How to unlock the Sparks pistol in Hunt Showdown

To unlock the Sparks pistol in Hunt Showdown, you must earn Event Points and level up the Serpent Moon progression tree to level nine. After reaching level nine in the Serpent Moon progression tree, you will unlock the pistol variant of the Sparks Rifle. However, before purchasing it from the Arsenal, you must wait until the event ends. […]

How to unlock weapons and gear in Hunt Showdown

If you are wondering how unlocking weapons and consumables works in Hunt Showdown, it’s not complicated. In short, players earn new items by leveling their Bloodline rank to the max rank of 100. Players level their Bloodline rank by earning Bloodline XP from matches and leveling up their hunters. As players earn XP and rank up, […]

All Hidden Achievements in Hunt Showdown and How To Complete Them

In Hunt Showdown, over 11 hidden achievements are locked behind hidden requirements. Because of this, it can be a bit of a guessing game about unlocking the 11 secret achievements. Luckily, we’ve outlined the ways to get all the hidden achievements. How to get the Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden Achievement in Hunt Showdown To unlock the […]