Mafia: Definitive Edition – Dime Detective Magazine Locations

A guide to finding all the Dime Detective magazines in the Mafia: Definitive Edition

There are many collectibles to find with open-world games, and Mafia 1 is no different. Luckily, there are no missable items, so no multiple playthroughs are needed to acquire everything the game offers. One of the many collectibles within the game is the Dime Detective Magazine.

The Dime magazines are placed all over the open-world, but as you progress through the story, you'll no doubt find some. There is a Collection Menu where you can see what collectibles you have already found, which is extremely handy, especially if collecting everything in Free Roam.

This guide will take you where to find the magazines by order of chapters, so they will not be found in chronological order from numbers 1 to 20. What makes things easier is that collectibles are highlighted on the minimap when you are in close proximity to them, so they are pretty hard to miss. But don't worry as everything missed is available to pick up in Free Roam! Now here are all 20 locations!

Dime Detective Magazine Locations List

Chapter 3: Dime Detective #14

This one is located in Chapter 3: Molotov Party. In the room where you have to pick up the Molotov Cocktails. In the same room on the table should be the Death Wears Red Heels magazine.

Chapter 4: Dime Detective #12

In Chapter 4: Ordinary Routine as you find yourself on the way to Clark's Motel. Outside this Motel in the south-eastern corner on some wooden planks is the Hayseed Homicide magazine. If you're still unsure of the location, Clark's Motel will be the third stop during the money collection tour.

Chapter 5: Dime Detective #9

The fourth magazine found is in Chapter 5: Fair Play. Death Blows out of Candles magazine is found when you have to drive the Autodrome guard to the garage. However, this one is pretty tricky as you have to go out of bounds to collect it the first time around, and it only gives you 10 seconds. It's most likely going to tell you to "Return to the Objective." Within the time frame, you have to find the magazine in the stands opposite the garage. If it's not possible, you can come back later in Chapter 5 after the race.

Chapter 7: Dime Detective #6

In Chapter 7, where you're trying to find out where the gang is located, inside Biff's shop in Chinatown in the backroom, the Happy Murder to You! magazine is located here.

Chapter 8: Dime Detective #13

When you have to deliver a message from Don Salieri in Chapter 8 inside Hotel Corleone in the south-east corner, the bottom floor, there should be a guy in your way, choke him out like the Mafia guy you are, and collect the Mexican Slayride magazine from the table.

Chapter 8: Dime Detective #19

During the rooftop escape section of Hotel Corleone, just after facing off against the cops at the very end, there is a white table, and two chairs on a rooftop, the Lady's From Hades magazine is on top of it. This one is very easy to miss, but if you keep an eye out for a white table, you should find it.

Chapter 8: Dime Detective #18

This one is an easy one to find in Chapter 8, inside the St Micheal's Church, when you have to kill Johnny; you'll find the Live and Let die magazine on the altar in the south-east corner.

Chapter 9: Dime Detective #11

In Chapter 9, when you're objective is to find Sam, you'll find the Weather Fair Track Bloody magazine inside the massive barn in the north-east area. However, this location is unavailable to you until you've investigated the truck and made it through the enemy ambush.

Chapter 10: Dime Detective #20

At the very start of Chapter 10, where you have to talk to Vincenzo, on a crate right next to where you converse with him is the Death Gives A Permanent wave magazine. Vincenzo is the first objective marker in this chapter.

Chapter 11: Dime Detective #8

When you have to locate the Prosecutor's Safe inside the mansion in Chapter 11, on the bottom floor in the most north-eastern room is the You're the Crime in my Coffee magazine located on a book cart.

Chapter 12: Dime Detective #4

This magazine is another one that is very easily missable! In Chapter 12, where you have to talk to Sam, inside the guardhouse at the parking garage entrance is a side room. In this room on a table is the Post-Mortem at Pimlico magazine. As long as you scour the parking garage, you'll find it!

Chapter 14: Dime Detective #1

You have to find Sam yet again in Chapter 14. This magazine is located at St. Peter's Port. As you arrive, you'll see quite a large crowd; on the left-hand side of this crowd, you'll find the Please Pass the Poison magazine on a table.

Chapter 14: Dime Detective #7

While onboard the ship in Chapter 14, when the objective is to find a vantage point. The You Can Die Any Die magazine is found on the top deck only available during this specific objective on a table. The table is located on the side as you face the city, not facing the sea.

Chapter 15: Dime Detective #10

This one is a quick one to find. Inside the restaurant where the first gunfight of Chapter 15 happens, located on one of the tables is the A Horse of Another Killer magazine.

Chapter 16: Dime Detective #17

During Chapter 16 at the airport, inside the big hanger exactly where the mission marker is. Right before you open the gate, the Tin-Pan Alibi magazine is located inside this hanger.

Chapter 17: Dime Detective #5

This one is pretty tricky to find. In Chapter 17, when you're following the Hobo signs to the Guard Tower Prison. Inside the prison cell block, you have to pull the lever in the third-floor corner. This will activate the opening of the cells in this block. Head to the western cells, and inside one of them, The Corpse That Wasn't There magazine is located.

Chapter 17: Dime Detective #15

On the top floor of the Guard Tower Prison inside the library, the Sealed with a Kris magazine is located. Beware, grab this magazine before going through the Guard Tower door!

Chapter 18: Dime Detective #16

At a point in Chapter 18, you'll be sneaking through a Federal Customs Impound. You'll also have to enter a building that is full of people trying to kill you. However, on the top floor of this building in one of the offices, the Feather Your Coffin magazine is located.

Chapter 19: Dime Detective #2

When on Chapter 19, when inside the bank, on the top floor. In a side office on a desk is the Let the Skeletons Rattle magazine.

Chapter 20: Dime Detective #3

And the last Dime Detective magazine is located at the very start of Chapter 20. You'll start inside of your house, and in the living room, the final magazine, Watch Me Kill You! is here!

If you are struggling to find any of these, check out this video for reference:

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