Best Passives to choose in New World

Maximize all the abilities in your arsenal.

New World offers some really flash and intense abilities that can make or break certain builds and fighting styles. However, there are plenty of passive abilities that can also be used to provide equally devastating damage. Once you decide what weapon you want to progress with, it's a good idea to look over what passive abilities you want to take on.

There are four categories of weapons with different weapon varieties in each. Considering that, here are all of the best passive abilities for each of those weapon types.

One-Handed Weapon Passives in New World

This category of weapons includes Swords (which are used in tandem with Shields), Rapiers, and Hatchets. A majority of the passive abilities available in this category are for close-ranged attacks.

Sword and Shield - Empowered Stab

The Sword and Shield combo is the very first weapon that you encounter in New World. It also has some of the best passive abilities. One of the most useful, however, is Empowered Stab which grants you 30% Empower for five seconds. Empower increases how much damage you can deal, so this can be really helpful in tough situations. This passive is available in the Swordmaster skill tree.

Rapier - Unnering

Rapiers offer similar passive abilities as Sword and Shield but are not nearly as powerful. The best one to use is Unnering which allows you to deal 5% more damage to targets with a Rapier Bleed. Bleed is a debuff that will continuously attack the enemy over time. This passive is available in the Blood skill tree.

Hatchet - Defy Death

The Defy Death passive skill might only be good in a pinch, but it's definitely worth it. When you receive lethal damage, you can avoid death, reduce to 50 HP, and gain immortality for three seconds. This ability literally gives you three seconds to regroup yourself and take a second stab at what you were trying to do. This passive is available in the Berserker skill tree.

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Two-Handed Weapon Passives in New World

This category of weapons includes Spears, Great Axes, and War Hammers. The passive abilities available in this category focus a lot on strength and dexterity in their execution.

Spear - Merciless Strength

The Merciless Strength passive ability provides you with +25% damage against knocked-down targets. Since the Spear focuses on both short-range and long-distance piercing damage, this passive ability is best against mobs. This passive is available in the Zoner skill tree.

Great Axes - Executioner's Speed

Great Axes can deal a lot of damage to several enemies very easily. Because of this, the Executioner's Speed passive ability is great when hitting two or more targets with a single Great Axe swing. You'll be immediately granted three seconds of 20% Haste which helps you move faster. This is a win-win situation because being able to move faster will help you swing at more enemies. This passive is available in the Reaper skill tree.

War Hammers - Outnumbered

Even though War Hammers can deal a high amount of damage, you can still find yourself surrounded by enemies. The Outnumbered passive skill lets you increase damage absorption by 10% if surrounded by two or more enemies within three meters of you. This passive is available in the Crowd Crusher skill tree.

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Ranged Weapon Passives in New World

This category of weapons includes Bows and Muskets. The passive abilities available in this category focus on making sure that your accuracy is on point.

Bows - Opening Strike

Using a Bow can be great if you happen to be good with ranged attacks. The Opening Strike passive ability is a great opener for tough battles as it deals +20% damage to foes with 100% health. Of course, this only works if you're the first person attacking so you'll need to make sure that you are. This passive is available in the Hunter skill tree.

Muskets - Salt on the Wounds

Using the Salt on the Wounds passive ability adds a 10% damage increase towards targets that are below 30% health. The name is accurate as this essentially means that the tail end of battles should go by the quickest. This passive is available in the Trapper skill tree.

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Magical Weapon Passives in New World

This category of weapons includes Fire Staffs, Life Staffs, Ice Gauntlets, and Void Gauntlets. The passive abilities available in this category hone in on your intelligence and focus to execute them.

Fire Staff - Runes of Helios

Fire Staffs are among the most chaotic weapons you can use in New World. If you happen to pair with Runes of Helios from the Fire Mage skill tree, then you can create a two-meter rune on the ground that increases your spell damage by 25% while standing in it. This skill lasts seven seconds so you have plenty of time to cause chaos.

Life Staff - Enchanted Justice

The Life Staff is primarily used for healing, so one of the best passive skills you can use is Enchanted Justice. This skill lets you create a four-meter healing aura that can heal for 10% weapon damage. This lasts for six seconds and can be used by both you and your friends. This passive is available in the Healing skill tree.

Ice Gauntlet - Gathering Storm

If you decided to master Ice Gauntlets, you'll also want to take a look at Gathering Storm. This passive ability gives you 15 Mana for every three consecutive light attacks you land. This passive is available in the Ice Tempest skill tree.

Void Gauntlet - Radiant Efficiency

The Void Gauntlet is another really destructive weapon class. The best passive ability to pair with these attacks would be Radiant Efficiency. This skill is really interesting because it lets you reduce Mana costs by 25% so long as you stay above 50% Mana. This passive is available in the Decay skill tree.

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Best Passives to choose in New World

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