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How to play Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game, Explained

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If you love Dead by Daylight as much as I do, then you're probably looking for other games like it to play. Look no further than Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Inspired by the classic film franchise and horrifying true events, Texas Chain Saw Massacre plays very similarly to Dead by Daylight as a multiplayer slasher game. It also has a ton of new twists and thrills that horror fans will love. Take a look below at how the game works and where you can play!

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How to Play Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, meaning there will be an odd number of players in each game. Much like other multiplayer horror games, there are fewer killers than victims. The killers will have to attempt to hunt down all the victims and hinder them from escaping.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre How Many Players?

Each round of Texas Chainsaw Massacre will allow 7 players to join in total. There will be a 3v4 ratio, with three members of the slashing family on the prowl and four victims trying to escape them. Although this may seem like the victims will have an advantage, it also makes it harder for them to stay inconspicuous and out of the killers' view.

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All characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Despite there being a 3v4 ratio, there are still plenty of options for characters to choose from on both sides, and all characters will play differently. Each character has their own unique abilities, meaning your playstyle can be completely different from someone else's. Here's a quick look at all the available characters and their special skills below:


The killers are the obvious villains of the game. Their main goal each round is to make as much trouble for the victim as possible and keep them from escaping. Their special abilities and skills revolve around tracking and hunting down the victims and making it impossible for them to get out alive. They also have attributes that can be leveled up in their skill trees to make them more proficient in different sadistic activities as well: Savagery, Harvesting, and Endurance.

  • The Cook: Cook's special ability, Seek, gives him better hearing than the other killers. If the victim happens to be loud enough, Cook can hone in on their exact location. He can also add extra locks to doors and close up crawl spaces, making it even harder for the victims to escape.
  • Sissy: Sissy's special ability, Bane, allows her to craft poisons, using them to contaminate items around the map or directly blow powder at her victims. She is one of the speedier characters and can utilize crawl spaces and hiding spots to surprise her prey.
  • The Hitchhiker: Hitchhiker's special ability, Trap, gives him different booby-traps to place around the map that alert him when victims happen to step on them. He is also one of the fastest and more enduring of the killers, capable of ruthless pursuit.
  • Johnny: Johnny's special ability, Hunt, allows him to see and track the victim's footsteps around the map. Because of his frame, he is also stronger than the other killers, capable of concussive blows to his prey and breaking through locked doors and crawl spaces.
  • Leatherface: Leatherface's special ability, Maim, is pretty self-explanatory. He wields the notorious chainsaw and uses it to dismember any victims he can come in contact with. He can also destroy crawl spaces, barricades, and closed doors, forcing the victims to find new paths to safety.


The victims of the game are the ones attempting to escape the clutches of the slashers on the prowl. Their main goal is to escape alive by any means possible. They will need to be as stealthy as possible and work together to avoid the killers. They also have attributes that can be leveled up in skill trees: Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Proficiency, and Stealth. Each character also has a special ability and skills that can give them an edge, much like the killers.

  • Connie: Connie's special ability, Focused Ability, allows her to quickly pick locks without the cost of her stamina or her unlock tool. She also has Family proximity warnings while lockpicking, allowing her to sense when the killers are close by.
  • Sonny: Sonny's special ability, Heightened Sense, gives him a situational awareness buff, allowing him to pick up noises made by players nearby and hone into their exact location and track their movements.
  • Julie: As the athlete of the group, Julie has a special ability called Ultimate Escape, which enables her to sprint for a short time without being trackable by the killers and costs less stamina.
  • Leland: Leland puts his size and strength to use with Life Saver, knocking into killers and temporarily stunning them. This can be especially handy in fatal situations, capable of saving himself or another victim that may be in extreme danger.
  • Ana: Ana is the leader of the group and has a special ability called Pain is Nothing. This ability reduces the amount of damage she takes, allowing her to jump out windows to safety or take a few extra blows than others. She also has an additional buff that makes her briefly immune to any effects of poison.

Any of the characters' skills and attributes can be changed through the skill tree or as equipped and built by each player. That means you can change up the way the character plays in-game, working more proficiently on each diverse map or paired better with whoever is with you.

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Where to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be available on multiple platforms, allowing a variety of players to participate. Since this game is also online multiplayer, it will feature crossplay functionality, allowing most consoles to play together (take a look at the sheet above to see full crossplay compatibility). You'll be able to find the game on the following platforms:

  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows PC / Steam

This thrilling new horror experience releases on August 18, 2023, and day one on Xbox Gamepass. Jump in on the action to see just how well these abilities and skills are utilized and how you can build the ultimate meta for each character.

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How to play Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game, Explained

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