All Victoria 3 Achievements (and how to complete them)

Find something unique to do by completing achievements!

If you are looking for fun goals to set for yourself or interesting objectives complete, achievements are often the way to go in most games. Such is the case with Victoria 3 and its various achievements it offers. In total, there are 45 achievements at the time of writing that Steam and Paradox users can try to complete. 

How to complete all Victoria 3 Achievements 

The following are all the achievements available for Vitoria 3 and how to complete them. Each of the 45 achievements touches upon various aspects of the game. Because of this, becoming familiar with the Economy, War, and Politics mechanics in Victoria 3 is key to completing many of these achievements. 

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  • Star-Swarmed Banner
    • How to complete: To achieve the Star Swarmed Banner achievement, you must, as the United States, incorporate 100 states into the national flag.  
  • Caretaker
    • How to complete: To complete the Caretaker achievement, you must complete the Egalitarian Society objective.
  • Hegemon
    • How to complete: Complete the Hegemon objective to unlock this achievement.
  • Minors, not Miners
    • How to complete: Start as Lanfang, incorporate all Borneo states, and have the Compulsory Primary School law passed.
  • Muhammed Ali’s Ambition
    • How to complete: When starting as Egypt, form Arabia, and own Thrace to get this achievement.
  • Broken Promises
    • How to complete: As Italy join a diplomatic play against two or more of your allies.
  • Billionaire
    • How to complete: Increase your national GDP to at least one billion.
  • Barbary's Back
    • How to complete: As Algeria, retake Algiers and become a major power.
  • Manifest Mexico
    • How to complete: Start as Mexico and own the Pacific Coast & Great Plains while having a higher Power Rank than the USA.
  • First Flight
    • How to complete: Be the first nation to fly airplanes.
  • The Western Protectorate
    • How to complete: Start as Great Qing, and have a treaty port in France, Germany, the British Isles, Iberia, and Italy.
  • Perkeletankki
    • How to complete: Start as Finland and produce at least 100 units of tanks every week.
  • Peccavi
    • How to complete: Start as the British India company and fully own both Sindi and Punjab regions.

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  • American Territory
    • How to complete: Start as the Indian Territory, and have the USA as a subject to you with no more than three states.
  • Victorian Century
    • How to complete: play an entire campaign from 1836 to 1936
  • Revolutionary
    • How to complete: Switch Sides to the revolutionaries during a civil war and win the conflict.
  • Poor, Huddled Masses
    • How to complete: As a nation, have cultural migration target one of your states.
  • Mightier than the Sword
    • How to complete: Have one or more sides back down in a diplomatic play.
  • Institutional
    • How to complete: Have an institution at the maximum investment level
  • Educated
    • How to complete: Complete the Learn the Game Objective and unlock this achievement.
  • Deeds, not words!
    • How to complete: Pass the Women's Suffrage into law as a nation.
  • The Healthy Man of Europe
    • How to complete: Starting as the Ottomans, be the Greatest Power while having max level Public Health Insurance.
  • Go West, Young Man
    • How to complete: Start as the United States and own California, Oregon, and Washington with 250k or more population in each state.
  • Inventive
    • How to complete: Research all technologies across all three research trees.
  • Enlightened Despot
    • How to complete: Have electrical street lights in all states while your government is an Autocracy.
  • Reading Campaign
    • How to complete: Start as a nation with less than 20 percent literacy, and get it to 00 percent.
  • Habsburg Resurgence
    • How to complete: Start as Austria and own Silesia and Prussia needs to be a minor or lower power rank.
  • Luxurious Luxembourg
    • How to complete: Start as Luxembourg and become the leading producer of the following: Luxury Clothes, Luxury Furniture, and Porcelain.
  • An Empire under the Pun
    • How to complete: Start as Sikh Empire and subjugate Great Briain.
  • The Berlin Conference
    • How to complete: Start as Prussia and later form Germany while fully owning at least 10 states in Africa.
  • I Didn't Vote for Pedro
    • How to complete: Start as Brazil, change government to Republic, and Implement Universal Suffrage.
  • Anarchy in the UK
    • How to complete: Start as Great Britain and change the government to Anarchist.
  • The Great Game
    • How to complete: Start as Russia and own the entire Central Asia region.
  • Poppydock
    • How to complete: Complete this achievement by having at least a level 8 port and exporting at least 2500 unties of opium to foreign markets.
  • Serf's Up
    • How to complete: Start as a nation with Serfdom like Russia, and enact Worker’s Protections Labour Rights Law.
  • The Paris Commune
    • How to complete: Start as France and become a Council Republic with a Command Economy.
  • Bourbon for Everyone!
    • How to complete: Start as Spain, and have a standard of living of 20, while your nation remains a Monarchy.
  • Tycoon
    • How to complete: Complete the Economic Dominance Objective to unlock this achievement. 
  • Risorgimento
    • How to complete: Forming the nation of Italy unlocks this achievement. 
  • Solomon's Quest
    • How to complete: Unlocking this achievement requires you to form the nation of Ethiopia. 
  • Three Hurrahs
    • How to complete: Forming the nation of Germany unlocks this achievement.

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All Victoria 3 Achievements (and how to complete them)

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