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25 Best Zelda BOTW Mods To Try

Make the world of Hyrule your own.

Although The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a Nintendo Switch and Wii U game natively, that doesn't stop players from adding mods to make their experience more enjoyable. In fact, there is an entire guide online on exactly how to use mods from ZeldaMods. Considering that, we listed the 25 best mods to try out in no particular order, as well as what they include and where to find them!

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What are the 25 best mods for Zelda BOTW?

25. Breath of the Wild: Second Wind

This massive collaborative effort has completely overhauled nearly every aspect of the game, introducing a wealth of fresh features and content that you can find here. Trust us, you really have to try it to fully appreciate it. While incorporating elements of Survival of the Wild, Relics of the Past, Hyrule Rebalance, and other mods we've previously discussed, Second Wind goes above and beyond.

New blacksmiths, revamped shrines, brand new music, and multiple new questlines are just a few of the exciting things you can discover in Second Wind. The project's flagship feature, The Ancient Island, will transport Link to an entirely new area to explore, and it's a must-play for anyone seeking a new challenge in the game.

24. Relics of the Past

If you're a veteran player who has already completed the game and is comfortable with its combat mechanics, then this mod is for you. Prepare to face tougher enemies and encounter more guardians scattered throughout the map. Don't be surprised if high-level mobs such as Moblins start attacking you right from the start of the game.

However, there's a silver lining—you'll have access to some decent equipment right from the beginning. Additionally, the mod includes some balance changes that allow for more strategic gameplay. Initially, it may seem like pandemonium, but with the right gear and a bit of adjustment to the treacherous difficulty, you'll be able to overcome any challenge. You can find the mod at this link.

23. Hyrule Rebalance

The mod comprehensively addresses nearly every facet of the game, rectifying the most glaringly imbalanced elements of BotW, including certain mechanics that were widely deemed as broken, such as the controversial durability system.

This overhaul introduces a range of changes, from improved loot drops from more formidable foes to reconfigured enemy and wildlife statistics that are more consistent with Link's anticipated progress. Additionally, it establishes a more rational relationship between the prices of armor and weapon statistics.

In addition to these adjustments, the mod enables players to upgrade and customize all armor sets, and imbues all shields with the ability to inflict damage when used for bashing. Meanwhile, a few adversaries have acquired new tactics to keep players on their toes. You can see it for yourself at this link.

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22. Zelda's Ballad

This amazing mod boasts a fresh Zelda character model, complete with a stunning array of outfits to choose from. The creator has gone above and beyond, crafting a myriad of different looks that you can dye to your heart's content, giving you even more customization options. When it comes to the princess's hair, you're also spoiled for choice. Take your pick from a selection of gorgeous hairstyles that will truly make her stand out on the battlefield.

If you're not sure where to start, consider trying out some of the mod's extra add-ons, such as the Royal Ancient Armor or the Linkle Armor Set. These are just a couple of examples of the incredible features that make Zelda's Ballad an unforgettable experience. You can download it and enjoy it at this link.

21. Linkle Mod

One of the most popular and extensively used modifications for BotW is the playable Linkle, which surpasses all expectations by transforming her into the new main character of this epic quest. Initially appearing in Hyrule Warriors, Linkle firmly believes she is the reincarnation of the hero of Hyrule. With this mod, you can play as her in that role, especially with the Dialogue Fix installed. You can find it at this link.

What makes this mod outstanding is the strong support it receives from the community. Additionally, you can customize Linkle's appearance by outfitting her in Pyra's attire from Xenoblade 2, dressing her up in a modern schoolgirl outfit, or transforming her into Zero Suit Samus, complete with a ponytail.

20. Link/Linkle of Rivia

If you're a fan of Link or his doppelgänger Linkle, you'll definitely want to check out this link in order to enjoy this familiar armor that's sure to impress. The armor was first worn by Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt and has now made its way into the world of Breath of the Wild, complete with the School of the Wolf pendant.

Despite being a retexture of the base game's Stealth Chest Guard and Pants, the attention to detail in the design is truly impressive. It blends in seamlessly with the game's overall aesthetic and atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to any player's arsenal.

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19. Playable Mipha

This mod allows you to change Link's entire model to that of Mipha. Like the Playable Princess Ruto mod below, she can swim faster than the regular Link model and can even swim up waterfalls. In fact, she will also have an unbreakable Lightscale Trident.

She will also come with different armor sets that you can choose to dye if you so wanted to. To enjoy this mod, you can find it over at this link.

18. Playable Princess Ruto

Although this mod doesn't have the same facial features as the aforementioned Playable Mipha mod, this one is still great to use. Princess Ruto is able to swim faster than Link and can also swim up waterfalls, making traversal easier than ever. If you're a fan of Ocarina of Time, then there's a good chance that you'll want to head over to this link to bring back fond memories of the pushy princess.

17. Hylian Mipha

Introducing the Hylian-style Mipha costume for Linkle 3.0! This new armor set replaces the Zora armor and comes complete with hair color and facial makeup to fully transform Linkle into the beloved Mipha. If you prefer the original look, simply remove the included parts to return to normal Linkle. You may notice that the facial parts of the Mipha costume are slightly droopier than usual, adding to the overall authenticity of the costume.

Additionally, the physics of the hair, jackets, skirts, and accessories are programmed to move, enhancing the immersive experience. While the Zora armor is still a fan-favorite, this new Mipha costume offers a refreshing and exciting new option for Linkle fans to enjoy. You can check it out at this link.

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16. Girly Animation Pack

This mod offers a significant makeover of Link's commonly used animations, such as idles, walks, runs, and talks. With over a hundred animations replaced, the mod aims to give female players a more feminine appearance similar to that of most female NPCs in the game. Additionally, players can choose from several styles for each replacement animation, allowing for customization and a unique gameplay experience. Interestingly, the mod also allows players to reverse the changes and apply default Link animations instead. This means that players can bring back the beloved tomboyish Linkle in their gameplay if they so choose. You can find it at this link.

15. Islands Expansion DLC

The Islands Expansion mod is a thrilling addition to Hyrule's skies, introducing an abundance of new elements to the game. With the addition of new enemies, players will be challenged in new and exciting ways. The inclusion of new puzzles will test their problem-solving skills and keep them engaged. The mod also features new deco elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the game. You can find it at this link.

14. Pet the Dogs

This mod allows you to finally pet any dog in Hyrule. Simply approach a dog and press A to pet it. Currently, the mod doesn't animate the dog when Link pets it, so you may notice that Link's hand doesn't always connect perfectly. However, the mod creator has mentioned that they may make small tweaks in the future. Unfortunately, they haven't found a way to change the prompt text to "Pet" yet. Despite these minor limitations, the mod is a great addition to the game and provides an enjoyable experience for dog lovers. So, go ahead and enjoy petting all the pups in Hyrule at this link!

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13. Marin Ballad

This mod doesn't change Link's model to Marin, but instead spawns her into the world of Hyrule while singing Epona's Song. Marin is beautifully rendered in the game's iconic cel-shaded graphics, making her a great addition to your gameplay! You can download her at this link.

12. Bowsette BOTW (Switch)

Similar to the Linkle and Mipha mods, this mod changes Link's character model to that of Bowsette. Yeah, THAT Bowsette. Besides the haircut and the spikes, this mod provides a dress armor set that can be dyed in a variety of different colors. You can install it over at this link.

11. Krystal Mod

This mod is designed to be used with the above Linkle mod and it replaces the Phantom's armor with the Blue Fox. The parts have been adjusted to fit seamlessly with Linkle's body, and the NPC's frightening behavior when wearing the Phantom armor has been removed. The SixSage's Sword has been replaced with Krystal's Staff, which is actually a spear.

The model is heavily modified from Linkle, particularly the face and legs, and the costume is ported from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including her hair, ears, clothes, and tail. All of Krystal's physics have been made to work, including facial expressions. With this mod, players can become Krystal and enjoy their Hyrule adventure. There is also a TuyoTuyo version of the mod that gives Krystal all-weather resistance, 28 armor per part, and infinite durability for staves. While you wait for the next StarFox, you can install this mod at this link.

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10. Traveler Backpack [The Pants Update]

This mod adds 4 new sets of armor into the game, each with a unique style and purpose. Originally worn by NPCs, they are now wearable by Link. The armor sets include the Warrior's Set, Traveler's Set, Vagabond's Set, Journeyman's Set, and Wanderer's Shorts. You can obtain each set from different stables throughout the game and you can find the mod at this link.

9. Salvager Set Repurposed

Originally, the set included diving gear which has now been replaced with a more advanced flame protection armor created by Robbie. This upgraded version provides the Flame Guard effect, making it much more effective in combat. Additionally, it is now possible to upgrade the armor, and it can be made using the Ancient Oven.

Moreover, the mod maker has made a few more tweaks to the set by removing the clunky diving helmet and replacing it with goggles. Furthermore, the overall size of the armor has been reduced to make it fit better with other armor pieces. Lastly, the fuel tanks now have glow maps added to them, enhancing their overall appearance. You can check out the mod at this link.

8. The Winter Set

The Winter Set is a three-piece armor set in the game that provides full Cold Resistance and Snow Speed Up. The set consists of the Cosy Hood, which is a new item that can be found in a chest at the Lanayru Promenade and on the Wintre Island. The Warm Doublet and Snow Boots are also part of the set. Each armor piece is upgradeable and dyeable. However, for balancing purposes, the Winter Set has a slightly lower armor rating than the Snowquill Set and does not provide the unfreezable set bonus effect. Additionally, the Hylian Hood has been renamed the Hylian Cloak, and its description has been slightly altered. You can find the mod at this link.

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7. Zonai Shield - Tears of the Kingdom

This mod focuses specifically on the shield that was seen in the Tears of the Kingdom trailers. This mod has recently been updated to include a newer model and better textures, which now more accurately reflect the appearance of the shield as seen in more recent trailers. You can check out the Zonai shield for yourself at this link.

6. Sequel Toga

This mod gives Link the toga and tattoos that he is wearing in the Tears of the Kingdom trailers. This mod is also dyeable, meaning that you can customize it as you please. While you wait for the sequel to Breath of the Wild, be sure to install the Sequel Toga mod here.

5. Pride Shirt for Link and Linkle

This mod changes the Nintendo Switch t-shirt to that of a Pride flag. The mod even goes so far as to change the name of the shirt as well as the icon for when you put it in your inventory. If you want to travel around Hyrule representing your true self, you can install the mod here.

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4. Selective HUD Removal (Switch)

If you're a seasoned player of the popular video game Breath of the Wild, you may have noticed that certain HUD elements can become redundant or even irritating over time. Fortunately, the Selective HUD Removal mod is available and can remove or reduce these elements, which are not affected by the in-game Pro HUD setting or other mods currently available. This mod aims to leave only the most essential elements visible, while still allowing players to track the state of core game mechanics. However, it's important to note that this mod is not recommended for beginners or those new to the game, as button prompts and other information can be critical to their progression and overall enjoyment. You can check it out for yourself here.

3. No Blood Moon Respawn (Switch)

When playing the game, some players may choose to disable the re-spawn mechanic that typically occurs during a blood moon event. By heading to this link and installing the mod, players prevent monsters, items, treasure chests, and anything else from re-appearing until they disable this mod and another blood moon occurs. There are a couple of reasons why players may want to disable this mechanic. Firstly, it can make the game harder, as players need to conserve and make better use of their items. Additionally, if players are experiencing Panic Moons and unable to advance beyond a certain point in the game while playing certain mods, disabling the re-spawn mechanic can be helpful. This goes nicely with the Quick Moons mod for that purpose.

2. Ancient Test of Strength (Switch)

In the world of Hyrule, a new trial awaits the hero that fate has chosen. This trial is all about battling skills, and the hero must prove their strength to the monk offering the Ancient Test of Strength. The goal is to fight through hordes of enemies until the final wave, where the hero must defeat the last enemy to complete the trial. To make things more interesting, there are three different difficulty levels to choose from. The Classic level offers a balanced but demanding challenge. The Simplified level provides more powerful weapons and disables elemental damage against the player. The Hell level is the most challenging, with weaker weapons and faster enemy waves. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the game, there's a difficulty level for everyone to enjoy this thrilling trial. You can check it out at this link.

1. The Halloween Hunt DLC

Are you ready for a new adventure? This expansion has a wealth of new content, including a new boss, challenges, armor, weapons, NPCs, and much more. Additionally, this expansion supports the Linkle mod, which is great news for those who use it. However, for those who use the Girly Animation Mod, it's important to take note of a warning regarding options 10 and 11. When playing the Halloween Hunt DLC, these settings have been confirmed to cause crashing, so it's recommended to select the safest options. You can check out the mod at this link.

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