Best STALKER Anomaly mods (February 2023)

STALKER Anomaly is a testament to the dedication of the STALKER modding community and their love of the series. This dedication has also spilled over to the famously popular overhaul mod, whereas a mod game of the original STALKER series now has its own mods. These STALKER Anomaly mods come in many forms, all bringing […]

Can you play STALKER Anomaly multiplayer with a mod?

Stalker Anomaly is a cult classic among the larger STALKER overhauls mega mods, so it’s no wonder why some would want to play the game with friends. However, if you were wondering if STALKER Anomaly could be played with friends via a multiplayer mod, the answer is no. In short, no STALKER mods currently provide multiplayer to […]

How to repair weapons in Stalker Anomaly

Repairing weapons in Stalker Anomaly requires either paying a Technician several thousand rubles or using a workbench and weapon parts. Both methods of repairing weapons require a bit of groundwork before you can use them. That said, here’s what you need to do to repair weapons in Stalker Anomaly. Where to find Technicians in Stalker […]

How to install and play Stalker Anomaly

If you are wondering how to download and install Stalker Anomaly, it’s easy. In fact, Stalker Anomaly is one of the most straightforward Stalker mod games players can install and play. The first step requires you to visit the mod page and download the mod. But before downloading Stalker Anomaly, ensure you have at least¬†8.8 […]

How to install Stalker Anomaly mods

If you are wondering how to install mods or addons for Stalker Anomaly, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. In short, you have two main methods to install any mods available for Stalker Anomaly. The first method is to install the mods manually, and the second is to use Mod Organizer 2. Here’s […]