All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield

Time to go undercover!

There are plenty of extra activities to complete around the Settlements, but without a doubt, one that you will want to try at least once is joining the Vanguard. This will lead to a special line of quests where you can go undercover with the Crimson Fleet. As an undercover agent, it's up to you to gather evidence against the pirates for the UC and bring them to justice. There is plenty of evidence out there to gather, so we put together a list of places you can find some to make it a bit easier!

Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield - Where to find all evidences against the Crimson Fleet

The evidence you need to collect for "Burden of Proof" will come in the form of slates. These are white tape recording items that you can listen to or read. They will also be labeled with the word 'evidence' right on them, so you know you're on the right track.

There are several different locations where you'll find these slates. Some of them are right in the Crimson Fleet base, The Key, and others while you are completing the missions with them. You won't be required to find all 20 available ones, but you will need at least half to finish the quest properly and earn a special reward from Lt. Toft. Plus, the more you turn in, the better; you get paid for each one bring in.

All Crimson Fleet Main Mission Evidence Locations

Naeva Meetup

You can find this evidence right toward the beginning of the quest line when you first meet Adler Kemp in Cydonia on Mars. In the bar, Broken Spear, you'll find the slate, Naeva Meetup, on the table directly behind where he is sitting.

Carter's Gig

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Carter's Gig is found while completing the mission "Echoes of the Past," where you'll accompany the Crimson Fleet to an abandoned UC prison on The Lock. You'll have to continue following the mission until you come to Carter's Locker, where you'll find the evidence slate inside.

Warden's Log

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This next piece of evidence, Warden's Log, is also found while completing "Echoes of the Past" and exploring The Lock. You'll eventually come to the Warden's Office, where the evidence slate sits on some cases or the desk inside. I found it on top of the stand just right of where Mathis is leaning.

Request Denied

This evidence is found while completing the primary Crimson Fleet mission, "Breaking the Bank." While on the Siren of Stars ship, make a quick detour to the Captain's Quarters. You'll see the door beside the Boom Pop! vending machine in the Crew Cabin. Once inside, head around the left corner into the bedroom, and you'll find it on the shelf beside the bed.

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Galbank Plan

The Galbank Plan is a particularly important piece of evidence you can find while completing the "Breaking the Bank" mission. You'll have to progress through the mission objectives and ensure you create an emergency shutdown on the Siren of Stars ship by speaking to Rokov. After that, you'll confront Gabriel Vera in his suite. You have to persuade Gabriel to give up his evidence on Dumbrosky, along with which he will also give you the Galbank Plan slate.

Huan's Talk

Huan's Talk can be collected during the Crimson Fleet mission, "The Best There Is." Once you head to New Atlantis and venture down to The Well to meet up with Huan, head inside the main entrance of Kay's House and continue through to the kitchen. The slate is located on a counter.

Eubanks & Woods

This evidence can also be collected while completing "The Best There Is." You'll find it while sneaking your way through the SY-920 ship. Once you reach Dr. Vogel's lab, you'll want to head through to the room in the back. The slate, Eubanks & Woods, is on a cart right near the consoles.

The Big Score

The Big Score evidence slate can be collected while following the "Absolute Power" Crimson Fleet mission. Head to Neon, where you'll meet Estelle Vincent in Madame Sauvage's Place. Here, head to the back room on the left side of the bar. You'll find the slate on the table beside the bed.

Ayumi's Offer

This evidence slate, Ayumi's Offer, can also be collected while completing the "Absolute Power" mission. You'll need to buy access to the private Member's Lounge in Euphorika, where you meet up with Ayumi Komiko. The slate is behind the bartender on the liquor shelf.

Meeting With Bayu

While you're looking for incriminating evidence against Komiko during the "Absolute Power" mission, you'll also be able to collect the Meeting With Bayu evidence slate. Head to the Trade Towers and take the elevator to the Generdyne Industries Office. Here, you'll want to talk to the receptionist, Ji, and offer to listen to his problems. If you give him some friendly advice and properly persuade him to tell you about Komiko, he will unlock the safe in the office for you to easily grab the evidence.

Head around the corner into the office, and you'll find the safe on the wall. You'll want to activate the switch to close the blinds of the office and avoid being caught snooping through the safe. Then, you can grab the slate and use it to blackmail Komoki, as well as hand it into the UC.

GBLR013: Mortem Obire

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This last piece of evidence is found during the Crimson Fleet quest, "Eye of the Storm," while you are finally venturing into The Legacy ship. You will find the slate, GBLR013: Mortem Obire, on the floor below Jasper Kryx's body, along with quite a few credits.

All Crimson Fleet Side Mission Evidence Locations

Gennady Ayton

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This piece of evidence is a little more unique than the others. You can only obtain it while completing a side quest for The Key medic, Samina. She can be found in the Med Bay of The Key, and speaking to her will allow you to offer to help her pick up supplies.

Head to The Clinic starstation, where you'll speak to the supplier Gennady Ayton. Just behind him, on some stacked cases, you'll see the evidence slate marked Gennady Ayton evidence.

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Message for Bog

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The Message for Bog evidence is another slate you can pick up while completing a side mission for The Last Nova bartender, Bog. After completing the first Crimson Fleet mission, you'll overhear from the pirates around The Key that Bog has been looking particularly mopey as of late. Speak to him in the bar area and pick up his quest, "Reclaiming The Past."

You must travel to the planet Kumasi IX-A, where you'll explore a Deserted Ecliptic Garrison to find Bog's long-lost lover's ring. You'll find the slate in the same chest as the ring, making it almost impossible to miss it. Just be prepared to fight off plenty of Ecliptics.

All Exploration Evidence Locations

Mira's Demise

The Mira's Demise evidence is located in the Bunks area of The Key. Head forward down the hall until you get to the very back of the rooms, and then take a left at the black skull graffiti on the wall. It will be in the room with the large barbell weight on the floor, on top of a green case.

Request A17

This piece of evidence, Request A17, is found near the Docking Bay of The Key, within Jazz's small Ship Services office area. You'll find it tucked away on her desk, just to the right of her computer.

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Voss's Parts

Voss's Parts evidence is found in the main control room of The Key, on the upper level, just above the doorway leading to the Captain's Quarters. Take the stairs up and head to the left corner where you'll find Delgado's personal computer. Up and to the left on top of the console, you'll see the evidence slate.

Hopetown Raid

This evidence, Hopetown Raid, is found just during exploration around the Settled Systems. You can find it by flying to Hopetown in the Valo system on the planet Polvo. There, go inside the bar Pit Stop, which you should see from exiting the Spaceport. You'll find the slate on the bar.

Kreet Offer

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You can find this piece of evidence by flying to The Den space station, located in the Wolf system. You'll see the Kreet Offer slate on a table across from the neon 'Open' sign, just behind the Ship Services area.

Chunks Heist

Fly to the notorious Red Mile location on the planet Porrima III, in the Porrima system, to find this Chunks Heist evidence slate. You'll find it right as you enter the main building and walk through to the bar, where it should be lying on the countertop.


You'll find this evidence slate, Chiroptera, by exploring Gagarin's Landing on the planet Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system. Head to Lizzy's open bar, and you'll find it on the countertop, much like the last few exploration slates.

What is the reward for completing Burden of Proof in Starfield?

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These are all 20 of the evidence slates you can find while completing the Crimson Fleet quests and simply exploring the Settled Systems. Again, you won't need all of them to complete your "Burden of Proof" quest, but the more evidence you turn in, the better because you'll be paid for each one. Plus, you'll collect a little extra reward for turning in more of them and speaking to Lt. Toft about her past with the Crimson Fleet—The Momento Mori Pistol.

This pistol is a legendary weapon you can't get anywhere else but from completing this quest. It is equipped with high-powered, explosive rounds and laser sight. Its effects, crippling and cornered, continue to make it an extremely useful weapon because they increase the damage further when hitting a target's limbs, and the more you take damage yourself.

You won't want to miss out on this nice reward, so be sure to hand in all the evidence you collected to Lt. Toft before choosing a side after leaving The Legacy; otherwise, you might miss out if you happen to side with the Fleet. Happy hunting, agent!

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All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield

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