All Scar locations in Rogue Legacy 2

These Scars leave a mark.

Rogue Legacy 2 is filled with things to do. This includes platforming challenges, puzzles, boss fights, and Scars. Scars are optional challenges that can be extremely difficult. Completing these will earn you trophies, but you must first unlock Scars and the ability to take them on.

How to unlock Scars in Rogue Legacy 2

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To unlock Scars in Rogue Legacy 2, you must defeat a boss; any will do. Once you have completed this, The Drift House will appear on the docks next to Charon. Inside, you will find an NPC named Geras. Speak to him, and he will explain Scars to you. You can also check the status of your Scars by speaking to him.

There are 16 Scars in total, and many of them have specific requirements before you can attempt them. They appear as red memory orbs. If you are having trouble with a specific Scar, remember you can always reset your run to start over. Here is how to find all Scars in Rogue Legacy 2.

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How to find all Scar locations in Rogue Legacy 2

ScarsScar LocationScar Unlock Method
Scar 1Found after speaking to Geras in the Drift House.Already unlocked.
Scar 2In the second room in the Enter the Mending Erebus Scar.Already unlocked.
Scar 3In the second room in the Enter the Mending Erebus Scar. Use a spell or class skill to destroy the cracked wall and reveal the hidden path.Already unlocked.
Scar 4In the first room in Citadel Agartha. You need an ability to reach this Scar as it is too high to reach normally. The Ranger's or Pirate's ability will work for reaching this Scar.Defeat the Citdal Agartha Estuary.
Scar 5Go to the Pizza Mundi store in Axis Mundi. There is a crack in the wall behind to props on the left. Use RB or R to enter a hidden room.Defeat the Axis Mundi Estuary.
Scar 6Go to the Far Shores in Kerguelen Plateau. Proceed to where the Heirloom Statue holds the Aether's Wings. Behind the statue is a hidden wall. Use a spell or class ability to break it and interact with it to enter.Defeat the Kerguelen Plateau Estuary.
Scar 7Inside the Stygian Study, you will find a lore room with three doors. Enter the middle door. Go to the left and stand in front of the barrel. Use the interact button to enter a hidden room.Defeat the Stygian Study Estuary.
Scar 8Go to Pishon Dry Lake and find the Storage Room. Do not break anything in this room. Instead, interact with the right sign at the top to see a map. Note the arrow for Accessories and find that spot in the Storage Room. Use the interact button in front of the marked location to enter Tubal's Hidden Workshop. Go to the top-right and break the hidden wall with a spell or class ability next to the banner.Defeat the Pishon Dry Lake Estuary.
Scar 9Inside the Stygian Study, go to the room containing a teleporter on the left side and the Gong Head Sisters. There is a hidden path behind a wall on the right side of the roof. Break this wall and enter the hidden path.Defeat the Citadel Agartha Prime Estuary.
Scar 10Scar 10 Go to Axis Mundi, where the two waterwheels are located, right before the Void Beasts fight. Climb onto the roof of the building with the two water wheels, and you can find the Scar on the right side of the roof.Defeat the Axis Mundi Fully Grown Creature.
Scar 11Go to the Kerguelen Plateau. You will need to find a small empty room. Go to the wall on the right side and a spell or class ability to break open a wall and reveal a hidden path.Defeat the Kerguelen Plateau Unbroken Estuary.
Scar 12Go to Stygian Study and make your way to a long room on the right side of this area. You must cross the gap to find Enoch's Observatory. Use the interact button to make the platforms appear and navigate to the telescope. Drop down to a hidden platform. Continue left until you reach an interact prompt which you must use.Defeat the Stygian Study Poisoned Estuary.
Scar 13Go to Citadel Agartha. Find the room with multiple lanterns hanging from the ceiling. From the fifth lowest lantern, use a spell or class ability to reveal a hidden passage. Enter this and use the interact button. Climb the tower to the top to find the Scar on the right side.Defeat the Sun Tower Awoken Estuary.
Scar 14Finding this Scar is easier if you have only defeated one boss. Defeating more will raise the water level and make it much harder to reach the Scar. Go to Pishon Dry Lake and find the Nibiru Deep Room near the bottom of the area. Drop through the middle and use a spell or class ability at the bottom left wall. This will reveal a secret passage with the Scar.Defeat the Pishon Dry Lake Reborn Estuary.
Scar 15Go to the Kerguelen Plateau and find the Far Shores. Proceed to the room with the Heirloom Statue. The center of the room has a small rock where the Scar can be found.Defeat the Pishon Dry Lake Reborn Estuary.
Scar 16Go to the tutorial area. Use your Spin Kick ability to climb to the top of the tall building and jump left to reach the roof of the building before this one. Approach the campfire and drop through the platform. Proceed until you find a door on the right. Enter the room, and you will find the Scar.Defeat Prime Cain.

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All Scar locations in Rogue Legacy 2

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