Best things to Smith in Runescape for Profit and XP

Become a master smith and a master clicker.

Choosing to play Runescape is choosing to accept a lot of grinding. This grinding is typical of MMOs and can take many forms, from gear grinding to XP grinding and even fishing. For smithing, the grind is a combination of XP and gold, as leveling smithing optimally can incidentally lead to you also lining your pockets. To that end, this guide will explain what items are best to smith for a mix of profit and XP as well as what levels they can be smithed at.

Best Runescape items to smith for profit and XP

Level 1-30: Bronze items or "The Knight's Sword"

For a fresh start to leveling smithing, there are two paths you can choose to take. The first path would be to smith Bronze items to grind out levels until you reach level 30 smithing. This can take a while but is somewhat profitable due to the items you will create. However, the much more efficient option to take is to complete The Knight's Sword, a quest that will instantly boost you to level 29 smithing upon completion. This method will net you less money but the time return on your investment is well worth it.

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Level 30-50: Steel Bars

The most optimal item to level smithing and make money between 30-50 is to smelt steel bars en masse. This can be done at the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim and players have created an optimal cycle of tasks to follow in order to speed up the process. To begin, you'll need a Coal Bag, Coal, and Iron Ore. In the blast furnace room, there will be a bank from which you'll be continually withdrawing materials.

To begin the process, head to the bank and withdraw 27 Coal, placing it in your Coal Bag. Then, withdraw another 27 Coal from the bank, placing it in your inventory. Twenty-seven of this Coal will be placed on the conveyor belt in the room. Next, head back to the bank and withdraw 27 more Coal and 27 Iron Ore. Head back to the conveyor belt and place the Coal and Iron Ore on the conveyor belt. From here, collect the Steel Bars at the dispenser connected to the blast furnace, deposit them in the bank, and grab 27 more Coal and Iron Ore. Then head to the conveyor belt and repeat this until you've reached level 50.

Level 50-70: Mithril Bars

After learning the Steel Bar process, learning how to create more expensive bars is very easy. For example, creating Mithril Bars is the exact same process as Steel except that it requires double the Coal. So, at the beginning, when you withdraw 27 Coal for your bag and 27 for your inventory, all of it will be deposited on the conveyor belt. Like with Steel, simply grab 27 Mithril Ore and 54 Coal over and over, picking up the bars as they come out of the blast furnace.

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Level 70-85: Adamant Bars

The same process for Steel and Mithril applies to Adamant Bars as well, except that this time you'll need 81 Coal for each rotation of the process as well as Adamant Ore. This changes up the order a bit as you'll have to make multiple Coal trips. The process is as follows:

  • Withdraw 27 Coal for the Coal Bag and 27 for the inventory
  • Deposit the Coal on the belt, then go get 27 more Coal and 27 Adamant Ore.
  • Deposit the Coal and Ore, collect your bars, and begin the process again from Step One.

Level 85-99: Rune Bars

Rune Bars work the same as the rest of the bars but require four times as much Coal as Steel Bars. Thus, the process is below:

  • Withdraw 27 bag coal and 27 more Coal, throwing them on the belt.
  • Repeat step one while grabbing 27 Rune Ore and place all of it on the belt.
  • Collect the bars and repeat steps one and two.

While running back and forth while picking up and dropping off so many items may leave you questioning whether it's worth it, rest assured this is the best cross between experience and gold gain for smithing.

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Best things to Smith in Runescape for Profit and XP

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