be spoiled!

After a few days of playing through the young girl's repetitive life, you'll notice that "father" is gone longer than normal. Continuing this strange behavior, he doesn't show for four days, leaving the girl with little to no food and no one to talk to, and making her wonder if, in an act of rebellion, she should stop taking her pills and see what happens. In both outcomes, you'll go to sleep and have a nightmare, but what happens in said nightmare will be different depending on what outcome you chose. Upon waking from the nightmare, regardless of whether or not you chose to take your pills, father will come home, apologize for his absence, and ask if you've taken your pills—this is where the story reaches its end and can be completed in two ways.

Roblox my eyes deceive "good ending," explained

If you didn't take the pills, you will lie and tell father you did anyways, and will then pretend to be tired and get ready for bed.

Warning, the following content (hidden behind the blue text) contains disturbing elements that could be triggering for some readers and may not be appropriate for all audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

Click to view hidden content. After laying in bed pretending to sleep for a few in-game minutes, you'll hear the large hatch that leads to the basement open, and footsteps coming downstairs and toward your bed. Father will then ask if you're awake (to which you won't respond), and say "Alright, let's get to it then," before unzipping his pants and removing his belt. His next actions (the sexual assault that's implied to happen regularly while the girl is asleep) are interrupted by a doorbell, and he leaves in a fury to tell the "surprise visitors" (theorized to be people there to take part in the actions as well, or purchase the young girl from the father) that he needs a bit more time.

Due to the sudden interruption, and thinking his daughter is asleep, father leaves the hatch to the basement open, which allows the young girl to escape and explore the house. Once out of the basement, you discover that the pills you've been taking every day are sedatives, and that father was gone for multiple days due to a police check in which he was ultimately found not guilty. In this ending, you manage to escape the house, experience the true normalcy of the outside world that father has been keeping from you, and run away to search for help.

Roblox my eyes deceive "bad ending," explained

If you did take the pills, you will tell the truth to father and assure him that you trust everything he does for you, and will then lay down to go to sleep.

Warning, the following content (hidden behind the blue text) contains disturbing elements that could be triggering for some readers and may not be appropriate for all audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

Click to view hidden content. When you wake up, it will be Day 147, meaning 140 days have passed inside the game since the last time you played as the little girl. As she moves around the basement to complete her regular daily activities, the girl's vision will be blurred slightly as if she's feeling sick, and she'll ask father why her belly is "so round and big." The game will then end abruptly, and you're left to assume that since the young girl didn't escape, she was eventually impregnated against her will by her father. In the Roblox version of the game, the same assumption can be made, but the ending text from the girl doesn't mention her stomach. Assumably to keep it "clean" for Roblox, she instead asks why she's nauseous every morning.

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Is my eyes deceive based on a true story?

In short, no, my eyes deceive is not directly based on, or meant to retell, a true story. In a document published by the developer of the original game, it's stated that though many people believe the game is based on the tragic Josef Fritzl case (in which a man locked his daughter in his basement and kept her hidden there for over two decades, forcing her to bear seven of his children), they are not meant to be connected. The layout of the basement is the only part that was slightly inspired by the case, the rest of it was inspired by an entry posted in the Two Sentence Horror Reddit that simply states "All my life, my parents have told me not to open the basement door, but I got curious and disobeyed them. What is that glowing ball in the sky and why does it hurt my eyes?"


If you've ever played, or watched someone play, my eyes deceive me (whether on Roblox or on, you may have been curious about the game's disturbing endings, which is why I hope my brief rundown has offered you some sort of closure for this dark and twisted story. As I close this guide out, I just want to encourage you to spend time with your friends and loved ones, tell them you love them, and take a break if you need it.

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Roblox my eyes deceive ending, explained

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