What is the Plague community event in Weird West?

Weird West takes you to Wolfeye Studios’ fantastical and dark take on the Wild West. There are all sorts of dangers ranging from gunslingers to witches and even mythical creatures. Thanks to the new Plague community event, there are even zombie hordes. The Plague community event in Weird West is the first of many free […]

What to do with Nimp Heads in Weird West

In Weird West, players will find various items that they can use for several purposes. Similarly, you will find items that you can only sell to a few merchants and NPCs. Nimp Heads is one of these items that you can find abundantly all across the world of Weird West. Described as Ancient Relic items, […]

How to play poker in Weird West

Poker can be played in Saloons with NPCs, but the game is a little different than normal poker. In Weird West, poker is played with one card and whoever has the highest is the winner. To play poker, you must first find an NPC who is looking to play. An NPC who wants to play […]