Best Tips & Tricks for Beginners in Soulstone Survivors

Learn to survive.

Soulstone Survivors is a bullet-hell title in which you fight off swarms of enemies. As you progress, you unlock new skills and become stronger, as do your enemies. Soulstone Survivors can be a challenging title, so we have compiled some tips and tricks to help beginners.

Soulstone Survivors Beginner's Guide

Below you can find a list of strategies to aid you when first starting Soulstone Survivors. As you play, you will learn more and become better at the game, so don't be surprised if it takes you a few tries before you can accomplish a run. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to learning Soulstone Survivors.

Prioritize Skills

There are many powerful, active, and passive skills, but a few stand above the rest, and we recommend prioritizing them. These are Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Cast Frequency, and Multicast. These are all passive skills that can easily increase your power greatly. There is also an option to gain an extra dash—we highly recommend selecting this if it becomes available. Be sure to pay attention when selecting a skill, as sometimes they will affect individual skills or all of your abilities.

Always Be Moving

Soulstone Survivors is unique in its genre because of the default dash ability. This lets you quickly move out of danger and avoid taking damage. Aside from the dash, you should constantly be moving, whether to avoid getting trapped by waves of enemies or kiting them to create easy swarms to kill. Pay attention to the ground as well, as you can see when an enemy is about to attack as the circle or line from their attacks starts to fill. Time your dodges to avoid these attacks and stay out of range. But be aware that your dodge does have a cooldown.

Select Like Skills

Every skill is put into categories, and we recommend selecting like skills. For example, if you have Frontal or Missile skills, choose more skills in that same family. This makes it easier to upgrade multiple skills at once, as some passives will increase the entire Missile skill group. We also recommend mixing up your skills to do magical and physical damage, as some enemies may have more resistance to one type. All your skills don't have to match, but we find it helpful when you focus on two groups.

Kill Spiders/Bomb Enemies

These are, without a doubt, some of the most annoying enemies in Soulstone Survivors and can end a run if you aren't careful. Spiders are annoying as they can drop webs that act as slowing traps or bite you and inflict you with a slowing poison. Bomb enemies can surprise you and explode, dealing damage and knocking you away. This can drop you in dangerous locations and set you up to take massive damage. Therefore, you should prioritize killing these enemies whenever they come on screen.

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Defeat Bosses Quickly

Bosses should be eliminated as quickly as possible, especially if it is the ice boss that spawns. These have massive amounts of enemies and can attack quickly in large areas. Normal enemies can start piling up while the boss tanks your damage, so drop them quickly. Another added bonus of defeating a boss is collecting all experience on the map by grabbing the Void Crystal they drop. This makes it incredibly handy to collect any missed experience on the map.

Collect Resources

You will notice various crystals and ores spread throughout the map as you play. Destroy these and collect the resources they drop. These are vital for unlocking characters, upgrading them, unlocking runes, and crafting weapons. Each map drops a different type of resource, so you will need to play each one to collect all the resources in Soulstone Survivors.


Use these resources to upgrade your characters, skills, and weapons. Each character can earn experience and mastery, increasing their potency. You can use resources to upgrade your abilities to be more powerful each run. As you progress on the skill tree, upgrading becomes more expensive, so you will need to grind quite a lot. Finally, you can craft weapons at the blacksmith for each character, and we recommend doing this on characters you like, as it can be expensive.

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Reset When Needed

Soulstone Survivors allows you to unlearn skills in the middle of a run and respec your abilities in the skill tree. Don't be afraid to restart and try a new build, especially mid-run, if you are finding a particular skill not very helpful. It can be better to restart with a new skill than pump upgrades into a weaker skill or one that doesn't suit your build. Fortunately, respecing in the skill tree will give you back all your spent points.

Adjust Settings

You can adjust various settings in Soulstone Survivors, especially your graphics and visuals. There are a lot of effects on screen, especially as you near the end of a run. Adjusting your settings can make it easier to spot enemies, keep track of your cursor, and more. Play with the color, opacity, and strength of visual effects until you find the perfect balance. Keeping track of your character and cursor is the most important thing, so ensure these are both easily visible.


There is a lot to take in with Soulstone Survivors. It can be overwhelming between numerous characters, hundreds of skills, and different enemies. Don't necessarily focus on making a strong build right off the bat; instead, experiment and find what works for you. We found that ranged characters using missile skills worked best for us, but you may prefer a melee build that focuses on speed and up-close damage. Don't be afraid to lose a run, as you still earn resources and gain more knowledge about the game.

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Best Tips & Tricks for Beginners in Soulstone Survivors

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