FF9 Chocograph Locations (Map)

Tedious quest with a ton of rewards!

One of the many side quests in Final Fantasy IX involves finding every Chocograph in the game. This guide will discuss all Final Fantasy IX Chocograph locations and their corresponding rewards.

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All Final Fantasy IX Chocograph Locations

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Finding these treasures is a bit tedious. Here are some tips to use when scanning the area for the treasure using the map in the photo above:

  • The Chocograph's location (photo) should be on top of the mini-map for the Chocograph to spawn.
  • If you don't have the required ability to get to the Chocograph, it will be greyed out in the menu.
  • "Kweh" means you and your Chocobo are nowhere near the location in the photo of the Chocograph Location.
  • "Kweh!?" and "Kwehhh!?" means you're near the treasure but not yet standing on top of it.
  • "K-KWEHHHH!!!" means you're on top of the treasure.

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Here's a table that encompasses all the general locations of the Chocographs as well as their corresponding rewards.

Chocograph NumberChocograph LocationChocograph Rewards
Chocograph #1
Near the Mist River on the southern-west portion of the Mist Continent map2x Elixirs
3x Hi-Potions
4x Ethers
2x Germinas Boots
Chocograph #2
Between Mountains
The Chocograph is at the valley on the southwestern corner of the Mist Continent map5x Potions
5x Hi-Potions
2x Tents
2x Cotton Robes
Chocograph #3
Uncultivated Land
Requirement: Blue Narciss Ship
This Chocograph is on the east side of the map, near a river stream.
10x Antidotes
1x Jade Armlet
3x Wing Edges
1x Cargo Ship Card
Chocograph #4
Healing Shore
This Chocograph is available on the northwest shore of the Mist Continent.Reef Ability
Chocograph #5
Abandoned Beach
Chocograph #5 is on the Outer Continent, around the east, near a shoreline.1x Phoenix Pinions
5x Phoenix Downs
12x Peridots
1x Diamond Gloves
Chocograph #6
Cold Field
This Chocograph is in the coldest region, the Lost Continent. It's on the eastern side, near a shore.5x Echo Screens
7x Hi-Potions
3x Tents
1x Theater Ship Card
Chocograph #7
Forgotten Lagoon
Requirement: Reef Ability
This is in the waters of the Forgotten Continent, in the northern area of the map.
8x Gysahl Greens
5x Ethers
7x Hi-Potions
1x Dragon Claws
Chocograph #8
Far Away Lagoon
Requirement: Reef Ability
This Chocograph is also on the Forgotten Continent, in the eastern waters.
37x Potions
6x Magic Tags
1x Shield Armor
1x Gaia Gear
Chocograph #9
Abandoned Lagoon
Requirement: Reef Ability
Chocograph #9 is also by the ocean in the southern portion of the Outer Continent.
6x Softs
4x Ethers
1x Feather Boots
1x N-Kai Armlet
Chocograph #10
Bird's Eye Lagoon
Requirement: Reef Ability
The Chocograph is in the ocean area along the western side of the Mist continent.
8 x Potions
4 x Phoenix Downs
3x Ethers
1x Magician Robes
Chocograph #11
Small Beach
Requirement: Reef Ability
This Chocograph is on an island shore on the southern side of the Mist continent.
4x Remedies
2x Elixirs
8x Rising Suns
1x Oak Staff
Chocograph #12
Dawn Lagoon
Requirement: Reef Ability
Chocograph #12 in the Mist Continent is on the ocean at the southeastern side of the map.
Cross Mountain Ability
Chocograph #13
Forbidden Forest
Requirement: Cross Mountain Ability
It's exactly in the middle of the mountainous region near a forest.
7x Ethers
2x Elixirs
10x Wing Edges
1x High Mage Staff
Chocograph #14
Green Plains
Requirement: Cross Mountain Ability
This Chocograph is north of the Mist Continent, on the other side of the mountains.
Ocean Ability
Chocograph #15
Dusk Plains
Requirement: Cross Mountain Ability
For this Chocograph, you'd need to take your hiking shoes and traverse the mountains in the southern section of the Forgotten Continent.
12x Phoenix Downs
14x Ore
1x Kaiser Knuckles
1x Iron Man Card
Chocograph #16
Forgotten Plains
Requirement: Cross Mountain Ability
The Chocograph is still within the Forgotten Continent; this time, it's on the northwestern mountain.
17x Ore
5x Ethers
14x Opal
1x Demon's Mail
Chocograph #17
Sea at Dusk
Requirement: Ocean Ability
Chocograph #17 is located on the eastern ocean of the Forgotten Continent.
1x Phoenix Pinions
1x White Robe
1x Diamond
1x Masamune Card
Chocograph #18
Requirement: Ocean Ability
This is on the opposite side of the previous chocograph. It's on the western ocean side of the Forgotten Continent.
27x Ore
1x Light Robe
1x Whale Whisker
1x Alexander Card
Chocograph #19
Cold Lagoon
Requirement: Ocean Ability
This Chocograph is on the ocean area north of the frozen Lost Continent.
11x Peridots
9x Opals
15x Sapphires
19x Topaz
Chocograph #20
Mist Ocean
Requirement: Ocean Ability
The last Chocograph in the Mist Continent is on the farther northwest of the map. It's in the waters near a couple of islands.
Sky Ability
Chocograph #21
Outer Island
Requirement: Sky Ability
It's on an island in the eastern part of the Outer Continent. You'll need to fly using the sky ability to get this Chocograph.
21x Amethyst
16x Garnets
1x Genji Armor
1x Ragnarok Sword
Chocograph #22
Outer Island II
Requirement: Sky Ability
This is on another island in the Outer Continent. It's located on the northern side of the map.
11x Sapphires
1x Circlet
1x Pumice Piece
1x Hilda Garde 3 Card
Chocograph #23
Fairy Island
Requirement: Sky Ability
This floating island is on the western side of the Outer Continent.
33x Potions, 15x Annoynments
1x Holy Miter
1x Dark Matter Card
Chocograph #24
Forgotten Island
Requirement: Sky Ability
The last Chocograph is on the Northern side of the Forgotten Continent at the top of a cliff.
1x Ribbon
1x Rebirth Ring
13x Amethyst
1x Ark Card

Although this quest is lengthy, it offers some of the rarest items you can get in Final Fantasy IX as a reward, such as the Ribbon and the infamous Genji Armor, one of the best recurring accessories in the franchise. As such, I encourage you to hunt for these Chocographs; doing so will immediately boost your party's strength and defenses.

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FF9 Chocograph Locations (Map)

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