How to get Lost Pages in Blacktail

Blacktail tells the origin story of Yaga as she traverses through mystical forests searching for her lost sister. Players can unlock new skills to hone their combat and magic abilities along the way. While many skills get unlocked as you progress through the main questline, certain skills require their corresponding Lost Pages to be unlocked. […]

How does Morality work in Blacktail

Morality is one of the most important gameplay elements in Blacktail. You will encounter many strange beings on your journey, like seemingly natural wildlife, talking mushrooms, and ants who wish to conquer the world. How you choose to interact with these NPCs and your means of procuring resources from the world will affect your Moral […]

Should you accept Boruta’s Pact in Blacktail?

While you traverse the mystical lands and forests in Blacktail, you will encounter many strange beings. One of these individuals is Boruta, a red-colored devil who wishes to make a pact with you. Accepting Boruta’s Pact will bestow one of three status effects on you for a limited time. However, be warned, they come with […]

How to open Warden treasure chests in Blacktail

In Blacktail, players will come across tons of resources and items which they can use to brew new skills in the cauldron. Most valuable loot comes from chests. While most chests simply open on interaction, others require the player to meet certain criteria. Some of these are called Warden chests, found only in certain locations […]