Best Terraria Wings


Terraria is such an amazing title. Over the years, the about of updates and free content this game has been given has been truly awe-inspiring. Now, however, the final update is done, no more content is currently being developed for Terarria, or so they say!

Best Terraria Wings

Wings are one of the best additions to Terraria, as not only do they give you flight for a limited time, which is incredibly handy if you are playing on a large world, but you can fly into the sky, search for Sky Islands or the like. When you progress through the game, you can also craft or loot different wings, which of course, have better stats. Meaning you can ZOOM about the world quicker and higher than ever before!

Though just make sure you are wearing an accessory for no fall damage, such as a Lucky Horseshoe, if you are one to forget about gliding, or you might go splat.

Now this list will be the Best Terraria Wings with progression in mind!


There are only a few wings you can get Pre-Hardmode; however, getting a pair of wings increases your mobility drastically! If you don't like starting on Journey Mode, you really only have one option remaining.

Fledgling Wings

Showing off Fledgling Wing in Terraria

The Fledgling Wings are exclusive to Journey Mode, the new Mode that came with the final update 1.4. Normally, there is only a few pair of Wings you can get Pre-Hardmode, but if you start on this mode, you get the Fledgling Wings given to you for free! You can get loot these from Sky Islands. However, you'd probably have better Wings already.

  • Fledgling Wings
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 32 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 5.57

Leaf Wings

Showing off Leaf Wings in Terraria

The Leaf Wings are the best Pre-Hardmode Wings you can get! You can't get them super fast, but you can get them relatively quickly if you know what you are doing.

First, you need to defeat the optional boss, the Queen Bee; after that, the NPC, the Witch Doctor, will appear if you have a vacant house. However, the house has to be in the Jungle to get the Leaf Wings to appear in his shop, and it also has to be nighttime. The Wings do cost one Platinum, which is an awful lot of money in Pre-Hardmode, but boy, it's worth it!

  • Leaf Wings
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 162 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 6.75

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This is Terraria opens up completely, and the game starts to fight back! Wings become essential when fighting a few bosses, as well fighting on the ground is not advisable!

Frozen Wings

Showing off Frozen Wings in Terraria

The Frozen Wings aren't that much of an upgrade to the Leaf Wings, but they are the quickest wings to get in Hardmode. To craft these wings, you need one Ice Feather and 20 Soul of Flight. Ice Feather has a 33.3 percent chance to drop from killing an Ice Golem in a Snow Biome, and you get Soul of Flight; you need to kill Wyverns.

  • Frozen Wings
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 162 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 7.50

Spooky Wings

Showing off Spooky Wings in Terraria

The Spooky Wings are a grind to get, however, if you spend the time to do so by killing Mourning Wood from the Pumpkin Moon event. To craft these, you need one Spooky Twig and 20 Soul of Flight. The Spooky Twig drops from Mourning Wood, with a 1.67 to 20 percent drop rate, and of course, Soul of Flight you get from Wyverns.

You can go for the Spectre Wings, but you would be dropping a Tier in rarity.

  • Spooky Wings
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 182 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 7.50

Fishron Wings

Showing off Spooky Wings in Terraria

The FishronWings are amazing, and you can, if you are skilled enough, get these the second you go into Hardmode,m which allows you to skip all Wings until you get to basically almost the end of Hardmode

However, you need to kill an optional boss to do so, Duke Fishron, and this guy is difficult! To summon the boss, you need to fish using a Truffle Worm as bait in either one of the oceans. The Truffle Worm is incredibly hard to acquire too, but the grind and the wait to defeat this boss is so so so worth it!

  • Fishron Wings
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 286 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 8.00
      • Ability
        • Increased speed in liquids

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Ah, endgame, you have completed the game more or less, but you have to reward yourself with the spoils from the end game boss!

Nebula Mantle | Hover Based Wings

Showing off Nebula Mantle in Terraria

In the endgame, you have a few sets to choose from, four in fact, and it's really down to personal preference what you want to create. Four Pillars have to be destroyed before you can fight the end boss, and you can use those materials of one of the Four Pillars, plus material from the end boss to create these Wings.

To craft Nebula Mantle, you need 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Nebula Fragments. The Luminite Bars you get from the end boss, and Nebula Fragments from the Nebula Pillar.

Nebula Mantle is a Hover Based Wing set, where when hovering, instead of flying, you get a massive speed increase, about 300 percent!

  • Nebula Mantle
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 236 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 0

Solar Wings | Speed Wings

Showing off Solar Wings in Terraria

Very much like the Nebula Mantle, these are crafted in the same way. If you want Flight Height instead of speed, you can craft the Stardust Wings!

You need materials from one of the Four Pillars, the Solar Pillar, and Luminite Bars from the end boss. To craft these, you need 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Solar Fragments.

Solar Wings are the fastest wings in the game. If you want to whizz about the level, then these are the wings to do it!

  • Solar Wings
    • Stats
      • Flight Height
        • 325 feet
      • Acceleration 
        • 9

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