WoW Classic: How-to Get Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

We're taking a look at how-to obtain Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker in World of Warcraft: Classic!

Our WoW Classic: How-to Get Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Guide will walk you through the process of obtaining this difficult to get sword. If you want one of the most iconic items in World of Warcraft, be sure to follow the steps listed below.

This is a long and difficult process, and will require a lot of teamwork within your raid group. You are also going to have to hope to be the member of said group that will be given the sword once you've obtained all of the items required.

How-to Get Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Steps Guide

This is an endgame item, so you will need to have a raid group that is exploring Molten Core to obtain it. Not only that, once you reach the end of the quest, you will need a group around to slay the final boss to get the item required to receive the weapon!

Step 1: Obtain either the Left or Right Bindings of the Windseeker

In Molten Core you will need to slay either Baron Geddon or Garr to obtain one of these items. It has a drop rate in the range of 3-4%, so it dropping for your group is going to be pretty rare.

Step 2: Head to Silithus and Locate Highlord Demetrian

Once you've got one of the halves, you will need to head to north western part of Silithus and speak with Highlord Demetrian.

Talking to Demetrian will give you the Vessel of Rebirth quest item that starts the following quest.

Step 3: Quest - Examine the Vessel

Take a gander at the vessel and then immediately return it to Highlord Demetrian. You will then get a follow-up quest...

Step 4: Quest - Thunderaan the Windseeker

Now comes the really long part, because you have to collect quite a few items and one of them is extremely rare.

Quest Requirements

  • 10x Elementium Bars
  • 1x Essence of the Firelord
  • 1x Bindings of the Windseeker (Left or Right depending on what you already have)

10x Elementium Bars

You'll need to have someone in your raid group learn how to Smelt Elementium. This has to be done in a very specific way. You will need to go to Blackwing Lair and fight Master Elemental Shaper Krixix. Have a Priest use Mind Control on him, then when they are in control, you'll want to cast the Teach Smelt Elementium ability on your various raid members. I've seen mention that it needs to be on a level 300 Miner, but haven't been able to confirm that. I would do that just to be safe.

Once you've got someone with the ability to smelt the bars, you'll need to find the ore. This can be found in Blackwing Lair by killing Blackwing Technicians. You also need 10 Arcanite Bars to craft each Elementium. These are expensive because they can only be created by Alchemists with the Transmute: Arcanite ability. This ability has a two day cooldown, so you'll pay a pretty penny for these on the Auction House if you don't have a nice Alchemist within your guild/raid group.

Finally, you'll need 1x Fiery Core for each of the bars you create. These are dropped off bosses and trash mobs in Molten Core.

1x Essence of the Firelord

This is a 100% drop rate item from Ragnaros the Firelord in Molten Core. The hard part is having a guild strong enough to take him down!

1x Bindings of the Windseeker

The super rare item is the other side of the Bindings of the Windseeker. It was a 3-4% drop rate before, and you will now have to get the other side to drop. You'll be likely running Molten Core quite a bit to obtain it.

Total Materials Required

If you were to craft everything yourself or harvest all of the necessary materials, this is how much would be required:

  • 10x Elementium Ore
  • 100x Arcanite Bars
  • 10x Fiery Cores
  • 30x Elemental Flux

Once you've collected all the materials, bring them back to Highlord Demetrian. You might want to bring your raid group with you...

Step 5: Defeat Thunderaan

Once you've turned in the items, Highlord Demetrian will summon Prince Thunderaan. This is not an easy fight and requires a full raid group to complete. You can view the fight in the following video.

Step 6: Quest - Rise, Thunderfury!

Once you dispatch Prince Thunderaan, he will drop the Dormant Wind Kissed Blade item. Loot this and bring it to Highlord Demetrian to finally receive your Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. There's nothing to do now but spam it in chat and show it off in your main city!

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