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Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room Walkthrough

Is this virtual tour all just a bizarre dream?

Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room is a great mini escape room game to try right from your mobile device. Despite being mini, though, there are still plenty of mind-boggling puzzles to solve here. Struggling? Here's a full walkthrough of how to complete it.

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Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room Full Guide

We'll begin right in this virtual tour of the apartment. We can move to different rooms by pressing the arrows at the bottom of the screen. We can start anywhere we'd like, but the goal, like any escape room game, is to escape.

How to open the purse

First, move over to the room with the black cat in it and look at the purse on the armchair. We can work on getting this open by finding out what shapes we need to input in the dials. This is tricky because you won't find any other shape indicators around the apartment. Instead, go to the shoe rack and count all the crossed laces on each pair of shoes.

  • Blue shoes - 3
  • Green shoes - 3
  • White shoes - 5
  • Yellow shoes - 4
  • Pink shoes - 6
  • Red shoes - 4

Now, go back to the purse and input the shapes with the same number of sides as the number of crossed laces (for example, a triangle has three sides, so you'll input this for the number three).

The purse combination should look something like this (count the sides of the shape to double-check):

  • Triangle
  • Triangle
  • Pentagon
  • Square
  • Hexagon
  • Square

With the shapes in that order, you can unlock the purse. You can collect a Pen and a Greeting Card from inside.

How to set the Pen levels

If you look at the new pen you just acquired, you'll notice you can adjust its levels to different amounts. To know what levels you want to set, open the Greeting Card you found with it and look in the bottom right corner. Several lines are marked, indicating the perfect levels you can set the pen to:

  • Greeting card pen level clue in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Pen levels in closet bacon his escape room
  • First line - Mid
  • Second line - Low
  • Third line - High
  • Fourth line - High
  • Fifth line - Low

Setting the pen to these levels will make it an Extended Pen. You'll want to take it one step further by making it an Extended Pen with a hook.

Where to find a hook

The hook is by the front door inside the banana on the tray to the left. To get it, press on the banana twice to peel it back and eat some. Then, the hook will be exposed, and you can grab it. Now, combine the hook with the pen to make an Extended Pen with a hook.

How to open the top wardrobe door

Now, head to the wardrobe area, where clothes are hanging. Click on the top door, and you'll see five green buttons. Press the buttons to change their color. To learn what colors to change them to, open the greeting card and examine the candles on top of the cake. The order of colors you'll want is:

  • Greeting card candles clue in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Top wardrobe door color combination in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

When the buttons are put in the right color, the cabinet will unlock, and we can look inside. There will be a little puzzle box, which we'll leave for later. There will also be a small Note between the blue and yellow book. Grab the Note and hold onto it for later. Now, examine the order of the books and their colors. We can use this to solve another puzzle.

How to place the hat display

Go back to the area with the shoe rack and look at the hats on the right side cabinet. You can rearrange the hats on the displays. You'll use the book colors in the wardrobe to figure out where to place the hats. You'll work your way from the top left, down, and up to the top right:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Green/White

This will open a safe in the center of the hats. This safe is locked and requires us to turn the dials in the proper direction to unlock it.

How to unlock the safe

To figure out which direction to turn the safe dials, head back to the front door. Use your extended pen with a hook to pull down the trap door in the top right corner. This will reveal a hidden suit jacket. On the suit jacket, there are four buttons with angels on them. The direction in which the angels' arrows are pointing is the direction in which we'll turn the dials on the safe. (We can think of the dials like a clock to figure out the exact locations to turn them.)

  • Trap door suit jacket buttons clue in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Dial 1: 9 o'clock
  • Dial 2: 11 o'clock
  • Dial 3: 7 o'clock
  • Dial 4: 3 o'clock

Inside the safe, we'll get the Sunflower House folder and a Stamp pad. We can use the folder to figure out how to open the bottom door of the wardrobe.

How to open the bottom wardrobe door

Head back to the wardrobe area and select the bottom door. Like the top door, this one also has several colorful buttons. Instead of changing the colors, we'll press the buttons in the correct order. We can use the Sunflower House folder to figure out what order to do that.

The tabs on the folder are the same colors as the buttons on the door. As you turn the pages of the folder, you'll see the order of the colors to input:

  • Sunflower House folder with colored tabs in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Bottom wardrobe door color order in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Red

What order to pull the belts

Inside the bottom wardrobe door, you'll find five hanging green belts. When you click on them, you can pull down on them. You'll want to pull them in the correct order so that the panel behind them drops down:

  • Fourth belt
  • First belt
  • Fifth belt
  • Third Belt
  • Second belt

From the panel, grab the Tie clip with the fire symbol on it.

How to rearrange the bow ties

Directly underneath the ties, there is a tray of bow ties. These bow ties can be pressed to open the small slot above them. To figure out what order to press them in, we'll need to look out the window in the room with the black cat and match the items outside to the note we found in the wardrobe.

How to unscrew the window blinds

Head to the black cat room to look at the window. On the top of the window, you can see there is a screw holding the blinds in place. The blinds have the key to how our note symbols match the items outside. We'll need a Screwdriver to lower them.

With the tie clip you got from the wardrobe, you can get one. Take the clip over to the ties hanging on the top left side of the wardrobe. Inspect the hot air balloon tie and place the tie clip on it. This will make the balloon fly upwards, allowing you to collect the Screwdriver.

With the Screwdriver, you can unscrew the blinds at the top of the window and lower the blinds. This will reveal symbols over top of the specific items outside the window. They match the same symbols on the note we retrieved from the wardrobe earlier. The note only has four symbols on it, so we know to pick out the four symbols on the blinds that match, which are:

  • The flag and flowers mixed
  • The umbrella
  • The leopard
  • The sailboat

We can now use these items to match to the bow tie patterns back in the wardrobe, pressing the patterns in the same order. You'll need to press them down all at the same time, so use as many fingers as you can to hold them down as you're pressing the next one in the sequence.

  • Red bow tie with white flowers
  • Blue striped bow tie
  • Orange, white, and green, striped bow tie
  • Leopard print bow tie
  • Green, white and pink bow tie

From the small slot above the bow ties, you can retrieve a Small key.

How to solve the constellation puzzle box

Now, we can go back to the puzzle box we found at the top of the wardrobe. With the small key, we can find the clue we need to solve it.

Take the small key over to the wardrobe and unlock the garment cover hanging beside the jackets. This will lead to another room where a woman is sleeping. Turn around several times to face the exit back into the main apartment. On the floor to the left, you'll see another tie pin.

Take that tie clip back to the ties and place it on the dark blue tie on the right side. You can click on the door to enter another area. In this place, there are three constellations you'll see flashing in the sky. You'll want to pay attention to where the bright blue star is on each of them. We can use this order to solve the puzzle box.

On the puzzle box, click on the green star to move it to the correct spot where the blue star was shining in the constellations. Here's where they go:

  • Constellation room clue in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Constellation puzzle box solution in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Lightning Bolt - Middle hole
  • 'Y' - Second to bottom hole
  • 'S' - Very bottom hole

Inside the puzzle box, you'll collect 'some kind of part.'

How to unlock the lever

Continue back to the room within the garment cover in the wardrobe. Here is the large gold box with a lever on it that we want to unlock. To do so, we'll need to figure out what buttons to press. This is a multiple-step process, so we'll work through one step at a time.

How to wake the sleeping lady

The code we need can be found by giving the sleeping lady some espresso. First, we'll need to find the espresso. We can actually use the strange part we collected from the puzzle box to get some by using it on the gold panel by the front door.

How to open the gold panel by the front door

Use the strange part we collected from the puzzle box to open the gold panel by the front door. Underneath the panel are three prong holes where the part can be inserted. This will reveal the cup of espresso. Take the cup of espresso to the lady, and she will move out of the way, allowing you to collect the item she was sitting on: the Stamp.

Now, look inside the empty espresso mug, and you'll see what looks like tic-tac-toe. The circles are actually showing us what buttons to press on the lever box.

  • Espresso cup lever box clue in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Lever box code in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Top left corner
  • Bottom left corner
  • Very middle
  • Middle right side

This will open up a lever that we can pull on the front of the lever. Pull the lever, and the stage lights will turn on. You'll have the stamp you need to complete the next puzzle.

How to open the leaf-print bag

Inside the wardrobe, below the ties and bow ties, is a leaf-print bag. This is also locked and requires a specific sequence to open. To find that sequence, head back to the room with the black cat and look at the picture hanging on the wall above the armchair.

The house in the picture only has one window. We can use our stamp to make another window. Combine your stamp with the ink pad in your toolbar, and then press the stamp onto the picture. Now you can press the button underneath the picture to see the window light up.

The sequence in which the windows are lit up is the sequence you need to unlock the leaf-print bag. Press the two buttons in the same order that you see the flashes.

Leaf-print bag buttons in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • Right
  • Left
  • Left
  • Right
  • Right
  • Left

Then, we can grab the Disco mirror ball from inside the bag.

What time to set the clock

Head into the room with the shoes and hats and look at the green clock on the left cabinet. You can adjust the time on the clock by pressing the two buttons on the bottom of it. We can figure out what time to set it to by using the disco ball.

Bring the disco ball to the room in the garment bag and find the lady standing on the stage. Place the disco ball above her, and she'll start dancing. When she finishes dancing, her hands will be pointing in specific directions. We can mirror the clock hands to her hands, so the short hand is on three and the long hand is on eight. 3:40.

  • Dancing lady clock clue in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room
  • Green clock time in Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room

This will drop down another key for us to grab. This is the key that will allow us to escape the room! Take it to the front door and use it to unlock it and get out. Great job!

How to complete the secret ending

We've escaped the apartment, but there's actually a secret ending you can explore as well. When you're at the computer screen, after escaping the apartment, look at the cow in the back window. This will reveal a timestamp: 22:15. This shows a timestamp. We can actually hop back into the game and put that time to use.

Start a new game and head to the green clock in the wardrobe. On the clock, put in the time: 10:15. This will prompt you that the club is open. You can access the club through the garment cover in the wardrobe.

What color to set the three cats

Inside the club is a table full of food and a small card with three cats on it. We can change the color of the cats by pressing on them. To figure out what colors to change the cats to, head to the shoe and hat closet and look at the picture frame of the three cats on the right side.

The order we need to put the cats in is:

Secret level dinner card cat colors in Closet Bacon His escape room
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue

This will open up the stage screen and reveal three dancing cats. What better secret ending could there be?

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Closet Bacon HIS Escape Room Walkthrough

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