Sony & nDreams are making a multiplayer Ghostbusters VR game for Meta Quest 2

Sony and nDreams are teaming up to create a new Ghostbusters VR title for Meta Quest 2. You can relive the classic Ghostbusters experience in a new VR adventure and be terrified like never before. This news came from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 on the official Meta Quest YouTube channel. The trailer for Ghostbusters VR shows you […]

How to watch movies and shows in VRChat

VRChat is an interesting place to hang out. It is more immersive than a regular chat room and allows you to get more intimate with the other people within your VR world. This means that you can also watch videos with them. So, here is how to set up a screening with your friends. Firstly, […]

Cool worlds to explore in VR Chat

There is an endless number of worlds to explore in VR Chat, so many so that it can become a bit disorienting. This is why we’ve laid out some really cool worlds that players will enjoy, and we’ve separated them by function. Whether your want to relax, eat, or socialize, we’ve got a world for […]

VRChat Etiquette – Unspoken Rules of VRChat

Just because VRChat is online doesn’t mean that there aren’t rules you should follow. The avatars that you see walking around the game are real people that have their own boundaries. If you are new to VRChat, then there are some unspoken rules that you should take note of. VRChat Etiquette Here are the most […]

How to find VRChat avatars & save your ‘favorites’

VRChat provides a wide range of customizable 3D avatars, most of which can be cloned depending on the settings a chosen avatar has applied. While online markets such as the Unity Store and Fiverr offer unique skins and add-ons at a fixed price, many users often enable in-game cloning, meaning outfits can be replicated in […]