Hidden Journal Locations in Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale

Sudds makes little sense in the main questline, but luckily his Hidden Journals' Locations follow a pattern! Use our guide below to find all five!

In the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale, you have the main questline and you have an optional side quest to find all of the Hidden Journals left behind by Sudds. These Journals aren't exactly hidden but finding them can certainly be difficult if you don't know where to look. Unlike the other Tall Tales, the Hidden Journals in this adventure all follow a similar pattern: they are all located near the top of each island, next to one of Sudds's spyglasses.

Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale | Hidden Journal Locations

Before we begin with the locations of these Journals, if you were actually looking to solve some part of the main questline, you can find the links to those sections below!

We also have a few other important things to note about finding these Journals. The first and most important thing to mention is that you can only obtain while Stars of a Thief Tall Tale is active. If you find them while it's not active, it will not count towards the Commendation awarded for finding them. Secondly, you do not need to find these in order. Although the only way to find them without a guide is by using clues from the previous book, you can plan a faster route to collect them if you use this guide instead.

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There is a straightforward way to understand this guide. Below, you'll find that we've provided the five islands on which you'll find these journals. You'll also find images that lead you to their general location and the landmarks you'll find them near. The list directly below is the entire list of islands where they're located.

  • Crescent Isle
  • Discovery Ridge
  • Plunder Valley
  • Rum Runner Isle
  • Snake Island

Now that you have the entire list, you can plan an itinerary and route for the islands. Since you're sailing to several different islands on your quest to complete the Tall Tale, now is a perfect time to pick up Voyages to complete on the side! More often than not, the voyages will land you on one of the islands you need to visit to continue the Tale. The guide below lists the Journals in order of how they appear in the story.

Journal #1: The North Star Guides You - Rum Runner Isle

An overhead view of the Journal Location on Rum Runner Isle.

This is one of the two possible options for you to find the Spyglass, which is the first major item you need for this Tall Tale. It's also the quickest and easiest to reach since it's right next to your starting location: The North Star Seapost. When you make it to Rum Runner Isle, you will see one of Sudds's spyglasses on crates on the northeastern islet. The journal is in the crate next to this spyglass. Once you read it, you will see our next location: Plunder Valley.

Journal #2: The Little Glimmer Fish - Plunder Valley

An overhead view of the Journal Location on Plunder Valley.

This is the first island when you will start heading to the highest peak for the Journals. Sudds likes to get the best vantage point to look at the Constellations, which he calls his friends. In the center of the island is a large rock. At the peak of this rock, you will find Sudds's spyglass, with his Journal next to it. Read the Journal to see our next location: Snake Island!

Journal #3: Snake Gets What he Deserves - Snake Island

An overhead view of the Journal Location on Snake Island.

Snake island matches its name, so be sure to watch out for the exuberant amount of snakes while scaling the rock in the center island. Upon reaching the people, you will find one of Sudds's spyglasses. The Journal is located on a ledge that protrudes underneath this peak. If you're having trouble, use the image above to see where to look. Once you've read the journal, you will need to head to the next island: Devil's Ridge.

Journal #4: The War that Shook the Sky - Devil's Ridge

An overhead view of the Journal Location on Devil's Ridge.

This is the most complicated of the journals to find, as it's difficult to find a path up to the peak. It does exist, though! We have provided an addition picture above to see how to get up to the peak. You will want to head to the base of the rock formation that forms the peak. Follow the North side of this rock formation, and you will soon find a section of the ledge that looks like the bottom picture above.  You can follow the path shown up this rock path, and you will have to jump up to the ledge. Once you make it up, you can proceed to the spyglass at the tip. The Journal is underneath the scrolls at this spyglass, also shown in the image above. Once you've found the book, read it to see your next and final Journal location: Crescent Isle.

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Journal #5: The Binding of the Kraken - Crescent Isle

An overhead view of the Journal Location on Crescent Isle.

Thankfully, this quest for the Journal locations ends with an easy one to find. If you follow the rock formation to the Southwest, you will find one peak of the island. Sudds's final spyglass is located on this peak, and you will find the Journal amongst the his belongings here.

What's Next

When you have found all the Journals, you'll unlock Notes of a Stargazer Commendation! This is one of the seven Commendations you must achieve to truly complete Stars of a Thief Tall Tale and obtain the Legendary Commendation. There are several Commendations awarded along the way as  you complete the main part of this Tall Tale for the first time. Besides those (and the one you just achieved), there is only one other Commendation you need to achieve, and it requires you to complete Stars of a Thief five times. Our guide covers all possibilities for what islands may hold the Tall Tale's items, so feel free to go back to the start and use it again!

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