Tribes of Midgard: Patch Notes (October 2022)

Want to know what's been changed in Tribes of Midgard? Check out our patch notes!

Tribes of Midgard is one of the best survival coop roguelike games out there on the market, as it allows players to work together to survive the Viking end of the world known as Ragnarok.

In the game, players take on the role of mythical Viking heroes, and battle to defend a Viking village from hordes of creatures known as helthings during horde nights, and giants that come to attack a large tree.

The game also features multiple classes, monsters, and bosses for players to fight and kill. Looting is also a huge feature, and there are a ton of items for players to both find and craft.

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Tribes of Midgard will also receive a ton of updates throughout its seasons, with one big one coming sometime this September.

Each season update will add tons of new challenges, items, and even bosses to both fight and kill. Here are the patch notes for all updates for Tribes of Midgard, both large and small.

Tribes of Midgard Inferno Saga Patch Notes August 16

New Saga Quest: Inferno

  • Added support for Saga Quest: Inferno to guide entry into the Volcanic Spire to face the biggest threat to Midgard yet, Surtr!

New Biome: Volcanic Spire

  • Added support for the new volcanic Biome, including all new Creatures, Materials, Camps, and Hazards to discover.

New Ancient: Surtr

  • Surtr has launched an all-out invasion from his lair at the peak of the Volcanic Spire. Fight your way to him to prevent burning the world from his volcanic fire!

Revenge of the Ancients:

  • Saga Bosses are now referred to by their Midgardian moniker of ‘Ancients’ in all relevant in-game messaging and text.

New Weapon Type: Spear

  • Added a new Weapon type, Spear! This has considerable linear reach compared to other Weapons.
  • The starting Villager Spear is crafted with only Wood, perfect for fighting off enemies early!

New Activity: Fishing

  • Craft Fishing Rods to interact with Mysterious Ripples appearing in the water.
  • Interacting with the Mysterious Ripples starts a time-sensitive mini-game for additional Materials used in new recipes.

Revamped Game Over Screens

  • Global Results: Includes World stats such as Map Information, Enemies Slain, and Time Elapsed.
  • Team Results: Shows player information, including Character Levels and a top stat consisting of their highest score.
  • Personal Results: The final showcase of all noteworthy statistics accrued during the session, as well as where Se

Survival 2.0

  • Core Gameplay:
    • No longer locked behind Season Level 2.
    • No Village = No Village to defend at night.
    • Days will last longer at 20 minutes each.
    • Helthings will spawn sporadically throughout the environment at night but will not attack the Seed of Yggdrasil.
    • Jötnar have their own Arenas that you can choose to travel to and defeat whenever you want.
  • Saga Quests in Survival:
    • Saga Quests unlock powerful Crafting Stations that will allow you to sail to new lands, craft better loot, and take on greater challenges.
  • Session-Based Blessing Tree and Level Progression:
    • An entirely new Blessing Tree has been created for the game mode that allows for more freedom to pick and choose among 90 Blessings as you see fit.
    • Increased the Max Character Level to 50.
    • No Shared Character XP.
  • Season/Meta Progression:
    • Season XP has a chance to drop from activities.
    • Defeating powerful enemies or raiding Camps guarantees large amounts of Season XP.
    • Season XP is automatically attributed to your Account Profile and contributes to Season Progress.
  • Large Worlds, tailored to Survival Mode:
    • Players start on a large, central continent and will be able to explore the open seas as they progress through the Saga Quests.
    • Added new ways to encourage exploration via Crafting at the Allforge
      • Craft Beds: Beds can be claimed to serve as Respawn points.
      • Craft Bonfires: Bonfires will help keep you warm in cold climates so long as you deposit Branches to keep the fires alive. Very useful when landing on a cool Ash Beach in the dead of night.
      • Craft Shrines: Shrines act as Fast Travel points, allowing you and your Tribe to build your own travel network throughout Midgard!
  • Players are equipped with the Allforge:
    • All crafting in Survival 2.0 centers around the building of these specific Crafting Stations for whatever you might need.
      • Crafting Stations can be upgraded to unlock more powerful recipes and even entirely new stations.
    • The Allforge is located in the Build Menu and can be placed anywhere, free of material costs.
      • Only one Allforge per person can be deployed at a time.
    • The Allforge will repair Equipment for a standard Souls Cost.
    • Crafting Stations, Constructions, and Decorations are all crafted from the Allforge.
  • Updated Construction to be more modular and significantly more flexible:
    • Constructions are scaled to fit a 1x1x1 area for increased interconnectivity.
    • Walls, pillars, roofs, and doors have been added.
    • Constructions are available in three tiers with different levels of strength and material requirements.
    • The camera is able to be rotated while in the Build Menu.
    • Constructions are able to be placed along the Z-Axis.
    • The Mallet is now triggered by default in the Build Menu:
      • Dismantle by highlighting the Construction you want to remove.
      • Repair Constructs in the Build Menu.
  • Freyja’s chatty cats Sóleyra and Mániklo have arrived:
    • They help new Einherjar as they interact with certain triggers in the environment for the first time.
  • Mode selection improvements:
    • Survival is now showcased on the Main Play tab alongside Saga Mode.
    • The new Survival 2.0 game mode now comes with the option to play in a Solo session just like Saga Mode.
    • Players can now form Groups via Invite to Join or Create a Survival 2.0.

Blessing Updates

  • Warrior
    • Underdog [NEW]: Feeling surrounded? Great! Increase damage dealt per each nearby enemy.
    • Warrior-Gatherer [NEW]: Labor like the Warrior gods of old! Combo attacks from any Weapon can now break Resource nodes, retrieving their precious Materials without Tools. Everything’s an axe!
    • Reckless Roll [UPDATED]: Now avoid damage throughout the entire Evade roll animation.
  • Ranger
    • Ullr’s Step II [NEW]: Ullr’s Step now triggers a rain of arrows on your original position, dealing [medium] physical damage over time.
    • Ricochet [NEW]: Each arrow fired has a 50% chance to ricochet, bouncing to up to 3 additional enemies.
    • Quickshot [UPDATED]: Was originally affecting Arrow flight speed and now affects the attack speed of Bow Combo Attacks.
  • Guardian
    • Pain Release II [NEW]: Let it all out! Gain increased attack and movement speed for 5 seconds after unleashing your Pain.
    • Unwavering [NEW]: The judgment of Forseti is absolute. Stand your ground against any who would dare say otherwise by becoming immune to knockback effects.
  • Seer
    • Yggdrasil’s Roots II [NEW]: Enemies entering the Seedling’s radius receive damage from the roots of the World Tree. Wouldn’t want to be on its bad side.
    • Sacred Revive [NEW]: Further empowered by the golden apples of youth, reviving allies now triggers a healing pool in the area, granting HP over time.
    • Tempered [UPDATED]: Now generates an aura that reduces Temperature effects for you and nearby allies.
  • Berserker
    • Undying Anger [NEW]: Channel the rage of war. Automatically self-revive when down and receive healing based on your current Wrath.
    • Wrath Soothed [UPDATED]: Gain HP for every enemy hit by your Blast.
    • Battle Resistance II [UPDATED]: Chance to resist Stun/Slow effects increased from 75% to 100%.
  • Hunter
    • Skaði’s Spirit II [NEW]: Your Decoy is now armed with a Bow and will fire Arrows at nearby enemies.
    • Skaði’s Wolf [NEW]: Roll to deploy Skaði’s kindred spirit that will attack nearby enemies. Go get ’em boy!
    • Skaði’s Spirit I [UPDATED]: There is now a visual indicator to show the Decoy’s taunt radius.
  • Sentinel
    • Shield Throw II [NEW]: Your Shield Throw ability now throws the second shield in rapid succession.
    • Shield Ring II [NEW]: Shield spin to win. Your Shield Ring ability will now revolve around you a second time, dealing damage and effects twice.
  • Warden
    • Secret Stash [NEW]: Vigilance is key when safeguarding a Village’s supplies, and their trade secrets! Materials carried are no longer lost upon defeat.
    • Rationing [NEW]: An Einherjar knows how important rationing can be in dire times. Gain a 25% chance to recover a Potion immediately after use.
    • Dwarven Made [UPDATED]: Now reduces Repair costs & Equipment Durability loss by 50%.
  • Blessing Trees
    • Most Classes have received an update to the layout of their Blessing Trees.
    • With the advent of new and updated Blessings, this new layout should also make it easier to navigate each, with a better grouping of related Blessings.

Combat Update

  • Applied Invincibility Frames when Evading to all Characters, not just the Warrior.
    • The Warrior’s Reckless Roll Blessing has been updated
  • Added Animation Cancelling when Evading/Blocking for more responsive timing.
  • Changes to Mana Gains:
    • Successfully blocking enemy attacks with a Shield will now reward additional Mana.
      • Guardians will synergize well with this change, as their Refused Judgement Blessing will allow them to gain even more Mana per Shield block.
    • You now earn a set amount of Mana per attack, regardless of how many enemies were struck in that attack.
  • Changes to Durability Loss:
    • Similar to Mana Gains, your Weapon will now only lose a set amount of durability per attack, regardless of how many enemies were struck.
  • Mana Loss from Powerful Foes:
    • Being struck by Powerful Foes will leave you winded, causing you to lose a bit of Mana from your gauge.
      • Powerful Foes include Jötnar, Elites (red skull indicator), Ancients, and the roaming mini-bosses of Midgard (yellow health bar).
  • Combat Feel and Weapon Tuning:
    • Slight increase to the camera shake and sense of weight from Attack SFX when landing a hit, adjusted per Weapon type.
      • Added the option in Settings to adjust camera shaking on a scale.
    • Animation timing has been adjusted for all Weapon types, to better hone-in on their combat identity and gameplay niches.
      • The Bow has received a more notable overhaul:
      • Damage of standard combo attacks has been significantly increased.
      • Damage and speed of Aimed / Charged Shots were reduced.
      • Durability increased.

Survival Crafting Update

  • Allforge: The central crafting station from which all others are born. Does not cost anything to put down, but you can only have one at a time. It can also repair your Equipment!
  • Crafting Stations – Exclusively in Survival Mode:
    • Bed: Place it to serve as your Respawn Point when claimed.
    • Tool Grinder: For crafting all Tools, including the new Fishing Rods.
    • Meal Cauldron: For crafting the new Meal recipes.
    • Potion Brewer: For crafting Potions.
      • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
    • Weapon Furnace: For crafting Weapons.
    • Shield Rack: For crafting Shields.
    • Armor Loom: For crafting Armor.
    • Defense Workshop: For crafting Traps and Watchtowers.
      • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
    • Ammunition Shelf: For crafting specialized Arrows.
    • Boat Dock: For crafting Boats.
    • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
    • Lumbering Stand: For crafting Wood-based Ingredients.
    • Tanning Stand: For crafting Leather, Fur, and Yarn Ingredients.
    • Mining Stand: For crafting Stone, Ore, and Iron Ingredients.
    • Artifact Altar: For crafting Artifacts.
      • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
    • Construction Bench / Rig / Table: For crafting Constructions, like Walls, Stairs, Roofs, etc.
    • Portal Shrine: For fast-travel between other Shrines.
    • Bonfire: Provides warmth. Must deposit kindling with Branches to activate and increase the duration
    • Storage Box / Trunk / Chest: A deployable Storage container to deposit and share resources with your Tribe (or for your own safekeeping). Inventory space is upgraded by building higher rarity Storage Boxes from improved Constructions Stations.
  • New Construction Pieces:
    • The Survival Update comes equipped with a plethora of new and adjusted Construction pieces.
    • Construction pieces in Survival Mode have been globally scaled down to 1×1 or 1x1x1 in terms of grid size, to increase interconnectivity and customization options.
    • Each Construction type comes in three tiers; ranging from twig/thatch and wood to slate/stone.
      • Ground – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Wall – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Wall Slope – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Pillar – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Beam – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Angle Beam – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Stairs – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Roof – Thatch/Wooden/Slate
      • Flat Roof – Thatch/Wooden/Slate
      • Roof Cross – Thatch/Wooden/Slate
      • Fence – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Barrier – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Door – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Double Door – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Frame – Thatch/Wooden/Stone
      • Angle Frame – Thatch/Wooden/Stone
      • Dragon Ornament – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Watchtower – Twig/Wooden/Stone
        • Includes an Archer to fight off nearby enemies. Can deposit more powerful Arrows to increase effectiveness.
      • Eir Effigy of Life:
        • Activate to Heal over time
      • Eir Effigy of Haste:
        • Activate to receive a Speed boost for a time
      • Eir Effigy of Mana:
        • Activate to regenerate Mana over time
  • Decorative Construction Pieces:
    • Accessed from the Allforge, players can select the newly added Decorations tab to build a selection of decorative items that will add some much-needed flair to your Viking homestead.
      • Torch
      • Brazier
      • Horse Idol
      • Dragon Idol
      • Banner
      • Chains of Fenrir
      • Fang of Jörmungandr
      • Shard of Surtr
      • Note: All Decorations are unlocked as Challenge Rewards, with the exception of the Torch, which is available by default.

General Crafting Updates

  • New Consumables Recipes: Meals
    • As of Inferno Saga and the debut of Survival 2.0, we’ve added an additional crafting tree for recipes; Meals!
    • Meals usually rely on natural ingredients and provide buffs and healing similar to Potions.
    • Meal effects tend to be weaker in potency and immediacy compared to Potions, but can be carried in higher quantities.
      • Sap Juice: Small Heal.
      • Fish Skewer: Small Heal.
      • Grilled Meat: Moderate Heal.
      • Marine Salad: Moderate Heal.
      • Fish Platter: Large Heal.
      • Coldproof Seafood I: Will grant you resistance to cold for 1 minute.
      • Coldproof Seafood II: Will grant you resistance to cold for 2 minutes.
      • Heatproof Seafood I: Will grant you resistance to heat for 1 minute.
      • Heatproof Seafood II: Will grant you resistance to heat for 2 minutes.
  • New Crafted Equipment Recipes:
    • Villager Spear I / II
      • Spell 1 – Leap: Stylish leaping thrust attack that strikes in a long line
    • Alvíss’ Spear I / II
      • Spell 1 – Flurry: Unleash a flurry of three rapid-fire attacks. Upgrades to Flurry+ at Rare Tier.
      • Spell 2 – Healing Call: Raise your Spear up high and call down some Healing orbs.
        • Alvíss’ Spear II Unlocks as a Season Reward
    • Alvíss’ Armor Set [Epic]
      • Armor Perk – Spear Up: Increase damage with Spears per equipped piece
        • Unlocks as Challenge Rewards
      • Alvíss’ Stormguard
        • Unlocks as a Season Reward
    • Embers Spear I / II / III
      • Spell 1 – Fire Spin: Spin your Spear in a 360-degree arc, dealing fire damage all around you. Upgrades to Fire Spin+ at Rare and Epic Tier.
      • Spell 2 – Explosive Throw: Throw your Spear, dealing fire damage over time in the area it lands before eventually exploding. Upgrades to Explosive Throw+ at Epic Tier.
        • Embers Spear III Unlocks as a Season Reward
    • Embers Armor Set [Epic]
      • Armor Perk – Fury: Stackable chance to increase move and attack speed after defeating an enemy.
      • Embers Shield
        • Unlocks as a Season Reward
    • Surtr’s Spire [Legendary]
      • Spell 1 – Fireball: Launch a powerful fireball from the tip of your Spear.
      • Spell 2 – Ruler Dash: Dash forward and deliver a devastating area attack.
      • Spell 3 – Lava Jets: Fiery blasts erupt from 3 separate points around you.
    • Surtr’s Armor [Legendary]:
      • Armor Perk – Ablaze: Stackable chance to deal lasting fire damage back at your attackers.
        • Unlocks as Season Rewards
      • Surtr’s Ashguard
        • Unlocks as Challenge Rewards

New Content

  • New Creature: Lavættir
  • New Creature: Brennálfar Witch
  • New Creature: Brennálfar Watchtower
  • New Creature: Fire Turret
  • New Creature: Múspelorm
  • New Creature: Sormr
  • New Critters:
    • Fox: found in the Bright Forest
    • Hare: found in the Bright Forest
    • Arctic Fox: found in the Glacier Peaks
    • Snowy Owl: found in the Glacier Peaks
    • Vulture: found in the Volcanic Spire
  • New Camp: Outposts
  • New Camp: Volcanic Spire Camps
  • New Camp: The Lair Entrance
  • New Ingredients: Fishables
    • New Materials are available at Mysterious Ripples:
    • Cod
    • Kelp
    • Herring
    • Salmon
  • New Starter Kits.
    • Nocturnal Starter Kit [Common]
    • Gourmet Starter Kit [Uncommon]
    • Boatless Angler Starter Kit [Rare]
    • Harder They Fall Starter Kit [Epic]
    • Dual Weaver Starter Kit [Legendary]
  • New Item: Valkyrie Delivery
  • New Event Variant: Unsunken Prisoner
  • New Rewards Track:
  • New Challenges:
    • New Class Challenges x40:
    • New Saga Challenges x4:
    • New Survival Challenges x18:
      • Centered on the new Survival 2.0 experience.
  • New Personal Quests x9:
    • Added a number of Personal Quests that incorporate Season 3 features and locations.
  • Cosmetics
    • Villager Bundle
    • Hersir Bundle
    • Raider Bundle
    • Feral Bundle
    • Nornir Bundle
    • Seiðr Bundle
    • Útgarð Bundle
    • Gullveig Bundle
    • Alvíss Bundle [New]
    • Embers Bundle [New]
    • Serpent Bundle
    • Fornjót Bundle
    • Baldr Bundle
    • Fenrir Bundle
    • Jörmungandr Bundle
    • Surtr Bundle [New]

New Eira Face and Hairstyle:

  • We’ve added a new Face and Hair customization option based on Eira, to suit either body type.
  • Unlocked through Survival Challenges

New Portraits:

  • A number of new Portraits have been added to the Shop and Season Rewards Track celebrating Inferno Saga content

New Loot Chest: Allchest

  • New Loot Chest Cosmetic fashioned after the Allforge.
  • Unlocked through Season Rewards

New Hair Dyes:

  • 4 new Hair Dyes were added, colors inspired by the Inferno Saga
  • Unlocked through Season Rewards

Fallen Valkyrie Set Update

  • Fallen Valkyrie Sword
  • Fallen Valkyrie Crusher (Hammer)
  • Fallen Valkyrie Bow
  • Fallen Valkyrie Spear

Cosmetic Spears for Old Sets

  • Fallen Valkyrie Spear
  • Pirate Ship Harpoon
  • Linnorm Costume Spear
  • Helthing Spear
  • Monkey King Qiang
  • V1.K1NG Tactical Javelin
  • Werewolf Piercer
  • Allfather Yule Cane
  • Headless Norseman Spear
  • Starbjorn Spear
  • Einherjar Spear

New Runes:

  • Ægir Swimmer [Common]
  • Chef’s Kiss [Uncommon]
  • Ire of Oðinn [Rare]
  • Night Owl [Rare]
  • Bola Weaver [Epic]
  • Mimir’s Well [Epic]
  • Shrug It [Legendary]
  • Fenrir Rune [Legendary]
  • Jörmungandr Rune [Legendary]
  • Surtr Rune [Legendary]

New Cosmetic Sets

  • High Valkyrie [Cosmic] – Armor x5 and Equipment x6
  • Classic Viking [Mythic] – Armor x5 and Equipment x6
  • Járnsaxa [Mythic] – Armor x5 and Equipment x6
  • Fire Witch [Mythic] – Armor x5 and Equipment x6

New Pets

  • Foal Kyrie [Cosmic] 
  • Erik the Ram [Mythic] 
  • Little Járn [Mythic] 
  • Baby Surtr [Mythic] 

New Master Class Armor Sets

  • Warrior – Adept of Týr – Armor x5
  • Berserker – Adept of Thrúðr – Armor x5
  • Ranger – Adept of Uller – Armor x5
  • Hunter – Adept of Skaði – Armor x5
  • Guardian – Adept of Forseti – Armor x5
  • Sentinel – Adept of Syn – Armor x5
  • Seer – Adept of Iðunn – Armor x5
  • Warden – Adept of Hermóðr – Armor x5

Tribes of Midgard Serpent 2.02-05 Patch Notes April 28

Double Season XP

  • Effective as of this release, we are doubling the amount of Season XP earned in both Saga and Survival Modes.
    • Norsfell note: Over the course of the Wolf and Serpent Sagas, we’ve been tracking Season XP progression very carefully and have come to the conclusion that in its current state, it is slower paced than we anticipated. We want players to be able to level up their account progress while having fun in Tribes of Midgard, whatever form that takes, and without having to worry about optimizing their Season XP gain efficiency in order to chase those unlocks. We’ll continue to monitor over the coming months but feel this is a worthwhile first step towards making progression feel quicker and (literally) more rewarding.

Stronger Boats, Boats, Boats! 

  • All Boat types have had their HP boosted by 100% and the maximum collision damage that can be received has been cut in half.
    • Norsfell note: We noticed that Boat durability was a little more flimsy than we expected, making it very easy to find yourself shipwrecked. We greatly boosted the HP values of all Boats to give them some much needed survivability so it’ll take more than a bump or two to end your Viking journey.

Shop Rotation Speeding Up 

  • To account for the increasing amount of content and offerings we plan to add, we’ll be speeding up the Featured Shop rotation to every 3 days, from every 7.

Tribes of Midgard Wolf 1.10 Patch Notes September 1st


  • A R4VEN.MK.III Pet has found its way into your collection of Cosmetics. Navigate to the Pets section of the Customize menu to take a look for yourself!
    • This mysterious device arrived bearing an encrypted runic sequence that reads:
      "To all of our Einherjar, I am sending you this raven drone to celebrate the official launch of our glorious mission on July 27th of Midgard Year 2021. We thank you for your patience while we continuously improve the game and your experience. May it watch over you and your tribe. Your support is worth more to us than the Nine Realms combined." - Sincerely, Techno Oðinn.

Gameplay Changes

  • Saga Mode
    • Added Bomblings and Sirelings to Helthing attack waves during Fimbulwinter
    • Norsfell: This change should make the continuous night defenses of Fimbulwinter more challenging and more interesting for those who wish to brave Saga Mode’s late game.
  • Survival Mode - Easy
    • Increase to Creature, Helthings and Jötunn Difficulty
  • Survival Mode - Medium and Hard
    • Moderate increase to Creature, Helthings and Jötunn Difficulty
    • Slight increase to Jötunn HP, Armor and Attack Multiplier as they level up
    • Norsfell: We are putting additional efforts into fine-tuning the difficulty of Survival Mode to make it a bit more engaging and challenging for players, both in early game and as the Days progress.
  • Bosses
    • Decreased the amount of Souls granted for defeating Fenrir by 30%
    • Decreased the amount of Souls granted for defeating Jötunn by 6% overall
    • Norsfell: The Souls economy is integral to the game and we’re continuing to fine-tune the yield from all sources for a more balanced experience. We felt the very high amount of Souls awarded for defeating Fenrir, for example, were supplying late-game players a little too well as they prepared for the attrition of Fimbulwinter.
  • Quests
    • Adjusted the rewards and increased the number of them granted for completing Quests
    • Souls awarded for completed Quests are now adjusted based on the labelled Difficulty of the Quest, with Hard awarding the most and Easy awarding the least.
    • Completed Quests will now respawn after 10 Days
    • Slight increase to the amount of Helthings required to be defeated to complete the “To Hel with You” Quest.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some instances of Players being unable to claim their Challenge Rewards. We will continue to monitor the situation for further fixing
  • Fixed some instances of Players not earning any XP after joining a Matchmaking session. We will continue to monitor the situation for further fixing
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Golden Horns would sometimes inaccurately display well above the maximum of 99 after taking the Bifröst
  • Fixed an issue where an error message and a loss of Golden Horns could occur when taking the Bifröst at 99 Golden Horns
  • Fixed an issue in which the Golden Egg Rune would not stack correctly 🤫
  • Fixed an instance of a crash that could occur when fighting Fenrir in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an instance in which a crash could occur when leaving through the Bifröst from a Matchmaking game
  • Fixed an instance in which multiple players in a session could crash after defeating a Jötunn in a Matchmaking game
  • Fixed an issue in which donating Souls to Yggdrasil could affect the Soul Powered Rune
  • Fixed an issue in which spamming the Kill Your Viking button would trigger multiple instances of the Last Laugh Rune’s explosions
  • Fixed some rare occurrences in which players would be booted from the session after using the Golden Altar
  • PS4: Fixed an issue in which slight framerate drops and graphical issues could sometimes happen when picking up Golden Horns
  • PS4/PS5: Fixed an issue in which latency spikes could sometimes occur when Jötunn are spawned or slain during prolonged Multiplayer sessions (Day 30+)
  • Fixed some instances of the Baldr Greaves clipping into Feet and Chest Armors
  • Fixed some instances of the Fenrir’s Hinds clipping into Chest Armors
  • Fixed some instances of the Hersir Pants clipping into Chest Armors
  • Fixed some instances of the Raider Pants clipping into Chest Armors
  • Fixed an issue where some characters’ hands were clipping through Hammers
  • Fixed some instances of text overlap in the UI in multiple languages
  • Fixed an issue that caused Yggdrasil’s leaves to flicker on and off when toggling Windowed Mode
  • Fixed an issue in players might lose out on the contents of their Loot Chest if they manually attempt to exit the session just as they die and are respawning
  • Fixed an issue that caused loot bags to be seen floating in the air in Fenrir’s Lair
  • Fixed some instances in which Járnsaxa’s lightning fist attack would sometimes not cause damage if the player was directly under it
  • Fixed an issue in which defeating a Jötunn with an Enchanted Tripwire would wrongfully attribute the glory to Oðinn
  • Fixed an issue in which destroying Barricades with an Enchanted Tripwire would not grant any loot
  • Fixed an issue in which the Hunter’s Decoy wouldn’t despawn gracefully with VFX
  • Fixed an issue in which the petting prompt for your Pet could interfere with other interactions, like opening Chests. Now your Pets will have to wait their turn.
  • Fixed an issue in which the visual effects on the temperature gauge would not show in Survival Mode whenever a Heatproof or Coldproof Elixir was used
  • Fixed an issue where the Beyond Repair Rune inaccurately stated that it reduced Souls cost by 20% and now correctly reflects 15%
  • Fixed an issue in which the Display Resolution wouldn’t always save correctly when setting to 4K resolutions
  • Fixed an issue in which the crafting of Fortifications could trigger in the Tutorial if you let the Jötunn destroy the default ones
  • Fixed an issue with the Spell icons of the Seidr Hammer I and II
  • Fixed an issue in which the Warden would lose their 6th Rune slot after Saving and Quitting then returning
  • Fixed an issue in which the Toggle Headgear input could stop working throughout a session when attempting to toggle it without any Headgear equipped
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Fenrir’s health bar to appear in the Village if you use your Waystone from the Lair at the start of the fight
  • Fixed an issue in which Village NPC’s names might not display correctly when fighting Helthings
  • Fixed an issue in which Fortifications could return to full health upon re-entering a World
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the Warrior’s Blessing descriptions across some languages
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Player to get stuck at the edge of Fortified Gate after it’s destroyed
  • Minor performance improvements on all platforms. We will continue to optimize with future updates.

Tribes of Midgard Wolf 1.03 Patch Notes August 5th

Gameplay Changes

  • Saga Mode - Solo
    • Slight decrease to Helthing HP and Armor
  • Saga Mode - Multiplayer - Small Groups (2-3 Players)
    • Slight decrease to Creature HP, Armor and Damage values
  • Saga Mode - Multiplayer - All Group Sizes
    • Slight decrease to Helthing HP and Armor
    • Slight decrease to Jötunn HP, Armor and Damage
    • Slight decrease to Helthings spawning frequency during the night
  • Survival Mode Unlock:
    • Survival Mode will now unlock for Players at Account Level 2, down from 3
  • Survival Mode - XP Rewards:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to earn large amounts of XP after immediately leaving Survival games based on the World State
  • Durability - Swords, Axes and Hammers
    • Moderately increased Durability for Common, Uncommon and Rare weapons
    • Slightly increased Durability for Epic weapons
    • Norsfell: as a result of this change, players who have an active save game at the time of the patch may see their weapon Durability not at full. This is due to the new values being factored in and will show correctly when starting a new World.
  • Durability - Bows:
    • Moderately increased Durability for all Rarities
    • Norsfell: as a result of this change, players who have an active save game at the time of the patch may see their weapon Durability not at full. This is due to the new values being factored in and will show correctly when starting a new World.
  • Repairing Equipment:
    • Slightly reduced the amount of Souls required for fixing Broken Equipment
  • Helthing Loot:
    • Moderately increased the chance for a Helthing to drop Souls when defeated during the night
  • Plant Harvesting:
    • Slight increase to the average amount of Ingredients received when harvesting Plants, like Mushroom Oil, to aid in Potion crafting
  • Healing Statues (Eir Effigy):
    • Increased healing per tick to 150 HP, up from 100 HP for a total of 1500 HP healed over time
  • Angrboða
    • Increased the interval of her Dark Pools ability to inflict damage every 1.25 seconds, up from 1 second
  • Classes - Ranger:
    • Increased the base damage of the Ullr’s Step ability to 300, up from 200
  • Classes - Guardian
    • Increased the base damage of the Laws of Attraction ability to 400, up from 300

Quality of Life

  • For new PC players, the default Frame Rate Limit setting has been set to 60, down from Unlimited.
  • For new PC players, the default Quality, Shadows, Anti-Aliasing, Texture and Effects settings have been set to High, down from Epic.
  • Shop Refresh timer for the Essentials section now refreshes every 24 hours, down from 48 hours.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to claim their Challenge Rewards after fulfilling the criteria.
  • Norsfell: Players may need to re-complete Challenge criteria to trigger rewards that didn’t unlock the first time. For Challenges relating to Season Level, players need only earn XP during a match for the missing rewards to return to a claimable state.
  • Fixed an issue affecting PlayStation users’ ability to access the SHiFT menus
  • Fixed an issue where Groups with a combined player count exceeding 10 could join each other’s matchmaking sessions
  • Fixed some instances of players being stuck in a Charged Shot animation when using the Bow.
  • Fixed an issue with Warden Runes stacking after returning to a Saved game.
  • Fixed an issue where the players’ Records were not updating on the End Results screen.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to matchmake into sessions beyond Day 3.

Tribes of Midgard Wolf 1.02 Patch Notes July 29th


  • The Reward for achieving Season Level 49 in Season 1 has been correctly updated to the Wolf Saga portrait. A sneaky Goblin Chief tried to claim the slot for himself! He has since been sacked.

Gameplay Changes

  • Alvis Hammer II
    • Healing Spell increased to 400 from 300
  • Soul Powered Rune
    • Damage bonus reduced to 5 from 10 per stack of 100 Souls
    • Souls Cap correctly set to 10,000
  • Banner Time Rune
    • Ticks every 3 seconds, up from 1
    • Healing increased to 150 from 50

Quality of Life

  • Players can now dismantle Enchanted Tripwire traps if they are blocking their path
  • PC players can now press the (B) Key as a shortcut for the Blessings menu
  • Changed Rebuild input for Farm, Quarry, Lumberyard and Bridge from "F" on Keyboard (Square Button on Controller) to "G" on Keyboard (L1 Button on Controller) to avoid interaction conflicts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues in World Generation that were causing Giants to get stuck on their path of destruction
  • Fixed an issue during the Tutorial where Geirröðr’s snowball would clip into the ground
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Unsunken Boss from holding his axe properly during movement animation
  • Fixed issues with the impact animations for some Helthings that were not playing the appropriate animation
  • Fixed an issue where the Witch’s spells could stick for too long
  • Fixed an issue where the Witch could damage out of combat players from far away with her Spells
  • Fixed an issue where enemy Spells would fire in a direction they weren’t facing
  • Fixed numerous AI issues that caused certain enemies to idle after chasing for a time
  • Fixed an issue where Trölls could sometimes not exit their Camps
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to keep racking up hits against Fenrir during his death animation, especially when paired with the Soul Mate Rune (poor Fenrir)
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to craft using a Controller when returning to a Solo save file
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to block their own Banner Time Rune’s healing when facing a certain direction
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to block damage while performing other actions if you used the Shield button
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes made it difficult to revive downed Villagers if they were downed from a Jötunn
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to enter Downed State instead of Drowning if they died from fall damage when hitting the water
  • Fixed an issue where the Healing Brew was not healing for the correct amount of time
  • Fixed multiple issues of Cosmetics clipping into each other
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter’s Recall Totem would linger on the Map even if not active
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter’s Trap Stacker wasn’t allowing the player to stack Traps properly when buying them from a merchant
  • Fixed an issue where Warden’s Rune Carver ability wouldn’t always allow for 6 Runes to be equipped
  • Fixed an issue where players could retain the benefits of the Nothing to Hide Rune by unequipping then re-equipping their armor
  • Fixed an issue where the Like a Dwarf Rune was not granted the appropriate Armor bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where Warriors could be invincible while in Downed State if they died due to fall damage with the Reckless Roll Blessing
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Járnsaxa would be instantly defeated during the transition to her second form
  • Fixed an issue where players could block incoming heals.
  • Fixed an issue where Feral Armor was protecting against Heat instead of Cold
  • Fixed an issue where archers in Archer Towers would speak like Dökkalfar and spam their voice over lines (they were just being too passionate about Village defense).
  • Fixed an issue affecting the progress icons for the ‘Life on the Farm’ Quest
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Quest progression to break or not update correctly if you Save/Quit at certain points in the Quest chain
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to roll into the trap doors to proceed to the next level of a Hideout
  • Fixed an issue where Treasures in Camps could sometimes be accessed from beneath
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly transitioning back and forth from Fenrir’s Lair caused the screen to become permanently black
  • Fixed an issue where a character could get stuck in a Land of Pools Small Camp when jumping off a ramp
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions Fenrir would fail to appear and attack the player in his Lair
  • Fixed an issue where Fenrir would land on the broken stones as he enters the fight
  • Fixed an issue with missing sound effects when interacting with the Eir Effigies
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to Fast Travel to Activated Shrines even when not near another Shrine
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause players to spawn under Fenrir’s Lair if they teleported back to it
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling Recall Totem wouldn’t always work if too far away from it
  • Fixed an issue where Constructions could be placed in areas of the Village that were not intended
  • Fixed an issue where Jars could block Underpass and Hideout exits
  • Fixed an issue where the final Treasure of a Hideout could be interacted with before clearing the area
  • Fixed an instance where players could be booted to the main menu after triggering a number of Jars then leaving an Underpass or Hideout
  • Fixed issues with collision trap in enemy Camps, Underpasses and bushes
  • Fixed some interaction issues when playing with HUD turned off
  • Fixed issues where the voice chat icon was inconsistently being displayed when a player was speaking
  • Fixed an issue affecting saved Worlds for Survival Games with over 100 Days played in which progress may be reset
  • Fixed an issue where the +1 Golden Horn UI wouldn’t always appear in HUD when picking one up
  • Fixed an issue allowing a player to avoid being kicked for inactivity if they had a menu open
  • Fixed an issue on PC that didn’t allow players to mouse over Class information properly
  • Fixed an issue that prompted an unnecessary message when accessing the Quest Board after all Quests were taken or completed
  • Fixed an issue that caused replacing current Quests to remove the unfinished Quest from the board for the whole session
  • Fixed a number of Controller navigation issues for the Journal menus
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players were unable to start a new World after having made a lot of progress in Survival mode
  • Fixed an issue where the user had trouble starting a new World if they left a game shortly after finding a Golden Horn
  • Fixed issues in which trying to create a Group would sometimes result in an unexpected error
  • Fixed an issue that could cause framerate issues when waking your Console from Rest mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused UI to linger for players in the party if the Host force-quits the game while searching for a session
  • Fixed an issue where a whole Group could be disbanded if a player quits the game with ALT+F4
  • Fixed a crash that could occur of a profile’s privileges did not allow online activity and they tried to join another player’s session after bypassing the notifications
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam username would not always update in-game
  • Fixed an issue with the V-Sync option not working as intended
  • Fixed a number of navigation issues with the SHiFT overlay, especially with Controllers
  • Fixed an issue where the player list for an active session would sometimes not update at all when a player leaves the session
  • Fixed issues of jittery text when mousing over some Recipes
  • Fixed a number of alignment issues when adjusting resolution in Windowed mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Potion Stacker Perk would not update correctly in the Equipment menu

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