Music Box Guide and Locations in Sea of Thieves | Wild Rose Tall Tale

Wait, where are the keepsakes for these lovebird pirates? Use our guide below to find the Music Box!

In our previous guide for the Wild Rose Tall Tale, we covered how to Find the Chest of Memories. In this section, we will explain how to use the Quest book to find The Music Box. There is also a sister article to this one to help you find George's Spice Box. You can find these two objects in any order. However, since there is such a wide selection of items that these two items can spawn on, we have split the guide into two parts.

Sea of Thieves | Wild Rose Tall Tale | Music Box Guide and Locations

To find the Music Box, you must first have found the Chest of Memories. If you haven't started this Tall Tale or are looking for the Chest, you can follow the appropriate link below. Alternatively, if you're looking for help with the Spice Box, Olive's Compass, or the Hidden Journals, you can find those links below as well.

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If you wish to decipher the book yourself and are just looking for help understanding how to use the Quest Book, read Option One below. If you are stuck or don't want to spend time solving the clues and instead just want to know where to look, read Option Two.

Option One: How to Find the Music Box on Your Own

One essential clue to finding this where the Music Box is hidden: the page that says it! There are several different possibilities for the Music Box's location. Unfortunately, not all methods of looking for them follow the same pattern. Some describe steps for you to take, some show an image, and others involve puzzles for you to decipher.

In these new pages, you will find a reference to the Music Box. On the same page, Rose will also reference where she buried this box. She might say something to the effect of where they caught their first bounty or where he proposed. From this point, you need to reference the stories of the memories provided in the first 16 pages.

When you find the correct memory, you must determine where the Music Box is located on that specific island. Follow the instructions to find where you're supposed to dig. If you are struggling, you can use the list below for the exact location.

Option Two: Music Box Locations

SPOILER WARNING: This section contains the solutions to the Music Box's locations. Do not read it if you were hoping to decipher the hints and clues yourself.

The game randomly decides where to spawn the Music Box, so you could be headed to one of multiple different islands. Sometimes, these islands' instructions are not easy to understand. We cannot determine which island contains the Music Box, and you will have to figure that out yourself.

To do this, look at the page that mentions the Music Box. It will mention a specific memory that Rose associated with this box. Just because a memory is listed in the first 16 pages does not mean it is the Music Box's location Match the memory mentioned on the same page as the Music Box with the list below to determine the correct island.

Day 81

The Music box Location on Lonely Isle.

If Rose mentions that she hid the Music Box where they stopped to gather supplies after their first ambush, you will be headed to Lonely Isle. On the southern side of the island, you will find a couple of barrels next to one of the palm trees. The dig spot for the Music box is located in the sand, just steps away from the tree and barrels.

Our First Bounty

The Music Box location on Lone Cove.

Rose might mention that she hid the Music Box where they caught their first bounty. This is a reference to the capture of their bounty on Lone Cove. In the book, it mentions he was finally defeated beneath the tree near the beach. You can find this tree on the far west side of the island, to the North, and one layer above the large beach that carves into the island.

Our First Dance

The Music box Location on Wanderer's Refuge.

If Rose mentions that she buried the Music Box where they had their first dance, you will be headed to Wanderer's Refuge. It will then instruct you to find the tree to start the dance and mimic the steps they performed. Alternatively, you can just use the image to see the best spot to dig for the box (this is the spoiler section, after all). The tree, and the dig spot, are on the wide patch of land between the two caves. You'll be looking on the western side of the Northeast section of the island.

Our Vows

The Music Box Location on Smuggler's Bay.

This is a clever little clue that sort of works as two puzzles in one. If Rose says she hid the box where they were married, you'll find the story that mentions that it is two pages of words that don't make a lot of sense. The trick here is to alternate between pages for each word. Eventually, you'll find that they got married on Smugglers' Bay. The book's image shows them on the tip of the natural ramp on the southwestern section of the island. You will see two torches standing out of the ground. The dig spot is a few steps away from these torches.

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The Perfect Plan

The Music box Location on Sailor's Bounty..

If Rose says she buried the Music Box where George proposed, you'll need to head to Sailors' Bounty. If you follow the steps they took on the map to find the landmarks it mentions, you will end up on one of the northeastern islets. This island will have a shipwreck. The mast of this shipwreck will have two bottles hanging off the end. The dig spot for the Music Box is directly beneath these bottles.

The Argument

The Music box Location on Twin Groves.

If Rose states that she buried the Music Box where they had their first argument, you'll need to sail to Twin Groves. This is a small island, so locating the spot shown in the book isn't difficult. On the Northwest tip of the island, you will see a palm tree between two large rocks. Dig in between the rocks to find the Music Box.

What's Next

There are two possibilities for where you might go next in this guide. If you used this guide first before looking for the spice box, you can follow this link for that guide: George's Spice Box. However, if you have already found the spice box, you'll now go to the guide that explains How to Find George, Rose, and Rooke. Now is also an excellent time to start looking for the Hidden Journals associated with this Tall Tale!

Have you become a legendary pirate yet? If not, use our guide to see How to Become a Pirate Legend!

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