Best Games with Multiple Endings

Finishing a game is one of the most satisfying feelings for any player. However, there’s always that bittersweet feeling of “what now?” after defeating the final boss. The utilization of multiple endings aims to remedy the emptiness, especially for titles that genuinely invoke a sense of connection between players. There are many games with multiple […]

Best Need for Speed Games, Ranked

Need for Speed games defined and became the face of the arcade-style racing genre. While it isn’t the most realistic racing game, it thrives in its style and groove. Considering that many Need For Speed games are available, we chose the top seven that embody NFS as a franchise. In descending order, below is our […]

Best Free Multiplayer Steam Games

From co-op multiplayer to competitive e-sports tournaments, multiplayer games have revolutionized today’s gaming industry. Millions of people watch video gaming tournaments and streams due to the rise of competitive multiplayer matches and esports. Steam has many multiplayer games available, and you might need help finding the right one to play. We gathered the best free […]

Is Tails a boy or girl? Tails gender, Explained

Tails is a lively and friendly character that everybody adores in Sonic the Hedgehog. The adorable creature excels in becoming one of the most proficient mechanical engineers in the Sonicverse, yet people are still confused about Tails’ gender. This confusion stems from possibly the male and female aspects of Tails’ personality. In this article, we’ll […]