Best Special Weapons in Splatoon 3 – Special Weapon Tier List

Unleash your special for devastating effects.

There are three parts to a weapon kit in Splatoon 3: the main weapon, a sub weapon, and a special. While you will primarily use your main weapon in battle and ink turf, your special is a powerful weapon that can turn the tide of a battle. This may leave you wondering what the best special weapons in Splatoon 3 are.

Best Specials in Splatoon 3 Ranked – Specials Tier List

STacticooler, Tenta Missiles, Triple Inkstrike, Trizooka
ABooyah Bomb, Ink Storm, Reefslide, Ultra Stamp, Wave Breaker, Zipcaster
BBig Bubbler, Inkjet, Killer Wail 5.1
CCrab Tank, Ink Vac

S Tier


The Tacticooler is, without a doubt, the best support special in Splatoon 3. The special does not damage or ink any ground, but it is more beneficial than makeup. Once deployed, each of your teammates, including you, can grab a drink and gain a boost in movement speed, ink recovery, and more. Be sure to drop this somewhere easily accessible to your team for maximum benefits.

Tenta Missiles

The Tenta Missiles are a tried and true special, combining damage, control, and inking in one neat package. It can target multiple enemies at once, forcing them to move or suffer being covered in large amounts of ink. You will want to make sure you have multiple foes in your view before using it for maximum efficiency.

Triple Inkstrike

When it comes to firepower, the Triple Inkstrike has it in spare. Simply chuck a marker and watch as ink rains down, dealing massive damage and inking a lot of turf. This special is quick and easy to use, meaning you can get back to action with your main weapon while your opponents try and dodge the ink strikes coming in.


When used correctly, the Trizooka is a devastating weapon. Fortunately, it is easy to use as you simply need to aim and pull the trigger. You can fire three shots, meaning you can take out multiple enemies or target one particularly annoying foe. At close range, it becomes much easier to hit your target; just don't get too close, as you are somewhat unsafe while using the Trizooka.

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A Tier

Booyah Bomb

The Booyah Bomb is a unique special in that your team can work with you to increase its potency. This massive bomb already does great damage and ink coverage, but by sending Booyah's your way, your team can power it up and increase their own special gauge simultaneously. This weapon does require some teamwork, but it can be lethal on its own as well.

Ink Storm

The Ink Storm is a fantastic tool for controlling the battlefield and applying pressure on your opponents. It is slow-moving and does minor damage over time, meaning your opponent can escape it easily. But the more beneficial effect is that it covers ground over a large area and forces your opponent to get out of its path. If used correctly, you can pick up splats on fleeing opponents.


The Reefslider is both fun and dangerous as you leap on the back of an exploding dolphin blowup and rush across the stage. It is most effective on flat ground and when you have a clear line of sight to your opponent. Aim toward an enemy and activate it to rush toward them. More often than not, you can pick up at least one splat as it deals massive damage and can be hard to avoid.

Ultra Stamp

The Ultra Stamp is an incredibly powerful tool for covering the ground in ink and getting splats. It lasts quite a long time, allowing you to chase multiple opponents down and make your way across the map. But it does have two flaws: it can be hard to control when holding ZR and leaves you exposed from the back and sides.

Wave Breaker

The Wave Breaker is a great special best used in chaotic situations. Once activated, it will continuously send out shock waves that can splat opponents quickly. While they can jump over these rings, it is harder to pay attention in the middle of a skirmish, meaning your opponent must either focus on avoiding the Wave Breaker or avoiding you.


The Zipcaster is something of a unique special. It can be used offensively and defensively but always provides incredible movement. It can quickly reach the back of the enemy team's base or high platforms and retreat back to safety when in trouble. Pay attention to where you activated it, as you will return to this spot when it runs out.

B Tier

Big Bubbler

On paper, the Big Bubbler is a fantastic special and extremely helpful. This is great for panic moments, saving yourself from getting splatted, or providing some shielding to your teammates. The downside is that your opponents can shoot it to bring it down quickly, so simply push into the bubble, as the Big Bubbler does not stop enemies from entering it.

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The Inkjet has many pros but does have a glaring con to it. The most obvious perk is it gives you a vertical advantage over your enemies. This lets you paint the ground beneath you while allowing you to shoot at enemies. However, it immediately makes you a target, and the Inkjet's slow speed leaves you a sitting duck, especially for charge weapons.

Killer Wail 5.1

The Killer Wail 5.1 is not a bad special, but it does take a lot of use to master. You must line up your aim and keep an opponent in your sights when activating it. This special will auto-lock on that target and blast them with homing beams if you do. This frees you to move and attack as you see fit, but its need for precise aim does hold it back somewhat.

C Tier

Crab Tank

The Crab Tank is a lackluster special that should be better than it is. While it provides additional defense, you become a slow-moving target unless you roll into a ball. But doing this leaves you unable to fire during the roll. This means you are often stuck between engaging but taking more damage or playing defensively and unable to retaliate.

Ink Vac

The Ink Vac suffers due to a major flaw: it requires your opponent to attack to be truly effective. As it absorbs enemy ink, it is a defensive special and becomes effective as it sucks up ink. But if your opponent realizes you have popped the Ink Vac, they can simply stop attacking and nullify it. That being said, it is good when you need a desperate save from being splatted.

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Best Special Weapons in Splatoon 3 – Special Weapon Tier List

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