Brawl Stars Gadgets Guide – All Gadgets & Known Details

We're taking a look at everything you need to know about Gadgets in Brawl Stars! Our guide features a look at all of the currently known Gadgets for every single Brawler, as well as details on how-to get and use them.

Gadgets are similar to Star Powers, but can be found more easily in boxes. Each Brawler has their own unique Gadget, so you will need to find the particular one that matches up with your favorite Brawler. The ability to use these on a particular Brawler is unlocked at Power Level 7! The big difference between these and Star Power is that you can only use these a limited number of times per match.

Things to Know About Gadgets

  • They can be found in boxes, and can be purchased directly in the shop for 1,000 Coins each.
  • You unlock the ability to use gadgets on a Brawler at Power Level 7.
  • Each Gadget has a certain amount of charges it can be used per match.
  • Power Play does not require you to have Gadgets.
  • Dealing damage with a gadget does NOT charge your super (same thing with Star Powers).
  • Gadgets can be turned on or off in Friendly Rooms.

Brawl Stars Gadgets List

Every single Brawler gets their own Gadget, so here's a list of all of the currently known Gadgets you can use in Brawl Stars.

  • 8-Bit: Cheat Cartridge (3) - 8-Bit instantly teleports to his Damage Booster, which is then destroyed.
  • Barley: Sticky Syrup Mixer (3) - Barley drops a sticky concoction that leaves a puddle, slowing down all enemies that make contact with it.
  • Bea: Honey Molasses (3) - Bea drops a beehive with a splash of stick honey around it. The honey slows down enemies that step in it.
  • Bibi: Vitamin Booster (3) - Bibi heals 600 health per second for 4.0 seconds.
  • Bo: Super Totem (3) - Bo drops a totem that recharges his and any allies' Supers within the area of effect.
  • Brock: Rocket Laces (3) - Brock blasts the ground below him and propels himself into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Bull: T-Bone Injector (3) - Bull instantly rejuvenates himself for 1,500 health.
  • Carl: Heat Ejector (3) - Carl drops a trail of hot rocks behind his cart! The rocks deal 300 damage per second to enemies who step on them.
  • Colette: Na-ah! (3) - Colette's next shot deals 40% of her current health as damage.
  • Colt: Speedloader (3) - Colt instantly recharges 2 ammo.
  • Crow: Defense Booster (2) - Crow gets a shield for 60% of incoming damage for 3.0 seconds.
  • Crow: Slowing Toxin (3) - All currently poisoned enemies are slowed for 2.5 seconds.
  • Dynamike: Fidget Spinner (3) - Dynamike spins furiously and throws multiple sticks of dynamite around himself. Each dynamite deals 700 damage to enemies.
  • El Primo: Suplex Supplement (3) - El Primo grabs the closest enemy within his reach and flips them like a pancake over his broad shoulders.
  • EMZ: Friendzoner (3) - EMZ pushes back all enemies around her while also dealing 500 damage.
  • Frank: Active Noise Cancelling (3) - Frank clears any disabling effect on himself and momentarily becomes immune to stuns, slows and knockbacks.
  • Gale: Spring Ejector (3) - Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air.
  • Gene: Lamp Blowout (3) - All enemies close to Gene are instantly pushed back. Gene also restores 1,000 health.
  • Jacky: Pneumatic Booster (3) - Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves 38% faster for 3.0 seconds.
  • Jessie: Recoil Spring (3) - Scrappy's attack speed is doubled for 5.0 seconds.
  • Jessie: Spark Plug (3) - Jessie triggers a shockwave from her turret, slowing down all enemies within it's area of effect.
  • Leon: Clone Projector (3) - Leon creates an illusion to confuse his enemies.
  • Max: Phase Shifter (3) - Max dashes forward, and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing.
  • Mortis: Combo Spinner (3) - Mortis spins his shovel, hitting all enemies around himself for 1,300 damage.
  • Mr. P: Service Bell (3) - Mr. P buffs his current porter by increasing its damage by 150 and health by 1,000.
  • Nani: Warp Blast (3) - Nani detonates Peep and teleports to his last location.
  • Nita: Bear Paws (3) - Nita commands her bear to slam the ground, stunning all enemies within its reach.
  • Pam: Pulse Modulator (3) - Pam triggers her turret to emit a pulse that heals allies inside the turret's range, including herself, for 1,200 health.
  • Penny: Pocket Detonator (3) - Penny blows up her cannon! The explosion destroys walls and deals 1,500 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Piper: Auto Aimer (3) - Piper fires 4 quick shots at the closest enemy. Each shot deals 400 damage.
  • Poco: Tuning Fork (3) - Poco and all nearby allies heal 500 health per second for 5.0 seconds.
  • Rico: Multiball Launcher (3) - Rico blasts waves of bouncy bullets in all directions.
  • Rosa: Grow Light (3) - Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover.
  • Sandy: Sleep Simulator (3) - Sandy falls asleep for 2.0 seconds and his health is fully restored.
  • Shelly: Fast Forward (3) - Shelly dashes ahead, skipping a few unnecessary steps!
  • Spike: Popping Pincushion (3) - Spike shoots 3 waves of needles in all directions, dealing 520 damage per hit.
  • Sprout: Garden Mulcher (3) - Sprout consumes a bush to restore 2000 health.
  • Surge: Power Surge (3) - Surge overloads his circuits and teleports a short distance forward.
  • Tara: Psychic Enhancer (3) - Tara and her allies are able to see all enemies, even inside bushes, for 5.0 seconds.
  • Tick: Backup Mine (3) - Tick makes a quick dash, leaving a single mine on the ground.

If you want to check out the Gadgets in action, you can find gameplay of them in this video:

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  1. You forgot the byron’s gadget

  2. 8-BIT’s Cheat Cartridge no longer destroys the booster.
    And there are many more 2nd gadgets you’ve missed. Such as Mortis’ Survival Shovel, Sprout’s Transplant, and Nita’s Faux Fur. (There are more still).
    Also Crow’s Defense Booster is nerfed to 40% but has 3 charges now.
    Dynamike’s Fidget Spinner deals 1200 per dynamite now.
    Piper’s Autoaimer has been reworked and only shoots once shot but it knocks them back and slows them down.
    Jacky’s gadget is nerfed and only boosts 20%.
    Colette’s Na-ah! was reworked and now deals 40% of the enemy’s total health.

  3. You forgot to add surge’s teleport dash

    1. Added, thanks.

  4. Crow has a new gadget. Slowing toxin slow everybody who is poisoned.

    1. Added, thanks.

  5. You didn’t add gale’s gadget.

    1. Added now!

  6. Nita can only use it’s gadget 2 times.

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  7. Crow can only use it’s gadget 2 times.

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  8. You forgot 8-bit’s gadget: he can teleport to his buff turret, but it would get destroyed

    1. Added now, thanks!