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The Nokhud Offensive Dungeon Guide – Location, Bosses, Loot, and more

The dragons and centaurs really need to sort some things out.

Dungeons are one of the most important and iconic parts of any MMORPG, and that goes doubly so for World of Warcraft. With Mythic dungeon keys being one of the most beloved parts of the endgame, it is important that players understand the dungeons they are entering, be they Mythic, Heroic, or Normal difficulty. The Nokhud Offensive is no exception to this rule, featuring tough enemies and tougher bosses. Read on to find out everything you need to know, from location to bosses as well as what loot to expect.

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Nokhud Offensive dungeon, explained

The Nokhud Offensive entrance location

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First off, before you can tackle The Nokhud Offensive, you first need to know where to look for it. The entrance to this dungeon can be found in the Ohn'aran Plains at Maruukai. The entrance will be near a crossroads and up a hill. If you have been around this area before, you may have already picked up the nearby Flight Path, but if not head to the hill Southeast of the entrance past the crossroads. Here you should pick up the flight path before heading into the dungeon.

Much like with World of Warcraft's Neltharus dungeon, once you have entered The Nokhud Offensive you can complete the bosses in any order. The only caveat here is the same as Neltharus, with the final boss Balakar Khan being locked until you defeat the other three bosses first.

One final note for this dungeon is that you can use Dragonriding to get from place to place, a unique characteristic for this dungeon only. However, one drawback for this boon is that there are no checkpoints, and thus you will always respawn at the dungeon's entrance.

Granyth and important enemies

Granyth is almost directly South of the dungeon's entrance, so hop on your dragon and fly your way to him. Once you reach Granyth's area, you should clear out as many of the Centaur groups as possible, but at the very least you need to take down the three Nokhud Lancemasters in the area. Though not a requirement to deal with, the following enemies are very dangerous and need to be interrupted or killed:

  • Nokhud Longbows cannot move, but they don't need to, as they will continuously cast Shoot at a random party member until dealt with. Furthermore, Rain of Arrows will randomly fire a large AoE that needs to be dodged and Multi-Shot will fire a huge cone of arrows that also needs to be dodged.
  • Nokhud Hornsounders have the devastating Rally the Clans spell, which will buff any of its nearby allies, causing them to deal 50% extra damage. This cast must be interrupted for the group's safety.
  • Nokhud Warspears will cast Pierce on the group's tank, constantly stacking a bleed debuff. This ability cannot be interrupted, so killing the Warspears first should be the top priority.
  • Nokhud Lancemasters have three dangerous abilities to make note of. First off, their melee attacks passively hit all nearby frontal targets due to the Cleaving Strikes buff. Secondly, War Stomp will hit anyone caught in its radius for massive damage while also stunning them for three seconds. Lastly, Disruptive Shout must be interrupted, as it deals large AoE damage and will silence any players hit for six seconds.

After clearing out as many enemies as possible and dealing with the Lancemasters, Granyth will land and prepare to fight. Below you can find important notes on dealing with Granyth:

  • The most important note for Granyth is to pay attention to his Energy level. At 100 Energy, Granyth will begin to cast Eruption, an ability that will deal massive damage over three seconds to the entire group. To prevent this, at the same time he reaches 100 energy one of the nearby Dragonkiller Lances nearby will become interactable. Your group needs to have players ready at these lances to make sure the right one is fired before Eruption goes off. Along with stopping Eruption, the lance will also stun Granyth for five seconds and deals 5% of his maximum health.
  • There will be three different locations with Dragonkiller Lances around the boss. Be sure to make note of their positions before the fight so that group members know where to go.
  • Shards of Stone is an AoE spell that deals big damage to anyone within 60 yards of Granyth, so be sure to interrupt it as you'll have major trouble getting out of range.
  • Tectonic Stomp is another AoE spell, but with a 20 yard range it is much easier to run out of. If needed, pop a movement ability to be sure you escape its radius, as it will deal big damage.

Granyth loot table

  • Shikaar Ranger Bracers - A pair of Intellect or Agility mail bracers with Haste and Mastery.
  • Stoneroot Headdress - An Intellect or Agility leather head piece with Haste and Mastery.
  • Quarryslayer Glaive - A Strength two-handed polearm with Critical Strike and Versatility.
  • Drake Hunter's Greaves - A pair of Strength or Intellect plate leggings with Haste and Mastery.
  • Drake Hunter Shoulderpads - A pair of Intellect cloth shoulders with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Granyth's Enduring Scale - An Agility or Strength trinket that has a chance, upon taking damage, to grant a shield that also increases armor. The shield explodes for damage when broken.

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The Raging Tempest and important enemies

After defeating Granyth, hop back on your dragons and head to the West. Eventually you will run into The Raging Tempest's boss area. Like with Granyth, there are several dangerous enemies the group needs to be dealing with, especially the four Stormsurge Totems, as these must be killed before you can fight the boss.

  • The four Stormcallers around the area will be centered around each of the Stormsurge Totems and must be killed in order to destroy the totems, making them must-kill enemies. They will cast Totemic Overload, causing the Stormsurge Totem to explode for huge AoE damage on anyone within 40 yards. This cannot be interrupted, so the group needs to focus the Stormcallers down first.
  • Primalist Thunderbeasts will cast Thunder Clap, an AoE spell that deals big damage to those within eight yards and slows them by 30%, so be ready to run out of the radius. Chain Lightning will also be cast, and will hit a random player. Be sure to spread away from the targeted player, as this spell will bounce to anyone within 10 yards.
  • Primalist Stormspeakers cast Stormbolt on the tank continuously, dealing big single target damage. Tempest is a must-interrupt cast due to its large AoE radius and the damage-over-time stacks it applies every second to those hit.
  • Primal Stormshields will use Shield Bash to interrupt anyone casting a spell within a 15 yard radius, so casters need to stay away from it. Furthermore, Stormshield will give the enemy a 25% max health shield that will explode for big AoE damage if not destroyed or purged, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.
  • Primalist Arcblades will cast Arcing Strike on nearby enemies, dealing big damage and chaining to anyone within six yards of the target. Be sure to space out when this cast starts, as it can be stunned to stop the cast, but not interrupted.

Finally, it is time to face The Raging Tempest. Below you'll find everything the group needs to know before engaging:

  • The Raging Tempest will start at 50 Energy, and upon reaching 100 Energy it will cast Electrical Storm. This ability will cause the boss to radiate AoE damage on the entire group every half second for 15 seconds. This cannot be stopped, so everyone needs to be ready with defensive cooldowns.
  • Uncontrollable Energy will spawn lightning balls around the area. Running into them will deal some damage, but will also give you a 5% damage and healing bonus for 15 seconds, so make sure group members are hitting them when possible, especially on Mythic.
  • Wind Burst will cause The Raging Tempest's attacks to deal 100% extra damage to the tank if they are not in melee range, so the rest of the group needs to pick up the lightning orbs in their stead.
  • The boss has an ability also called The Raging Tempest that passively deals damage to anyone foolish enough to run inside of the boss' body.
  • Lightning Strike will hit all players for big damage, but if players are too close they can be hit multiple times. Spread apart for this ability. On Mythic, this ability will also destroy Uncontrollable Energy and deal massive damage 10 yards around the lightning balls.

The Raging Tempest loot table

  • Strike Twice - A Strength one-handed sword with Critical Strike and Mastery. It also has a chance to hit for extra physical damage with each attack.
  • Staff of Violent Storms - An Intellect staff with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Thunderous Downburst Ring - A Stamina ring with Haste and Versatility.
  • Thrashing Wind Vambraces - A pair of Strength or Intellect wrist bracers with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Bottle of Spiraling Winds - A Haste trinket that gives attacks a chance to increase Agility every two seconds for 10 seconds before quickly dropping off after 25 seconds.

After dealing with The Raging Tempest, continue heading West and a little North. Eventually you will fly into Teera and Maruuk's boss area, where you will find a very similar situation to the first two bosses. Below you'll find the most important enemies in the area:

  • The Four Soulharvesters are very similar to The Four Stormcallers due to the fact they all need to be killed to fight Teera and Maruuk. All four of them cast the same abilities. Shatter Soul will split players' souls away from them, causing them to deal 30% reduced damage until they pick up their soul. Harvest Soul will absorb any uncollected souls and give the Soulharvester 30% increased Shadow Damage permanently. Lastly, Death Bolt Volley is a must interrupt ability, as it deals huge Shadow damage to all players.
  • Ukhel Deathspeakers will cast Grasp of the Dead, reducing a player's movement speed by 50%, dealing Shadow damage, and upon expiration rooting them for six seconds. Chant of the Dead will deal big Shadow damage to anyone within 10 yards and empower any nearby Undead enemies, so be sure to interrupt it when possible.
  • Ukhel Willcrushers will cast Dominate on random players, taking control of them for six seconds. This is a must-interrupt ability.
  • Ukhel Beastcallers will cast Devour Spirit to gain 100% increased damage, so it should be interrupted. Heavy Slash is a tank busting ability that should be interrupted if possible. Lastly, Desecrating Roar must be stunned or it will summon three Desecrated Bakar.

After killing The Four Soulharvesters, you can now begin fighting Teera and Maruk. Be sure to make note of the two boss' mechanics, which you can find below:

  • Life Link is a constant buff on the two bosses that causes them to share a health pool. Thus, the tank needs to keep them together to maximize damage potential. This is even more important on Mythic, as Ancestral Bond will give each boss a 5% damage increase every second they are 20 yards apart. This buff stacks and is permanent, so it is imperative the two are held together.
  • Teera starts at 50 Energy, and at 100 Energy will cast Gale Arrow, dealing huge Nature damage to any players targeted and spawning tornadoes from the impact point that will deal damage and knock back anyone hit by them.
  • Spirit Leap will cause Teera to jump away from the tank, who then needs to run straight towards her so that Maruuk will be next to her.
  • Teera's Quick Shot will deal massive damage to its target, so anyone targeted should pop a defensive cooldown or two.
  • Teera's Repel will push players away from Maruuk, while Guardian Wind will continue pushing but can be interrupted.
  • Maruuk starts at 0 Energy, and at 100 Energy will cast Earthsplitter, targeting random. This ability creates fissures that will then erupt for massive physical damage within four yards of each of them.
  • Maruuk's Brutalize will deal potentially fatal damage to the tank, so they need to pop defensive cooldowns for it.
  • Maruuk's Frightful Roar will deal huge damage to anyone within 15 yards and fearing them for five seconds.

Teera and Maruuk's loot table

  • Bow of the First Khanam - An Agility bow with Critical Strike and Haste.
  • Ukhel Ancestry Beads - A Stamina neck piece with Haste and Mastery.
  • Tunic of the Eternal Hunt - An Intellect or Agility leather chest piece.
  • Idol of Trampling Hooves - A Strength trinket that gives attacks a chance to summon a centaur that increases the party's movement speed and tramples enemies in a line, dealing damage split between them.
  • Furious Ragefeather - An Intellect trinket that gives damaging spells a chance to fire a Soulseeker Arrow, applying a DoT for 20 seconds. If the enemy is killed while the DoT is active, your next damaging spell is guaranteed to fire another Soulseeker Arrow.
  • Miniature Singing Stone - An Intellect trinket that can be activated to shield an ally. When the shield's effect ends, the shield will spread to four other nearby allies.

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Balakar Khan and important enemies

Finally, after defeating the previous three bosses, it is time to fly towards Balakar Khan, the dungeon's final boss. Be careful to land quickly when reaching the area, as Stormcaller's Fury will zap you for big damage and knock you off of your dragon. Once you have landed, here are the enemies to watch out for:

  • Nokhud Thunderfist will cast Storm Shock on random players, dealing big damage and applying a DoT that deals even more damage.
  • Nokhud Defender's Bloodcurdling Shout will deal massive damage and fear the entire group regardless of range, making it a must-interrupt ability.
  • Nokhud Houndsman will constantly cast Shoot at random players, dealing big damage. Command: Seek will cause any hounds within 25 yards to attack a random player for big damage and interrupt any spells they were casting.
  • Nokhud Warspear will cast Swift Stab on random players, charging to them, dealing big damage, and applying a DoT to them as well.
  • Batak and Balara are an optional min-boss fight:
    • Note that if you engage them, you must kill them at the same time or the living boss will gain Raging Kin, giving a 45% increase to damage and a 75% increase to attack and cast speed.
    • Balara's Ravaging Spear will deal potentially lethal AoE damage in a four-yard radius, so whoever is targeted must get out of the area.
    • Batak's Broad Stomp will deal massive damage to anyone caught within its frontal cone range of 20 yards, so players need to run out of it.
    • Balara's Vehement Charge deals big damage and knocks anyone hit backwards, but can be dodged out of in time.

After clearing out the enemies, it is time to take down Balakar Khan. This fight will be long and hard, featuring three total phases and a ton of mechanics to watch out for:

Phase One

  • Savage Strike deals big damage to the tank, but becomes a potentially lethal attack in combination with Rending Strike.
  • Rending Strike will deal huge damage to the tank, apply a big DoT, and increase the damage of Savage Strike by 500%.
  • Iron Spear will instantly launch a spear at a random player, dealing big damage to anyone within 6.5 yards of the impact. This will be immediately followed by Iron Stampede, causing Balakar to charge to the spear, dealing massive damage to anyone hit and knocking them back.
  • Upheaval deals massive damage to anyone caught in its radius and knocks them back.

Phase Two

Upon reaching 60% health, Balakar will enter Phase Two, causing him to become immune and summing four Nokhud Stormcasters to the fight.

  • Stormwinds will deal constant damage to the entire group until the Nokhud Stormcasters are killed, so speed is imperative.
  • The Nokhud Stormcasters will constantly cast Storm Bolt, so interrupting them and pulling the together for cleaving is a must.
  • Lightning Pools will form on the ground randomly, dealing massive damage to those caught within them.

Phase Three

After killing the Nokhud Stormcasters, Phase Three will begin:

  • Thunder Strike will deal big damage to the tank, and becomes a potentially lethal hit when combined with Conductive Strike.
  • Conductive Strike deals huge damage to the tank, applies a DoT that deals big damage, and makes Thunder Strike hit for 500% more damage.
  • Static Spear will throw a spear at a random player, dealing huge damage in a 6.5 yard radius. It will then pull all players to its impact point. Balakar will then cast Iron Stampede, charging to it for massive damage and knockback, so everyone needs to run quickly.
  • Crackling Upheaval will deal massive damage to anyone caught within its radius, so everyone needs to run out quickly. On Mythic, the Crackling Upheavals will be followed by Quake, a spell that spawns a circle of cracked earth that deals massive damage to anyone caught within it.

The Nokhud Offensive Achievements

  • The Nokhud Offensive - Defeat Balakar Khan.
  • Heroic: The Nokhud Offensive - Defeat Balakar Khan on Heroic difficulty.
  • Mythic: The Nokhud Offensive - Defeat Balakar Khan on Mythic difficulty.
  • Keystone Hero: The Nokhud Offensive - Complete The Nokhud Offensive on Mythic Level 20 or more in the allotted time.
  • Nokhud Deed Goes Unnoticed: Defeat Balakar Khan after healing Ohn'ahra to full health on Mythic difficulty.
  • Ohuna Incubation - Deliver eight warm Ohuna eggs to Ohuna Keeper Taruk on Mythic difficulty.
  • What are the Chances... - Defeat The Raging Tempest after a player is hit with five simultaneous Lightning Strikes and killing a Storm Elemental on Mythic difficulty.
  • Weapons of the Maruukai - Defeat Teera and Maruuk while holding the Spear of Tolui, War Axe of Berke, and Bow of Sartaq on Mythic difficulty.

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