Horde Locations in Days Gone

They just kept coming, they were everywhere!

The brilliant Days Gone was released back in 2019 by Bend Studio, and has recently received a graphical update for the PlayStation 5. Not only that, but it is one of the free games for April 2021 on PlayStation Plus! So, considering now is definitely the time to experience the game for the first time, or possibly re-visit it for the added beauty that comes with the PS5 we have gone through all of the locations as to where you can find Hordes in post-apocalyptic Oregon.

Horde Locations in Days Gone

Do note that these locations can vary wildly in difficulty, and some won't be worth attempting or even be available until much further into the game when the protagonist, Deacon, is much more equipped to deal with them. Also be as prepared as possible, because once you get the Freakers on your tail, it's hard to get rid of them!

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  • Bear Creek Hot Springs Horde - Exactly West of Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp, they'll be inhabiting a cave near Sarah's Memorial Site.
  • Belknap Crater Horde - In a cave that is North West from the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.
  • Lava Arch Horde - Head to Lava Arch, you'll find a small cave lined with rope fences in the Center of Belknap.
  • Marion Forks Horde - Exactly South of the small town Marion Forks, they'll be laying in wait in a cave on the East Side of that road.
  • Patjens Lakes Horde - Go to Rebel Rock Cave, the horde will be North West of the Hot Springs Camp, to the left side of the little bridge.
  • Shadow Lake Horde - North of the Tunnel NERO Checkpoint at Marion Forks, they will be hiding in a cave at the top of Shadow Lake.
  • Twin Craters Horde - In the most South Eastern corner of Belknap, the horde will be inside a cave that's South East of the nearby gas station.

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  • Cascade Highway Horde - Head exactly North of Horse Creek Ambush Camp, follow the railway bridge and you will find the horde in the side of the mountain on the East.
  • Death Train Horde - Further South you will encounter this horde a few feet beside the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint. They will be asleep in the carriages during the day or roaming at night.
  • Grotto Caves Horde - Go West of the Old Pioneer Cemetery NERO Checkpoint, which is North of the parking lot up the hill.
  • Horse Lake Horde - Riding on the road going East after the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint, you will find this horde in slumber on the left.
  • Little Bear Lake Horde - Directly above the Little Bear Lake NERO Checkpoint, head down the slope and they'll be in the cave.
  • O'Leary Mountain Horde - From the safehouse where Boozer recuperates for the first few hours of the game, head North. They'll be waiting inside a cave that's in the mountain.
  • Proxy Falls Horde - Make your way over the stone bridge South of Horse Creek Ambush Camp. Once again they'll be in a cave.
  • White King Mine Horde - Go to the North-West corner of the Cascades, find and cross the small wooden bridge and you will encounter the horde inside the nearby mine.

    Crater Lake

  • Mcleod Ridge Horde - Head North East of the Diamond Lake Camp, they'll be in the snowy area of the pull up map, near the base of the mountain.
  • Mt. Bailey Horde - Go exactly East from the Diamond Lake Camp, they'll be in a cave that is North West of Crater Lake.
  • Rimview Ranch Horde - Make your way to the North East corner of Crater Lake, you'll encounter a nest to burn out in a cave. The horde will be just after the nest.

    Highway 97

  • Beasley Lake Horde - On foot head East from the Sagebrush Point Horde. Inside a cave at the other side of a little pond you will find the Beasley Lake Horde.
  • Beaver Marsh Rest Stop Horde - Go to the bottom of the snowy region that has a windy river, the horde will be North East of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway NERO Checkpoint.
  • Cascade Lakes Rail Line Horde - This horde is once again in a cave, by the river which is on the North side of Chemult.
  • Chemult Community College Horde - Head to the Chemult Community College, this horde is towards the back of campus, nearby the NERO Checkpoint (warning: this is a tough one!).
  • Chemult Station Horde - Another train carriage horde which is found South of Chemult.
  • Mt. Scott Ski Resort Horde - In the snowy area up in the North East, stick to the the river that goes North to find a cave horde.
  • Sagebrush Point Horde - On the outlying area of the snowy bit on Highway 97 which is North East, there is a Horde in a cave near the power line tower.
  • Friendship Ridge Horde - East of the gas station head over the river to find another horde which is just before the Bare Bay Ambush Camp.
  • Groose Gardens Horde - Head East from the Chemult Community College and go to the other side of the highway, close to the road obstruction to find this horde.
  • Juniper Ridge Horde - Go South from the Chemult Community College and down the ridge to the West, you will find a cave horde.
  • Lobert Draw Ridge Horde - Make your way South of the Pillette Bridge NERO Checkpoint, you will find a railway line horde.
  • Rum Rye Gulch Horde - Head South of the Chemult Community College like for the Juniper Ridge Horde, you will find this horde in a cave closer to where you start the ridge.
  • Chemult Station Horde - Another train carriage horde which is South of Chemult.
  • Solomon Hill Horde - Up in the North West corner, a little North of the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp you will find a cave horde waiting in Solomon Hill.

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Lost Lake

  • Berley Lake Horde - On the Southern border of Lost Lake, North East of the Santiam Tunnel NERO Checkpoint and before Santiam Pass there is a cave horde at the edge of the river.
  • Metolius Lava Cave Horde - Head North of Iron Mike's Camp, and travel to the very top of the border for the Cascades and Lost Lake, the horde will be in the Metolius Lava Caves.
  • River Flow Farms Horde - Trek North from Iron Mike's Farm, find the NERO Research Site and the horde will be in the cave right beside it.
  • Sherman's Camp Horde - Exactly West of Iron Mike's Farm there is a little town called Sherman's Camp. You'll find the horde asleep in the Level2 store found on the East Side of the town.
  • Wapinitia Road Horde - Straight North of the Berley Lake Ambush Camp, there'll be an entrance to a small cave right before the main road.
  • Westfir Horde - Go West from Iron Mike's Camp, travel across the entire lake, to find the horde in a small cave. It's just before three buildings that are close together which have rooves of varying colors.

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