Fortnite Season 4 Hidden Battle Stars Locations (Blockbuster Challenges)

The new hidden battle stars are great for helping you finish up your battle pass in season 4!

A new addition to the Fortnite Battle Pass has been hidden battle stars added for each new challenge week. I'm going to run through each one of these for every week of season 4! If you really want to complete your battle pass and earn that Omega skin, then this hidden battle star locations guide should help!

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Fortnite Hidden Battle Stars Locations

Each week once you complete all of your challenges you get a loading screen that is unlocked via the Blockbuster Challenges. In that loading screen, you can find a clue that will lead you to a hidden battle star. You have to complete ALL of the challenges from that week to enable the ability to collect the treasure. If you miss a week for whatever reason, you can still go back and complete all the challenges and get the star!

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Week 1 Hidden Battle Star Location

These hidden stars were pretty well hidden because we had no idea they existed until someone happened to see a faded one in a loading screen. It looks like this is how they are going to be found for the foreseeable future, so here's the loading screen which yielded the first hidden star.

Don't forget you need to finish this week's challenges to unlock the star! Check out our Fortnite Season 4 Week 1 Challenges Guide.

This location can be found to the north west of Moisty Mire in the prison area. This is a notable area because it was one of the spots hit by a piece of the meteor that struck Dusty Depot. This is actually what is depicted in the screen above. Here's a map where you can find the star once you've complete ALL of the week 1 challenges:

It's on top of the north western most tower at the south eastern corner of it!

Week 2 Hidden Battle Star Location

In week number 2 they changed up how you find the star a bit. It was a bit less obvious than the first week, but it could be again found in a loading screen.

Don't forget you need to finish this week's challenges to unlock the star! Check out our Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Challenges Guide.

What you might be able to see there is map coordinates that say from left to right: A4, B4, B3, A3. At this exact intersection on the map you will find the hidden battle pass star location for week 2!

It's on a small little dust patch right between Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores!

Week 3 Hidden Battle Star Location

Week 3 has been added via the new patch, so you can find the new loading screen and location below. You'll find the hidden star on the mountain south east of Fatal Fields!

Don't forget you need to finish this week's challenges to unlock the star! Check out our Fortnite Season 4 Week 3 Challenges Guide.

Week 4 Hidden Battle Star Location

The week 4 hidden battle star can be found in the evil lair on the west side of the map on top of the mountain east of Snobby Shores!

Don't forget you need to finish this week's challenges to unlock the star! Check out our Fortnite Season 4 Week 4 Challenges Guide.

The battle star is located near the rocket inside the lair and you will likely need to ramp up to get to it!

Week 5 Hidden Battle Star Location

It's time to travel back to the crab in Moisty Mire, because that is where you are going to find the treasure for week 5!

Don't forget you need to finish this week's challenges to unlock the star! Check out our Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Challenges Guide.

The loading screen revealed the crab with a treasure over its head. This can only mean the crab in Moisty!

Week 6 Hidden Battle Star Location

Once you finish all of your week 6 challenges, you'll receive the loading screen below that contains a hint to the location of the hidden star.

I assumed the battle star was in Snobby Shores, but it ended up being in Greasy Grove where the fork and knife food truck resides! I figured they might move it in a content update, but that was not the case.

Update: It looks like with the addition of the new Football/Soccer field that is north of Pleasant Park that the food truck with the fork and knife over it has moved over to it! With that food truck goes the hidden battle star for week 6. Head up there and take a walk around the park and grab the star at the north portion of the field!

Week 7 Hidden Battle Star Location

Week 7's loading screen has been revealed, so once you've completed all of your challenges for week 7 you can grab the battle star. It appears like this is in the middle of Dusty Divot! The skin you see below is the one you will get for completing all of the Blockbuster challenges!

Looks like the area in the center of Dusty Divot will change some more, and it appears that The Visitor was inside of the meteor that landed on the island!

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  1. I have found all 7 but have not finished week 4 challenges. Is this normal

    1. Yes, because you just need to complete the challenges for the location, not the ability to collect them.

  2. Helpful

  3. Thanks so much for the help.I got the Omega because of it😀

    1. Nice, congrats!

  4. Can someone help me find the star in the prison near moisty mire? Because it doesn’t seem to appear and I finished all the missions

    1. It’s on top of the crab

      1. It’s not on top of the crab, that’s a different one

    2. On top of the tower north east

  5. Anyone know where Week 8 Hidden star is?

    1. There’s no week 8 hidden star, they stopped at week 7.

      1. There is a week 8 I just got it today, it’s “the visitor” outfit putting in the launch codes for the misile.

        1. It’s not for week 8, you receive that for completing the first seven weeks. There’s also no hidden star from that screen.

          1. Hey Evident, look just throwing it out there, but if you look at the red squares on the screen outworld is looking at they do seem to make up the shape of a battlestar. So to explain further the holographic screen with the keyboard etc on it, that are made up of grid so to speak. They seem to form the shape if a battlestar as they change from red to the see through blue. Hope that makes sense…. Probably nothing but thought I should see what u think. Cheers.

          2. That’s possible, I haven’t heard anything about another star though. I figure someone in the community would have found it if it was around.

          3. So to clarify, the loading screen called retrofit has no secret star?

          4. Correct!

  6. Do these stars give XP, or only battle starts?

    1. The stars don’t give XP unless you’ve maxed out your battle pass. If you have, you will get 100 xp for each star.

      1. It’s 1000 xp I’m pretty sure

  7. I have managed to collect Weeks 1,2,4,5 battle stars but whenever I go to the location of the 3 it doesn’t appear. Could it be that you can’t get it anymore?
    P.S. the bald spot of grass where stars are normally located isn’t there anymore

    1. It’s near the house now. Near the fence

      1. Could you be more descriptive? Can anyone help me please

        1. It’s at the top of the mountain the the South West of Fatal

        2. Think of the graph on the map the squares between haunted hills and Snobby Shores in the middle of a cross the squares makes that is where it is sry If it is confusing

          1. Thanks but that’s week 2 I need the one by Fatal Fields

  8. Why did u make this website? People are supposed to do battle pass challengers on their own

    1. Why are u on this website if you’re supposed to be doing this on your own 🧐

    2. That option still exists, some people enjoy finding this stuff out on their own and others just want to complete it as quickly as possible.

  9. Ive gotten 2 trap kills for the challenge and it has counted yet! This is very frustrating since it is very difficult to get these! Is there a reason it isn’t counting?

    1. are you on that week

    2. Are you leaving the match afterwards?

    3. If you leave the game it doesn’t count, you have to die in-game so it counts

    4. It might not count because someone else eliminated the person. If you are trying to do it on a downed player, you have to be the one who had downed them.

      1. Oh okay great! Thank you!

    5. *hasn’t

  10. I am completing the weekly challenges, but not necessarily in numeric order. ie. I completed Week 1 challenges, then Week 6 challenges. I was able to get the hidden battle star for Week 1, but not for Week 6 (went to the red food truck at the Soccer Field…no star appeared). Is that because I have not completed the challenges for the weeks in between?

    1. It doesn’t coincide with the challenge week, but with the Number of weeks completed, so if you did 1 & 6 then you have the 1 and 2 stars,
      I had that problem when I finished 6 before 5, went for 6’s star, but it wasn’t unlocked yet, but 5’s was

    2. It shouldn’t be, but maybe that’s the case. Did you finish up the all of the challenges in a game, and then go to the food truck in the same game? I know you have to finish the challenges, then complete that game. Go into a new game and then you can get the hidden star.

      1. You may need to have the loading screen unlocked. These are related to the Blockbuster challenges that unlock in numerical order.

  11. Thank you, this really helped out

    1. No problem!

  12. The is a secret 8th loading screen I discovered it by accident. The way I got this is by collecting the final secret battle star in dusty divot then leaving the game either by death or a victory, because although I got the 7th loading screen when completed all my challenges I got the 8th one only after I collected all other 7 secret battle stars. The screen involves the visitor on top the villain base looking at a holographic diagram of the rocket and (possibly keyboard with an alien language on it). It is called: Retrofit, and the description reads: modifications required…

    Suggesting that the visitor crashed landed here and now is trying to leave though the villain’s rocket after some modifications.

    1. I got this loading screen after getting the battlestar for the week as well. My friend did too. It’s the same loading screen that leaked a week or so ago that revealed the blockbuster skin, I found that out after looking to see if anyone else had gotten it. I did some looking and couldn’t find the battlestar in it though, meaning it isn’t there yet because it hasn’t been added yet, or it’s hidden in a manner similar to week 2. I tried to figure the alien language out, referencing it with aurebesh and numerous other other syfy and fictional alphabets, only to come up blank. I ended up giving up after about 2 hours of looking. They missed out on a great chance witht he language though, I came across one alphabet called Visitors language, it didn’t match though sadly. I’m interested to see what and how people find this one though

      1. What do you need to get it?

  13. where did the food truck move to its not in greasy anymore?

    1. Have you done all previous weeks? The screens and Battle stars all go 1-7 regardless of the order you complete the weeks, so if you do weeks 1, 2,,6,7 then you look for stars 1-4, not 1, 2, 6 & 7

    2. It was moved to the new Football/Soccer field that is north of Pleasant Park. I updated the map!

      1. Its not showing up for me there even though week 6 chalenges are all complete

        1. Not sure why, did you already get the week 6 one before it moved? You can only get it once. Here’s a screenshot of where it is:

  14. I love this website,by far one of the easiest to get fortnite info from. I’m only commenting because of the Week 6 prediction, I believe that it will be in Greasy Grove because that same Fork and Knife truck can be found in the bottom left corner of it.

    1. Could U tell me where I could find the star in snobby please

      1. It’s not available yet, it’s this next week of challenges.

    2. Glad you like the site! It sure looks like Snobby though because of the evil lair with the rocket being directly behind it.

      1. You ended up being right, I thought they’d move the truck but they didn’t! Good call!

  15. The crab had no star

    1. You have to complete week 5 challenges first, I believe, besides, week 5 isn’t out yet…

    2. Week 5’s challenges aren’t out yet, and you have to have them all complete before you’d be able to get the star.

  16. Thank You So Much, Your Really Fast With This

    1. No problem!

  17. Can I still get week 1-3 hidden battle stars?

    1. Yes!

  18. Thank yo u so much. This helped me tier up faster

    1. Glad to help!

  19. Great website, loved it👍

  20. i checked everywhere around the rocket and no star wow.

    1. I also can’t find it, I went to the right place and have all the challenges completed. I also could not find the one at the prison.

      1. If you build a ramp up to the ledge where an ammo box can spawn , bash through the metal ‘x’ wall and build floor pieces to the opposite wall the star can be found there (found just now after the rocket has launched)

      2. Your blind

    2. its like on a bar connecting the rocket to the wall so you have to build to it

    3. Star is on the thing which is attached to the rocket from a side

  21. So what exactly do the stars give you?