How to craft a Rainbow Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What a beautiful rainbow!

It has been a wild ride for the Dreamlight Valley community as we dove into each little secret and cracked each puzzle to find these pesky potatoes. It looks like we're getting very close to the end since we can now collect all six potions and combine them to make the beautiful Rainbow Potion. If you're a bit behind, don't worry; so was I, but you can catch up in no time. Here's how to get your Rainbow Potion!

How to make the Rainbow Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To make the Rainbow Potion, you're first going to need all six of the other colorful potions:

  • Royal Purple Potion
  • Brilliant Blue Potion
  • Crystalline Green Potion
  • Gleaming Gold Potion
  • Electrifying Orange Potion
  • Raging Red Potion

It can take some time to collect all of them since you'll need to track down the potatoes first, but we have a quick look at what you'll need to do to complete it, and if you need further instructions, check out our individual guides for a deeper look. If you already have them, scroll down to get right to making your Rainbow!

How to make a Red Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Red Potato is one of the easier ones. All you need to do is head to Remy's House and interact with the sparkling countertop. This will automatically add the potato to your Inventory. To make this potion, you'll need to cook it up like a stew rather than make it a Crafting Table. Head to the nearest Cooking Station and combine the following ingredients to get the Raging Red Potion:

  • Red Potato
  • Chili Pepper
  • Raspberry
  • Lobster
  • Slush Ice

How to make a Gold Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Gold Potato is another relatively easy-to-collect veggie for the collection. You used to be able to enter the Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes and enter it in the redemption text box in your menu. However, the code is now expired, so you'll need to head to Scrooge McDuck's Shop and search the safe hidden behind his counter. Crafting the potion, however, will require a little more work. Follow these steps:

  1. Head to the cave in Dazzle Beach and place the Gold Potato on the table in the Plant Puzzle. This will give you a Golden Carrot, which spawns behind you in the cave.
  2. Head to Elsa's cave in the Forest of Valor and place the Golden Carrot on the ice table with the Transfiguration Stone. It will give you a Golden Crab.
  3. Then take the Golden Crab to the Dreamlight Castle, and head up to the right staircase to the top until you see another Transfiguration Stone on the railing. Place the Crab and receive a Golden Nightthorn.
  4. Then, take the Golden Nightthorn and go to Merlin's House in Peaceful Meadow. On the table to your right, you'll see another Transfiguration Stone. Place the Golden Nightthorn, and you'll get the Gleaming Gold Potion.

How to make an Orange Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To first collect the Orange Potato, you'll need to reach level 10 Friendship with Scrooge and obtain the Lenses of Shadow, which are some retro-looking sunglasses. Once you have them, equip them, and you'll be able to start collecting the 20 orange pieces you'll need for your potato. They are really tiny, so keep your eyes peeled and look for that Pick-Up prompt. You can find them in these locations:

  • Mickey's Secret Room in Dream Castle x3
  • Dream Castle x3
  • Ratatouille Realm x1
  • WALL-E's Realm x2
  • Frozen Realm x3
  • Moana's Realm x4
  • Toy Story Realm x4

Once you have all of them, head to the nearest Crafting Table and craft the 20 pieces into the Orange Potato. Then you can combine the Orange Potato with an Empty Vial to make your Electrifying Orange Potion.

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How to make a Green Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To collect the Green Potion, you'll need to fish... literally. Hidden around the biomes are 16 Emerald Bottles in the various bodies of water. These bottles can only be collected by fishing them out with your Royal Fishing Rod. You can find them all in these biomes:

  • Peaceful Meadow x2
  • Dazzle Beach x5
  • Glade of Trust x4
  • Forest of Valor x1
  • Frosted Heights x1
  • Sunlit Plateau x2
  • Forgotten Lands x1

Once you have all the bottles, open your Inventory and press Use on each one to collect the shiny Emerald Slivers from them. Then you can use those Slivers to make the Jade Crystal at a Crafting Table. That Jade Crystal will need to be in your Inventory while you go to Vitalys Mines in Sunlit Plateau, enter the Lion King secret room, and interact with the Green Crystal Ball. This will drop some Green Seeds for you to plant in The Forgotten Lands and collect your Green Potato. Then, just like the Orange Potato, you can craft the Crystalline Green Potion by combing the Green Potato with an Empty Vial at a Crafting Table.

How to make a Blue Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Blue Potato is pretty easy to find, all you have to do is head to Ursula's House, and you can collect it on the ground beside her throne. However, you'll need more than just the Blue Potato to make the Blue Potion. Make sure you keep the Blue Potato in your Inventory, and then you'll need to go and collect the following items:

  • Blue Shell in Moana's Realm
  • Blue Starfish in Ariel's Realm
  • Blue Book in the Mystical Cave at Dazzle Beach
  • Blue Gem in Vitalys Mines at Sunlit Plateau

Once you have all these items, head to the Glimmering Pool in the Vitalys Mine and place all your blue items. This will give you the Brilliant Blue Potion.

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How to make a Purple Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Purple Potato is not too complicated but will require a good memory. There are ten mini purple books spread around the biomes. These books have little experiment notes with keywords you'll need to remember. You can find each spot yourself by checking out our Purple Potato guide (hyperlinked here), or you can skip this step and go straight to the hidden cave in Frosted Heights, where you found Olaf. In the cave, you'll need to speak to the Portal at the far side of the room. It will make you repeat the correct keywords back to it to get the potato. This is the order you need to follow:

  • 1. Potato
  • 2. Book
  • 3. Dreams
  • 4. Higgitus Figgitus
  • 5. Fugu
  • 6. Crystal
  • 7. Foraging
  • 8. The Forgetting
  • 9. Raspberry
  • 10. Magic

It will drop the Purple Potato on the ground, and then you can pick it up. Take it to a Crafting Table and combine it with an Empty Vial to make the Royal Purple Potion.

How to craft the Rainbow Potion in Dreamlight Valley

Now that you have all six of the colored potions, you can now make your Rainbow Potion, and it's super easy. Head to the Crafting Table with all the potions in your Inventory, and you should be able to craft the Rainbow Potion under the Potions and Enchantments tab.

It's not clear what we have to do with this mysterious potion yet, but I'm sure we'll find out fairly soon with all the deductive minds on the Dreamlight Valley Discord. Stay tuned for more updates!

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How to craft a Rainbow Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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