Mobile Suits we want to see in Gundam Evolution

While competitive shooter Gundam Evolution has an already impressive roster, it’s missing several popular Mobile Suits and franchise entries. Depending on how successful it becomes, we’re likely to see more playable suits added. But until then, here’s our wish list. Mobile Suits that Gundam Evolution Needs Gundam Wing Zero EW – Gundam Wing Gundam Wing […]

All Mobile Suits in Gundam Evolution

Gundam has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in 1979. Unfortunately, it hasn’t seen too much success in the gaming sphere. Gundam Evolution is looking to change that with its competitive gameplay, fan-favorite mobile suits, and free-to-play model. All Gundam Evolution Units Marasai (UC) Hailing from Gundam Unicorn, the Marasai is a mid-range fighter […]

How to play Destruction mode in Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution is blasting onto the competitive FPS scene. Aside from world-famous mobile suits, it comes packed with three familiar game modes to draw in new pilots: Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction. How does Destruction mode work in Gundam Evolution? Destruction pits two teams of six against one another. Attackers must plant and arm Megacharges […]

How to play Point Capture mode in Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution is launching with three core game modes: Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction. Each promises frantic gameplay featuring mobile suits from across the Gundam universe. Point Capture divides players into two teams of six with one attacking and the other defending. It is the goal of the attackers to take control of the objective […]