All Victoria 3 Cheats & Console Commands

If you want to access Victoria 3 cheats, you will need to open the command console in the game. To open the command console, press the ~ key on your keyboard. However, the command console will only appear when the debug mode in Victoria 3 is active. That said, here are all cheats and console […]

Victoria 3 Patch Notes – 1.0.4 Summary of changes

Victoria 3’s 1.0.4 update focuses on addressing various problems and balancing issues affecting multiple features in Victoria 3. The features with problems that existed but were fixed with update 1.0.4 include the following: Economy Colonization Politics Uprisings Diplomacy War UI Interface and Tooltips That said, there’s a ton to unpack with Victoria 3’s new update, so here […]

How to increase Standard of Living in Victoria 3 – Wages, welfare, and productivity

If you want to raise the standard of living in Victoria 3, you must ensure that your population’s needs are met. You can meet the needs of your population by providing jobs, increasing wages, importing high-quality goods, and producing/importing enough to keep your buildings supplied. Increasing the productivity of your various buildings can also lead to the […]

How to manage politics in Victoria 3

Politics can be complicated in real life, and Victoria 3 is no different. That’s why we’ve compiled some quick tips on the most important ways you should manage politics in-game. Declaring interests and keeping track of popular laws with which groups of your citizens are some quick examples of becoming more politically savvy. How to […]

How to run a successful economy in Victoria 3

Gamers who have looked at content for Victoria 3 have seen players build huge economic empires. Thankfully, every player has the tools to build a cash cow. It’s all about maximizing production and making shrewd decisions in Victoria 3. How to make loads of money in Victoria 3 Strong production is the fastest way to […]