Warframe Tier List: Best Warframes 2022

From the best to the worst!

Warframe, as a game, has a lot of customizable exo-suits that you can get your hands on. Some of these suits are downright versatile and excel in every role. Other suits, based on their abilities and stats, are suited to a specific type of task. Keeping in mind all these parameters, here's a quick tier list of all the Warframes, from the best to the not-so-great ones.

Warframe Tier List


Warframes in this tier are the most deadly. Not only can they dish out really high damage, they can also take a beating. That said, these Warframes can be easily used by beginners and advanced players.

SarynMolt, Spores, Toxic Lash, Miasma
WispWil-O-Wisp, Reservoirs, Breach Surge, Sol Gate
MesaShooting Gallery, Ballistic Battery, Shatter Shield, Peacemaker
OctaviaResonator, Mallet, Metronome, Amp


The Warframes in this tier are good, but they come with their own set of weaknesses as well. You can use these Warframes in almost every situation, but you need to use mods to counter the weaknesses that these Warframes come with.

KhoraEnsnare, Whip Claw, Venari, Strangledome
NovaWormhole, Null Star, Antimatter Drop, Molecular Prime
WukongDefy, Celestial twin, Cloud Walker, Primal Fury
NidusVirulence, Larva, Parasitic Link, Ravenous
VoltShock, Speed, Electric Shield, Discharge
MirageEclipse, Hall of Mirrors, Sleight of Hand, Prism
GaraSplinter Storm, Shattered Lash, Spectrorage, Mass Vitrify
GaussThermal Sunder, Mach Rush, Kinetic Plating, Redline
ProteaBlaze Artillery, Grenade Fan, Dispensary, Temporal Anchor
RevenantEnthrall, Mesmer Skin, Reave, Danse Macabre
TrinityBlessing, Well of Life, Energy Vampire, Link
RhinoRoar, Rhino Charge, Iron Skin, Rhino Stomp
NehzaDivine Spears, Fire Walker, Blazing Chakram, Warding Halo
BaruukSerene Storm, Desolate Hands, Elude, Lul
SevagothReap, Sow, Gloom, Exalted Shadow
EquinoxMend and Maim, Metamorphosis, Rest and Rage, Pacify and Provoke
NekrosShadows of the Dead, Soul Punch, Terrify, Desecrate
HarrowCondemn, Penance, Thurible, Covenant
XakuXata's Whisper, Grasp of Lakh, The Lost, The Vast Untime
GyreArc Sphere, Coil Horizon, Cathode Grace, Rotorswell
TitaniaLantern, Spellbind, Tribute, Razorwing
IvaraNavigator, Quiver, Prowl, Artemis Bow
VaubanPhoton Strike, Minelayer, Tesla Nervos, Bastille
LavosOphidian Bite, Vial Rush, Transmutation Probe, Catalyze
ChromaElemental Ward, Spectral Scream, Vex Armor, Effigy
EmberFireball, Immolation, Fire Blast, Inferno

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These Warframes aren't that great when compared to the ones above. They are usually suited to a very specific playstyle. Although you may be able to adapt to these Warframes pretty quickly, you will want to migrate to better ones even quicker.

OberonHallowed Ground, Smite, Renewal, Reckoning
MagPull, Magnetize, Polarize, Crush
LimboStasis, Banish, Rift, Surge Cataclysm
ExcaliburExalted Blade, Slash Dash, Radial bind, Radial Javelin
HildrynBalefire, Pillage, Haven, Aegis Storm
AshTeleport, Shuriken, Smoke Screen, Blade Storm
CalibanRazor Gyre, Sentient Wrath, Lethal Progeny, Fusion Strike
InarosDesiccation, Devor, Sandstorm, Scarab Swarm
ValkyrHysteria, Rip line, Warcry, Paralysis
LokiInvisibility Switch, Decoy, Teleport, Radial Disarm
GarudaBloodletting, Dread Mirror, Blood Altar, Seeking Talons
FrostIce Wave, Freeze, Snow Globe, Avalanche
BansheeSonar, Sonic boom, Silence, Sound Quake
AtlasPetrify, Landslide, Tectonics, Rumblers
ZephyrTail Wind, Airburst, Turbulence, Tornado


These Warframes are average at best. If you prefer using them, then that's another story altogether. However, they're only effective in very few situations, so try to steer clear from these ones.

NyxAbsorb, Mind Control, Psychic Bolts, Chaos
HydroidTidal Surge, Undertow, Tempest Barrage, Tentacle Swarm
YareliSea Snares, Merulina, Aqua Blades, Riptide
GrendelNourish, Feast, Regurgitate, Pulverize

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Warframe Tier List: Best Warframes 2022

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