15 Fun Sims 4 Challenges You Should Try

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There are tons of challenges out there for The Sims 4, so it can be tricky to figure out which ones you should check out. That's why we've broken down a list (in no particular order) of challenges in The Sims 4 that are worth completing. We've got everything from devious widows to hideous clothing! Try them all if you want a real challenge.

15 Best Challenges to Play in The Sims 4

15 - Prison

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Want to control a group of Sims? If so, build a prison on a lot and get to work! The Prison Challenge is as simple as it sounds. Trap Sims in your lot and hold them there until they complete all skills and tasks necessary to show that they are rehabilitated. You can really make your own rules on this one, so it's ideal for both creative and chaotic Sims 4 players.

14 - 15k Starter Home

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Normally, you'd start with a modest 20,000 Simoleons to build your home and start your life. But with the 15k Starter Home Challenge, you're going to throw that extra 5,000 Simoleons away and tighten your belt. This challenge is one we find to be a great introduction to challenges since it has a shorter completion time and fewer rules. For those who want to dip their toes into building challenges, we recommend this one.

13 - Decades

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Want to experience your Sims' lives in different eras? If so, check out the Decades Challenge to really immerse yourself. Through each generation, adapt the clothing technology, and the world of your Sims to keep them living like their correlating decade. Though this challenge can be quite lengthy, it is not too challenging in terms of gameplay. For Sims 4 players who needed a creativity boost, this is a great choice.

12 - Black Widow

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For the Sims player who desires death and drama, the Black Widow Challenge is a perfect match. Have your Sim (of any gender) marry multiple rich Sims with the express goal of killing them after marriage to collect their cash. Keep doing this until your devilish Sim is filthy rich! This challenge will give you tons of chances to act out your most sadistic Sims 4 impulses.

11 - Berry Challenge

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Like the Decades or Legacy Challenges, the Berry Challenge revolves around themed Sims 4 gameplay and styling that fluctuates in each generation. This one specifically challenges players to live color-coordinated lives (based on the colors of berries) through each line of family members. It creates a much different experience from playing The Sims 4, so we recommend it for the novelty aspect.

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10 - 10k Starter Home

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This challenge is essentially a more challenging version of the 15k Starter Home. You only get 10,000 Simoleons to build your Sim's starter home. The budget for this home is so small that you have to be very careful how you spend what little money you have. Make your choices wisely and try to plan ahead so you don't spend yourself in a corner.

9 - Super Sim

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Want a Sim who is good at everything? That's essentially what you do in the Super Sim challenge. Get one Sim and have them do as much as they can in their lifetime. Have them master all of the skills, have all of the jobs, and anything else you can think of! This is a challenge where managing time is very important, so make sure to make the most of every moment.

8 - Apocalypse

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If you're much more into gameplay and role-playing, try out the Apocalypse Challenge. Get a bunker, a sim (or two), and have them stay on their lot forever. They can't leave because the rest of The Sims 4 world has been ravaged by a non-descript Apocalypse. This is one of those challenges that rely on your imagination to facilitate most of the gameplay, but that's why it's great for those who want to experiment creatively within the game.

7 - Rags to Riches

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If you've been playing The Sims 4 for any length of time, you're likely already familiar with the Rags to Riches challenge. If not, just know that you start with one Sim who has zero Simoleons. They must find creative ways to get money and be able to live. They can't have a regular job or move in with another to get the funds. If you want to be thrifty and work hard for everything your Sim gets in their life, try out this challenge!

6 - Off the Grid

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You can play this challenge in a few different styles, whether it is more eco-conscious or rustic. Live on a remote farm, on an island, or anywhere in between. Just build a lot and change its lot feature to Off the Grid. You'll have the challenge of trying to live a normal life in The Sims 4 with no water or electricity. The rest is in your hands, so make sure to get inventive. This challenge is a great way to get out of your comfort zone.

5 - 100 Baby Challenge

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Another famous Sims 4 tradition, the 100 Baby Challenge, is all about chaos and creativity. You start with a founder Sim who has childbearing capabilities. Find them a unique partner for each child they will have. Raise them well and when the time comes, pass the torch on to a child in the family. The cycle continues until you've given birth to 100 babies!

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4 - One Pack Per Room/Sim

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Want a quick, easy, and accessible challenge? As long as you have more than the base game, you can do this challenge easily. Essentially, pick one of your DLC packs at random and limit yourself to only that pack for either a Sim's wardrobe, a room, an entire home, or even a whole family. For the player who wants something short-term also that makes them work with what little they have, the One Pack challenge is ideal.

3 - Budget for Each Room

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This one is a pretty simple but very fun challenge! Set up your home's layout and then find a random generator online. Set a reasonable minimum amount (anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000) and see what you get! Completing this challenge really gets you to take a strategic approach to build each room as you watch your budget. It can also create a hilarious juxtaposition between a bare-bones bedroom and a luxurious bathroom.

2 - Breed out the Ugly Challenge

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Another lineage-based challenge, the Breed Out the Ugly Challenge can be a lot harder than it may seem. Basically, you'll create the ugliest possible Sim in your file. Then, try to woo suitors and have children with them. You continue to repeat this process until you feel an offspring (at the Adult age) is no longer ugly. This challenge is great for when you want to take a comedic approach to playing The Sims 4, as there will be a lot of visual gaffs going on throughout.

1 - Everything you Hate

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Like most players of The Sims 4, you surely have plenty of items you can't stand. This could be the infamous eyeball ring or even a random couch. With this challenge, there are no exact rules. The only goal is to find those CAS or Build/Buy items you can't stand and find a way to incorporate them into your game. It can be a refreshing way to approach your game, encouraging you to draw outside of the lines.

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15 Fun Sims 4 Challenges You Should Try

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