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Modern Warfare 2 – All tactical equipment items, explained

A new set of equipment items to play with!

The latest CoD Next Showcase Event gave fans a preview of what to expect from Modern Warfare 2 as it introduced a range of new mechanics, equipment, vehicles, operators, and weapons. Players are always on the lookout for new Lethal, Tactical items, and Field Upgrades, and in Modern Warfare 2 you will get to see a whole new range of equipment. Here are all the new Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrade equipment items coming in Modern Warfare 2.

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Every Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrade equipment item in Modern Warfare 2

Image via Activision

The official trailer for Modern Warfare 2 featured some of the new Lethal and Tactical items as well as Field Upgrades. The Heartbeat Sensor was also teased in the showcase, and fans can expect to see some new functionality changes with this item. Here are some of the new equipment items coming to Modern Warfare 2.

Tactical Equipment

Shock Stick

The Shock Stick Tactical item will have multiple uses, especially on different terrain. This item sticks to surfaces before dealing a burst of electrical pulse that not only deals damage to opponents but also destroys equipment and makes vehicles malfunction. Players can also use this Tactical equipment underwater.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenades are used to reduce enemy vision. Players can use them at choke points to block enemy sightlines. It is also highly effective against automated targeting systems.

Flash Grenade

Flash Grenade blinds and deafens opponents, making it a perfect tool to enter and clear out rooms. Throw them inside a room, and wait for them to detonate before charging in with teammates.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenades slow down the opponent's aiming and movement. It functions similarly to the Flash Grenade and can be an efficient tool to catch opponents off guard.

Decoy Grenade

Decoy Grenades are counter-intel grenades that generate fire, movement, and radar signatures to confuse enemies. These are exceptional for countering and masking team movement in various game modes.

Spotter Scope

Spotter Scopes are used to spot and mark enemies from a distance.

Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensor uses a tablet to give players a general idea of the enemy's location.

Snapshot Grenade

Snapshot Grenades provides a heat glimpse of the enemy's location for teammates. These are best used on camping enemies to identify their location.

Tear Gas

Tear Gas is one of the best lethal equipment to use in MW2 and Warzone 2. It creates a cloud of green smoke that blurs the enemy's vision, slows their movement, and induces coughing.

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Field Upgrades

Tactical Camera

The Tactical Camera is a Field Upgrade that can be thrown to the surface to keep an eye on the area. Every teammate can access the Tactical Camera, and this item sounds off an alarm whenever it spots an enemy trying to infiltrate the area. You can use multiple items to set up a multi-directional surveillance system. Since it spots and marks opponents, this item will be highly useful in Battle Royale modes.

Inflatable Decoy

The Inflatable Decoy is a synthetic polymer dummy that inflates after being thrown on the ground. This item looks exactly like an opponent operator and functions like a Proximity Mine when activated. The Inflatable Decoy can be used strategically to confuse and bamboozle enemies. You can essentially hold angles by properly placing this item at a spot that forces the enemies to peek a corner.


The DDoS Field Upgrade allows players to spot enemy equipment and vehicles nearby. You can use DDoS to deactivate the equipment and vehicles and disrupt enemy sensors in close proximity. In functionality, it works quite similarly to an EMP burst. Combine this effective tool with other Tactical and Lethal equipment items to bring out enemies from hiding.

Deployable Cover

Deployable Cover is a Field Upgrade that you can use to create a temporary cover. Players can place it on the ground, and even mount their weapons on top of Deployable Covers. However, these can be broken by enemy fire, and it recharges quickly.

Trophy System

Trophy Systems are autonomous defense system that destroys three pieces of projectiles and other equipment. This stops opponents from rushing into a spot by throwing different grenades. Trophy System has a fast recharge and is one of the best tools to set up a defense in the game.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is one of the best Field Upgrades in MW2. It has a fast recharge time, and temporarily makes footsteps silent. Eliminating opponents with a weapon, melee, or throwing knife increases the duration of Dead Silence.

Munitions Box

Munitions Box drops a crate of ammunition and equipment for the entire team.

Loadout Drop

Loadout Drops call in a team-based loadout crate which has limited usage. Every player on the team can use a Loadout Drop once.

Portable Radar

Portable Radars are highly efficient as they mark enemy locations in the nearby vicinity. Players can drop this Field Upgrade on the ground and it emits a radar ping for a short time. The Portable Radar has a medium recharge time.

Tactical Insertion

Tactical Insertion marks the spot for an Operator's next spawn point. This Field Upgrade has a medium recharge time. However, Tactical Insertions do not impact single-life game modes like Search and Destroy.

Battle Rage

Battle Rage is a stimulant that instantly gives players a health regeneration. It's like an adrenaline rush that resists damage from Tactical equipment and refreshes tactical sprint. Battle Rage has a medium recharge speed.

Recon Drone

A Recon Drone is a manual drone that players can activate to mark opponents. Players can place this Field Upgrade at an undetectable spot to constantly mark enemies. The Recon Drone charges slowly over time. 

Smoke Airdrop

Smoke Airdrop calls in a group of drones that deploys a smoke wall on a targeted section. This Field Upgrade effectively cuts off the opponent team's vision. However, the Smoke Airdrop has a slow recharge and takes time to cover an area.

Suppression Mine

A Suppression Mine acts like a trip mine whenever triggered. It sends out constant sound waves to disrupt the opponent's vision and reduces movement speed. Players can place it at entrances and tight corners to catch enemies every time with the Suppression Mine.

Anti-Armor Rounds

Anti-Armor Rounds apply extra damage against armored targets. Vehicles, equipment, and body armor are all vulnerable to this ammunition. Although it has a slow recharge, Anti-Armor Rounds takes down opponents hiding behind penetrable cover.

Lethal Equipment

Frag Grenade

Frag Grenades are set as the default Lethal equipment. Players can cook these grenades before throwing them at enemies.

Proximity Mine

Proximity Mines are trap mines that launch into the air and explode once triggered. This Lethal equipment can easily be placed behind doors and corners to get free kills.

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktails are incendiary devices that explode on contact.


Semtex is a sticky grenade that attaches to a surface and explodes after a few seconds. Players can aim and stick these grenades on enemies to get a quick kill.


C4 is a large explosive that can be detonated remotely. It sticks to the surface, making it one of the best Lethal equipment players can use in MW2.


Claymore is an explosive mine that activates when enemies come into its proximity. Similar to Proximity Mine, players can use this equipment to hold rooms and areas efficiently.


Thermite is an explosive incendiary device that sticks to any surface dealing heavy damage to opponents.

Throwing Knife

Throwing Knife is a one-shot, one-kill equipment that can be retrieved from eliminated opponents.

Drill Charge

The Drill Charge is a Lethal piece of equipment that fans call the anti-camping tool. This item can deal damage from across the wall, ripping through it to make a hole. Players on the opposite end of a Drill Charge will hear it and see a grenade indicator. After penetrating the wall, the Drill Charge sets off a grenade that deals splash damage to root out enemies.

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Perk Packages

Perk Packages have four Perks, with two Bases, one Bonus, and one Ultimate Perk. These are earned during Multiplayer matches, and you can edit your Perk Package from the Loadout. There are several pre-made Default Perk Packages, and you can select the ones that work for you before starting a match. 

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Modern Warfare 2 – All tactical equipment items, explained

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