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Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide – WoW Dragonflight

Fight constructs, elements, and one very angry frog.

One of the most popular parts of World of Warcraft's endgame content is the dungeons, especially Mythic runs. Due to the challenging and ever-changing nature as well as the competition Mythic dungeons create, they are a favorite game mode among Dragonflight players. However, some of the dungeons can pose quite a challenge for players, including the Halls of Infusion. This dungeon has plenty of dangerous enemies and bosses, so knowing exactly what you're up against will be imperative to your group's success.

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Halls of Infusion, explained

Halls of Infusion location

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In the heart of World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Thaldraszus zone sits Tyrhold and the entrance to the Halls of Infusion dungeon. It can be quite the hike to reach this area, even with dragonriding, so be sure to pick up a flight path nearby. The closest flight path can be found to the Southwest of the dungeon entrance inside Gelykyr Post.

Watcher Irideus and notable enemies

Upon entering, the first challenge you'll face is Watcher Irideus, the first boss of the dungeon. However, before clashing with him, you need to clear out the enemies before him. Some of these enemies are very dangerous to the group, so have your stuns and interrupts prepared:

  • Primalist Geomancers will cast Seismic Slam, an extremely fast leap ability that targets a random group member for massive damage. This ability must be dodged if possible. They will also cast Earth Shield, a buff that gives the target 10% reduced damage taken and heals them whenever they are struck.
  • Primalist Ravagers will buff any nearby enemies with Tailwind, giving them increased attack and movement speed. They will also cast Blasting Gust, which must be interrupted to avoid party-wide damage within 40 yards.
  • Refti Defenders will cast Demoralizing Shout, which must be interrupted due to it reducing any player within 10 yards' damage by 10% for eight seconds. Furthermore, their Spear Flurry ability will damage anyone hit as well as applying a massive bleed to them.
  • Containment Apparatuses will cast Expulse, an AoE spell that deals massive damage to anyone within 40 yards, so be sure to interrupt it. Also, they will cast Containment Beam, which will immobilize a group member and deal huge damage to them, but it is also interruptible.

After clearing out all of the enemies in your path, you are finally ready to face Watcher Irideus. This is a two-phase boss fight, so be ready for a slugfest. Below you will find everything your group will need to know about taking down this boss, so be sure to familiarize yourselves with the information. First, here is the information each member needs to know:

  • Spark Volley will deal damage to anyone within its impact radius and will leave behind a damage-over-time effect that deals big damage, so be sure to avoid it when possible.
  • Irideus will begin Phase Two by casting Ablative Barrier, giving him three stacks of a buff that reduces all incoming damage by 99%. To get rid of these stacks, you need to bring down the Nullification Devices over his head. Be warned that when the devices die they will cast Nullifying Pulse, removing a stack from Ablative Barrier but also dealing massive damage to anyone caught within 12 yards of the explosion.
  • On Mythic, when an Ablative Barrier stack is nullified, Irideus will cast Reactive Spark, which is exactly the same as Spark Volley.
  • Irideus will continuously cast Siphon Power on himself while inside Ablative Barrier, giving him increased Nature damage permanently.
  • Nullification Devices will cast Purifying Blast until brought down, dealing big damage to a single target and applying a DoT. Furthermore, this DoT can stack, so interrupting casts and killing them as soon as possible is imperative.
  • Power Overload will put big DoTs on party members, and when these DoTs expire they create Power Fields that deal huge damage to anyone caught in their radius.

Here is what your Tank needs to know:

  • Titanic Fist hits all players in front of Irideus, so be sure to reposition him before he slams the ground.
  • Immediately aggro all of the Nullification Devices so they stack on Irideus to remove Ablative Barrier stacks.

Now here is all the healer needs to know:

  • Power Overload will put three stacks of Power Overload on party members, dealing big DoT. You need to dispel these stacks and heal through the ones you can't get rid of.
  • Static Surge is a healing check, as it will hit all players for big damage with each burst. Be sure to have cooldowns ready for it.

Watcher Irideus loot table

  • Titan-Forged Blaster - An Agility gun with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Gauntlets of Incalculable Power - A Strength or Intellect pair of plate gloves with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Watcher's Clasp of Purpose - An Agility or Intellect leather belt with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Rod of Perfect Order - An Intellect staff with Haste and Mastery.
  • Irideus Fragment - A Mastery trinket with an active ability that massively boosts your primary stat, but the boost is reduced every time an ability is used.

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Gulping Goliath and important enemies

After bringing down the electrical construct Irideus, it is now time to head towards the Gulping Goliath, a huge toad that packs a huge punch. On the way to this monster, there will be several dangerous enemies to watch out for, so be ready:

  • Flamecaller Aymi will cast Molten Subduction under a party member, rooting them in place for four seconds, so be sure to avoid it. Pyretic Burst will apply a sizeable DoT to those hit, but is interruptible. Lastly, Cauterize will heal Flamecaller Aymi a large amount.
  • Squallbringer Cyraz will cast Zephyr's Call, spawning several Zephyrlings that need to be quickly aggro'd by your tank and cleaved down by your DPS.
  • Skulking Zealots will be in stealth throughout the area leading up to Gulping Goliath, so keep an eye out for them, as they will cast Cheap Shot to stun a party member for three seconds. They need to be killed immediately, as their Rising Squall passive buff will give them four percent extra attack speed every time they hit someone.
  • Primalist Shocktroopers must be interrupted wile casting Elemental Focus, as completing the cast will turn their already strong Lightning Bolts into Chain Lightning.
  • Dazzling Dragonflies will cast Dazzle, a spell that channels in front of the enemy for big damage and disorients anyone caught in it. It is best to have someone be ready to interrupt this cast, but it can also be avoided if you're paying close attention.
  • Lastly, the most dangerous enemy by far is the terrifying... Curious Swoglets? At first glance, these little guys look cute, and their attacks deal next to no damage. However, their Gulp Swog Toxin ability is far from harmless, and applies a DoT to those hit. Upon reaching 10 stacks of this DoT, you die.

After clearing out enemies and running in terror from the Curious Swoglets, it is finally time to bring down the Gulping Goliath. Below you will find notes for each role on the fight, starting with every member:

  • Belly Slam must be dodged to avoid massive, sometimes fatal damage.
  • Cave In deals less damage when compared to Belly Slam but should still be dodged. Oh, and this ability summons two terrifying Curious Swoglets that will cast Gulp Swog Toxin.
  • Gulp will suck players in and attempt to eat one of them. This should be allowed to happen because if no one is eaten the boss will get the Hangry buff, dealing 50% extra damage for the next minute. However, Hangry can be Enrage Dispelled. Lastly, if a player is eaten by Gulp they will take big damage and also be afflicted with three stacks of Gulp Swog Toxin.
  • Overpowering Croak will deal big damage to the entire group and cause Cave Ins.
  • Toxic Effluvia does much more damage to the group than Overpowering Croak but does not cause Cave Ins.

For the tank, here are the important notes:

  • Whenever any Curious Swoglets are spawned, aggro them immediately so that the group can AoE them along with the boss.

Next, here are the healer's notes:

  • Be ready to heal group members after Overpowering Croak, Toxic Effluvia, and especially Gulp.

Gulping Goliath loot table

  • Ravenous Omnivore's Girdle - A Strength or Intellect plate belt with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Lily-Laced Bracelets - A pair of Intellect cloth wrist pieces with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Croaking Dagger - An Agility dagger with Critical Strike and Versatility.
  • Tongue Hacker - A Strength one-handed axe with Haste and Versatility.
  • Swoglet Stompers - A pair of Agility or Intellect mail boots with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Amphibian's Bellowing Crown - An Agility or Intellect mail head piece with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Ancient Hornswog Spaulders - A pair of Agility or Intellect leather shoulders with Haste and Versatility.

Khajin the Unyielding and important enemies

After bringing down that formidable frog, the Gulping Goliath, head down the river. Be ready for packs of tough enemies that denote the way towards the next boss of the dungeon, that being Khajin the Unyielding. There are several deadly enemies to watch out for on the way:

  • This area will have a series of Primalist enemies that will provide buffs to the Proto-Drakes nearby, giving them empowered abilities.
  • Primalist Galesingers will give Primal Affinity to nearby Gusting Proto-Dragons, allowing them to cast Binding Winds which stuns a player for eight seconds.
  • Gusting Proto-Dragons will also cast Gusting Breath, a frontal spell that deals huge damage to anyone caught within its 15 yard range.
  • Primalist Icecallers cast Ice Shards, a single target big damage spell that should be interrupted when possible. Also, they will give the Primal Affinity buff to nearby Glacial Proto-Dragons, giving them the Deep Chill spell which slows a player by 33%.
  • Glacial Proto-Dragons also cast Oceanic Breath, a frontal spell that deals huge damage to anyone caught within its 15 yard range.
  • Primalist Earthshakers will cast Rumbling Earth, which stuns everyone within eight yards of the Earthshaker and dealing massive damage.
  • Subterranean Proto-Dragons are the only dragon that doesn't gain a benefit from Primal Affinity, but in its place it gains Creeping Mold, a potentially deadly DoT that applies to three party members and lasts 30 seconds. It also casts Tectonic Breath, which is a frontal spell that deals huge damage to anyone caught within its 15 yard range.

Once you have braved the elements, it is finally time to take on Khajin the Unyielding. She's as cold as ice, so it's best to bring the heat when taking on this boss, and below you'll find the best ways to put on the pressure, starting with all members:

  • Ice Boulders are the most important mechanic in this fight. When Khajin casts Hailstorm, everyone needs to hide behind Ice Boulders to avoid fatal damage. However, Hailstorm also damages the boulders, and after two Hailstorms boulders will shatter, causing an Avalanche that deals huge damage to anyone within 12 yards.
  • On Mythic, Khajin will cast Frost Cyclone, an ability that deals huge damage to its target but also damages Ice Boulders, so be sure not to stand in between the boss and a boulder.
  • Glacial Surge will create more Ice Boulders but will also create rings that players must avoid, as they deal fatal damage to anyone standing on them.
  • Khajin will passively deal damage to the whole group with Polar Winds, a debuff that deals big damage every three seconds until the fight is over.
  • Frost Shock deals huge damage to a random target and reduces their movement speed by 50% for six seconds.

The tank doesn't need to do much, but note that keeping Khajin close to a boulder for the group is helpful. However, there are some important things to note for the healer:

  • You need to be focused on group healing due to Polar Winds as well as single target healing when a Frost Shock is cast.

Khajin the Unyielding loot table

  • Hauberk of Frozen Fervor - An Agility or Intellect mail chest piece with Critical Strike and Versatility.
  • Khajin's Hailstone Footwraps - A pair of Intellect cloth shoes with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Earthshaker's Steel Visor - A Strength or Intellect plate head piece with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Cirlce of Ascended Frost - A Stamina ring with Haste and Versatility.
  • Globe of Jagged Ice - An Agility trinket with a passive ability that give your damaging abilities a chance to impale targets with a shard of jagged ice. It also has an active ability that shatters the shards, dealing massive damage split between nearby enemies and reducing movement speed by five percent per shattered ice.

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Primal Tsunami and important enemies

After bringing down Khajin the Unyielding, it is finally time to head towards the final boss, the Primal Tsunami. Located within the Infusion Chamber, there are plenty of tough enemies and also an interesting and deadly mechanic to deal with. With that in mind, here is everything you need to be prepared for:

  • There will be Primalist Icecallers and Glacial Proto-Dragons, so taking a look at the notes on these enemies again will be helpful. They can be found in the notes about the enemies before Khajin.
  • Aqua Ragers will cast Boiling Rage, giving themselves an Enrage buff that increases their damage dealt by 50% for 15 seconds, so interrupt it or use an Enrage Dispel to counter it. At low health, they will also cast Tidal Divergence, attempting to split into four Aqualings. However, this ability is easily interruptible, so be sure to do so.
  • Crashing Tsunamis are the mechanic referenced previously. In this section, tidal waves will rush down the bridge at the group. To survive, the group needs to move out of their path before they make contact, as they deal huge damage and knock players backwards.
  • Infuser Sariya will constantly cast Inundate, an uninterruptible AoE that hits all players within 40 yards. Flash Flood is a 12-yard radius AoE around Infuser Sariya that deals huge damage and knocks back players. Lastly, Aqueous Barrier gives Infuser Sariya a huge shield, so be sure to interrupt it.

After clearing out the enemies and making it past the waves, it is time to fight the Primal Tsunami final boss. Here are all the notes your group needs to take down this powerful elemental, starting with all members:

  • Undertow deals massive damage to the entire party if there is no target within Primal Tsunami's melee range.
  • Squall Buffet will deal huge damage to a single target and knock them backwards before applying Focused Deluge, a DoT that also deals huge damage.
  • Tempest's Fury will deal unavoidable big damage to the entire group.
  • Infused Globules will fire off several globules of water, dealing big damage to anyone within its 2.5 yard impact radius. This will also inflict the Waterlogged debuff, dealing massive damage to anyone it hits and slowing them by 33% for five seconds.
  • At 100 Energy, Primal Tempest will cast Cast Away, sending players flying back to the beginning of the bridge where you had to dodge Crashing Tsunamis. The group will be split into two bridges and must make their way back to the boss, fighting a Primalist Infuser on the way.
  • Primalist Infusers cast Inundate, dealing big damage to all party members within 40 yards. It also casts Infuse, empowering Primal Tsunami with one percent extra damage every five seconds until interrupted.

Next, here are some notes for the group's tank:

  • Pop defensive cooldowns for Squall Buffet and Focused Deluge, and use whatever movement you can to get back into melee range before Undertow can go off.

Lastly, some notes for the healer:

  • The Waterlogged effect from Infused Globules is dispellable, and should be eliminated as soon as possible.
  • Be ready to heal the group through Tempest's Fury.

Primal Tsunami loot table

  • Undertow Tideblade - A Strength two-handed sword with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Mantle of Crushing Waves - A pair of Strength or Intellect plate shoulders with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Torrential Downpour Gauntlets - A pair of Agility or Intellect mail gloves with Haste and Versatility.
  • Robe of Plunging Depths - An Intellect cloth chest piece with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Treads of Restored Order - A pair of Agility or Intellect leather shoes with Haste and Versatility.
  • Water's Beating Heart - An Intellect trinket with an active ability that gives a huge armor increase to an ally and heals them over eight seconds. Both effects scale based on how low on health the target is, with the effects maxing out on targets below 20% health.

Halls of Infusion achievements

  • Halls of Infusion - Defeat the Primal Tsunami.
  • Heroic: Halls of Infusion - Defeat the Primal Tsunami on Heroic difficulty or higher.
  • Mythic: Halls of Infusion - Defeat the Primal Tsunami on Mythic difficulty.
  • Keystone Hero: Halls of Infusion - Complete Halls of Infusion on Mythic Level 20 or higher within the time limit.
  • Go With the Flow - Defeat the Primal Tsunami after destroying three Flow Control Units on Mythic difficulty.
  • Toxicity Strike Team - Defeat the Toxic Swogmother after purging the water intakes on Mythic difficulty.
  • Hungry Hungry Hornswog - Defeat the Gulping Goliath after it becomes Hangry and after it eats 10 Curious Swoglets on Mythic difficulty.

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