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Best Spells in Hogwarts Legacy – Spells Tier List

Bippty, Boppity... oh, wait. That's not it.

Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to customize your journey to a certain extent, by allowing you to pick and choose what spells you want to use to approach battles. Want to know our picks for the best spells available to you? Here's our Hogwarts Legacy Best Spells Tier List.

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Hogwarts Legacy Spells Tier List

SAvada Kedavra, Bombarda, Ancient Magic
AGlacius, Confringo, Imperio, Crucio, Transformation
BArresto Momentum, Diffendo, Levioso, Depulso, Descendo, Flipendo, Stupefy, Petrificus Totalus
CAccio, Incendio, Expelliarmus
UtilityDisillusionment, Lumos, Reparo, Wingardium Leviosa, Conjuring, Altering, Evanesco, Alohomora

The best Spells in Hogwarts Legacy, ranked

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For the purposes of this list we'll only be discussing spells that can be used in battle. While they are handy, spells like Reparo and Evanesco will only help you clean up after a Troll Attack. They won't help you take it down.

S Tier Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Avada Kedavra

While an attempt was made to balance to power of this curse by giving it a ridiculously long cooldown time, the most heinous of the Unforgivable Curses remains a top tier spell if you want to end a battle quickly. If you couple Avada Kedavra with its Mastery talent, you can end an entire battle all at once by inflicting curses on as many enemies as you can, than killing them all in one blow.


If you don't want to use Unforgiveable Curses during your playthrough, this spell will become your best friend. It's easily one the most powerful and damaging spells, and it's the best to use against large enemies like Trolls, who don't respond as well to control or force spells. Be careful when using this spell against smaller enemies, however. With Bombarda Mastery you can quickly scatter your opponents from the force of the blast, making them harder to group back together with force spells.

Ancient Magic

This is your insta-kill alternative to Avada Kedavra, though it won't necessarily instantly kill larger enemies. No matter who you use your unique powers on, it will certainly do some damage, and can turn the tides of a battle. You'll need to manage your Ancient Magic meter wisely, however. Your Ancient Magic Throw ability is arguably more overpowered than your Ancient Magic special move. Ancient Magic throws do not deplete the Ancient Magic meter, they can deal significant damage, particularly if you grab an explosive barrel, and it can be used to negate shielding.

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A Tier Spells in Hogwarts Legacy


Glacius and Transfiguration are learned later on in the game, but should be go-to control spells once you have learned them. While frozen enemies will not stay that way permanently, Glacius has the advantage of adding additional damage if you fire say, Bombarda, at them before they thaw. Combine this with Glacius' Mastery Talent, and you can almost turn frozen enemies into a bomb with the ice shrapnel they'll throw when hit with another damaging spell.


While it won't kill an enemy, you can neutralize them for an extended period of time with this spell, or with the Mastery Talent, turn enemies into ammunition for your Ancient Magic Throw. This spell unfortunately will not work on all enemies, like Avada Kedavra will.


This is Bombarda's potent but limited sibling. It will get you through the mid-game until you can learn Bombarda, however. Exploration wise, it is very handy for it's ability to cast fire at a long distance, which Bombarda will not do, but it also will not remove the largest obstacles that Bombarda will.

Imperio and Crucio

These next two curses, the other Unforgivable Curses, are not quite as overpowered as Avada Kedavra. However, they are essential for setting up a mass death scenario to kill all your opponents in one go. Obtaining the Mastery Talents for both of these spells is advised, as it will cause enemies inflicted by both to curse their comrades, once every enemy is marked, unleash the killing curse and watch them drop like flies.

B Tier Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Arresto Momentum

While this spell has about the same control capability as Glacius, it doesn't have the damage increasing potential that Glacius does. Instead, it is best paired with other control and force spells to keep smaller enemies airborne, which you can use to inflict higher damage with a basic cast, or even recharge more of your ancient magic meter with the Core Talent Basic Cast Airborne Absorption.


While not as flashy or potent as Confringo or Bombarda, it does have the benefit of a very long range. If you unlock Diffendo's mastery talent, you can also use it to cut a few enemies in one sweeping cast. Just make sure you aim carefully.

Levioso, Descendo, Flipendo, and Depulso

We've grouped these spells together as they all really serve the same purpose. These spells will not do damage by themselves, but can be used effectively to control the battlefield, particularly if you are fighting smaller enemies. It can be quite satisfying to end fights quickly by sending an unsuspecting poacher off a cliff with Depulso. Not bad for a spell with a much shorter cool down than Avada Kedavra.

Stupefy and Petrificus Totalus

You'll only be able to cast these spells as part of either a Protego Parry in the case of Stupefy, or as a stealth kill in the case of Petrificus Totalus. Both can be upgraded via your talent menu, and can get you out of some sticky situations quickly, particularly when you have to fight a mob.

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C Tier Spells in Hogwarts Legacy


Wand combat thrives at a distance, so while this spell is handy in the early game and for puzzles later on, by mid-game you will have much better options available to you to control smaller enemies.


While it can be powered up with it's Mastery Talent to do damage in a decent AoE, Incendio suffers from the same problem Accio does. It's really only useful at close range. You'll need to use it quite a bit in spider dens before you unlock Confringo, though. And, if you find yourself surrounded by Inferi, this spell is the way to go.


While it can be effective against some enemies, Expelliarmus is really limited to use against enemies that are armed such as Rookwood's Men, or Pensive Guardians. The Mastery Talent that it has is not particularly useful, either, as Imperio and Crucio do a better job of applying the cursed status to enemies quickly.

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Best Spells in Hogwarts Legacy – Spells Tier List

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