Hogwarts Legacy – In the Shadow of the Study Walkthrough guide

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you will get to learn various spells by completing different quests. In the Shadow of the Study is one of the missions you'll get in Sebastian Sallow's questline, and it involves learning the Cruciatus curse. However, learning this Unforgivable Curse won't be easy, and you need to complete a few puzzles first. Here's a complete walkthrough of In the Shadow of the Study quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to start In the Shadow of the Study in Hogwarts Legacy

To start In the Shadow of the Study, you must meet Sebastian Sallow in front of the Slytherin common room. Keep an eye on the Owl Mail to see Sebastian's letter which invites you to this quest. You'll notice a magnifying glass symbol on the map near the Slytherin common room. Visit this location and interact with Sebastian. He speaks to Ominis Gaunt, and you'll learn that Gaunt is a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. For this quest, you'll have to visit Salazar Slytherin's Scriptorium which is hidden in Hogwarts.

How to open the Slytherin's Scriptorum door in Hogwarts Legacy

After interacting with Sebastian and Ominis Gaunt, you need to enter the Scriptorium. To do this, you must open Slytherin's door. This can be done by lighting three of the lamps simultaneously in the hallway. The first lamp is located opposite Slytherin's door, while the other two are on the left side of the door. The best method to light all three lamps at once is to stand in front of the door, equip Confringo, and quickly hit each of the lamps with three spell casts. Lighting all three lamps at once unlocks Slytherin's door, from where you'll have to navigate toward the Scriptorium.

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How to explore beyond the doorway in Slytherin's Scriptorum in Hogwarts Legacy

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After entering the door, you'll take a winding staircase leading below, and the first room will be locked by another door. There is also a note here from Noctua Gaunt which you can identify by casting Revelio. After using Revelio, you'll also notice that a stone wall is broken in front of the door. Use Reparo to fix the stone wall and read the inscription. Once that's done, you'll need to speak to Ominis Gaunt, and ask him to speak in parseltongue. The door inside this room will open only when Ominis speaks parseltongue, and it leads to the next part of the quest.

How to solve Slytherin locks in Hogwarts Legacy

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The next part is the toughest bit of this quest, and for this, you'll need to figure out three Slytherin snake puzzles. The key to unlocking these snake puzzles is to match the symbols on the doors with the snake locks. Each door has two unique symbols, and once you align them by rotating the dials on the snake locks, the doors will open. So, follow the steps highlighted to quickly get through this part of the quest.

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After entering this room, use Revelio to check all the quest objects, they will be marked in blue. Use Lumos to light up the area, and check the symbols on every door. You need to enter the first room located on the left side of the main entrance. Here, you will find a snake puzzle and a lamp on its left side. Light the lamp by casting a fire spell like Confringo or Incendio. Check the image above to see the symbols which unlock the first door through the snake puzzle.

The second Slytherin lock is located right in front of the main entrance. This one opens the gate right next to it, and you can check the image above to see the symbols on the game. The top shape is circular, while the bottom shape looks like a snake. Match these symbols by moving the dials on the second Slytherin lock to unlock this gate. When the door opens, use Lumos and enter it as this will lead to the third snake lock.

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The third snake lock opens the main door in the corridor. Use Confringo to light up the lamp next to it, and match the symbols as shown in the image above. The top shape will look like a jellyfish, while the bottom symbol looks like a pyramid. After unlocking the third gate in this room, enter it and continue the quest. You will also find Noctua Gaunt's notes along the way; it shows that she came down here ages ago in search of the Scriptorium.

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Should you use Crucio on Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy?

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After entering the final room before the Scriptorum, you'll come across a door with a screaming face. Beside the door, you'll find the final note from Noctua Gaunt, along with a skeleton lying by. Interact with Ominis and Sebastian, and you'll learn more about the Cruciatus curse. Although Ominis is against it, Sebastian wants to go ahead and learn Crucio to know more about Slytherin's Spellbook.

After interacting with the two of them for a while, you'll be presented with a choice. The choices are listed below.

  • Very well. I don't want to learn the Cruciatus curse
  • I want to learn the Cruciatus curse. But, you must cast it on me.
  • Teach me the Cruciatus curse and I'll cast it on you.
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We selected the third option and cast the Cruciatus curse on Sebastian. You can choose the other options as it doesn't seem to affect the overall quest. Once that's done, you'll be granted access to Salazar Slytherin's Scriptorum. You'll find the Slytherin Spellbook, hand it to Sebastian, and exit from the Slytherin Dungeon. This completes In the Shadow of the Study quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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