All characters and voice actors in Star Ocean The Divine Force

The Star Ocean franchise returns with its latest entry, Star Ocean The Divine Force. This fast-paced action RPG combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to create a unique experiment. This is furthered by a split narrative—allowing players the option to choose between two paths. This will determine the course of your story and the characters you […]

Square Enix shows off party combat for Star Ocean The Divine Force

As Star Ocean: The Divine Force’s release date draws near, Square Enix has been showcasing the game and various mechanics, characters, and story information. This includes how party composition works in the game, characters, and attacks. This comes via the official Star Ocean Twitter account, which states, “Each of your companions in #StarOcean The Divine […]

Star Ocean The Divine Force trailer showcases D.U.M.A, Vanguard Assault, Abilities in new trailer

Square Enix has released a new Star Ocean: The Divine Force Mission Report trailer that showcases a character central to the story, D.U.M.A., along with other details. These include the world, combat, and some traversal abilities. This news comes via the official Star Ocean Twitter and states, “This report introduces you to different elements of […]