Dota Underlords Ranks System Guide

Our Dota Underlords Ranks System Guide goes over what you need to know about the ranking system in the game! This is a just recently added system, so don’t be surprised if changes are on the way. This guide should help you better understand why you are placed a certain way when playing the game. […]

Dota Underlords Items List

Our Dota Underlords Items List features all of the available items in the game! Taking advantage of these items can go a long way in helping you gain victory over your opponents in this new stand-alone version of Auto Chess. While a lot of the same items have been brought over from Auto Chess, Valve […]

Dota Underlords Positioning Guide – How-to Position Your Units!

Our Dota Underlords Positioning Guide will provide you with all the basic knowledge you need regarding the different alliances and how to best position your units in order to optimize play! For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be going alliance by alliance, since these often determine the general positioning strategy of the units (with […]

Dota Underlords: Alliances List – Class Bonuses

Our Dota Underlords Alliance List shows all of the synergies you can accomplish by combining like units in this new stand-alone game of Auto Chess! Mastering the ability of pairing units together with the same classes is one of the more important abilities you will need to foster to make it far in the game. […]