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How to play each class in For Honor’s Viking faction

The best faction.

For Honor is one of the more unconventional fighting games to come out in recent memory. Players are able to take up arms as one of several historical factions that never actually met on the battlefield and duke it out in a variety of game modes. One faction that has a habit of dominating this war is the Vikings. Let's delve into what makes them so powerful.

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For Honor Viking Faction


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"You're a raider! Legendary!" The Raider is a Vanguard hero which makes them easy to pick up and play for new players. Their attack style is more aggressive than their Warden and Kensei counterparts and makes use of grabs and wide swings.

  • The Raider isn't a defensive character. As such, they are most effective when played aggressively and when pressuring opponents.
  • Learn when to use Raider's Fury as it is incredibly powerful due to its high damage and unblockable nature.

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Much like the Knights' Conqueror, the Warlord makes use of his large shield to fend off opponents' attacks to get nice and close. Once there, the short sword rains down heavy blows to drain a foe's stamina and leave them vulnerable to finishing blows.

  • Use the Shield Counter to throw off non-stop attacks while also draining an opponent's stamina and stunning them.
  • A lot of the Warlord's kit involves heavy attacks, which drain stamina. Be mindful that you don't leave yourself out of stamina and vulnerable.


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An assassin like no other, the Berserker is meant to be a pest and harasser. Their attacks hit hard and fast and pair well with aggressive players. Just be mindful to not be caught out of a combo as they are the crux of the Berserker's kit.

  • The Berserker has an infinite combo that can be utilized for aggressive play and alternates heavy and light attacks in any direction to keep opponents off-kilter.
  • After four attacks, the Berserker's combos become uninterruptible even if blocked.


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The Valkyrie is a formidable fighter that is equally comfortable working at a distance or up close thanks to her spear and small shield. With an arsenal of pokes, sweeps, and jabs, the Valkyrie keeps the pressure up better than most heroes.

  • The Spear Sweep is an extremely powerful finisher for any combo, but be mindful not to overuse it as it can become predictable.
  • Master the Dodge Block as it opens up an attacker and the Shoulder Pin that can be used afterward will inflict a Bleed status.

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The Highlander is a hybrid fighter with two different combat forms which rely on technical precision. Mastering the Offensive and Defensive forms is key to succeeding with this hero.

  • Balor's Might is versatile in that its attacks can be infinitely chained together, trigger Enhanced Lights for extra damage, and can be feinted for baiting an opponent.
  • Master Offensive Form as it can be triggered easily and used to utterly oppress foes.


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The Shaman is a light, nimble, and utterly vicious attacker. By inflicting the Bleed status and constantly moving, the Shaman can float around the battlefield while utterly terrorizing opponents.

  • Always keep a Bleed effect up as it will tick an opponent's health down.
  • Master the use of feints and cancels to keep opponents off-balance and to create attack opportunities.


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The Jormungandr is a juggernaut that can trade blows. While they're slower than other fighters, when they hit, they hit hard. Be patient, mindful of your surroundings, and keep foes pinned down against a wall or some other obstacle to be truly effective.

  • Jormungandr has incredible pressure when an opponent is out of stamina. Push to get them in this state and then don't let up.
  • Jormungandr's heavy and light attacks are relatively slow. They must be used to create a guessing game and throw opponents off.

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How to play each class in For Honor’s Viking faction

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