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Best Roblox Games on Mobile

Check out these top free Roblox games to play on mobile!

Anyone who has played Roblox or has watched others play probably has a running list of their favorite games. As Roblox is so varied, you can mostly play anything you want! There are many genres to choose, from life simulator to obstacle course. One of the most convenient ways to play many of the Roblox games is on the go!

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Best Roblox Games on Mobile

In order to give a list of the Best Mobile games for Roblox, we have scoured the internet to determine what you should play on your phone. Some games just play better on a smartphone than on a PC or console!

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Image via Den_S

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is an immersive and fun experience for gamers. You begin the game with an area of land to build your own theme park. At this point, you can make the theme park as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. If you are detail-orientated, you can customize everything from the roller coasters to the food stands. If you’re not into extreme detail and just want to get started riding the roller coasters within the game, you can leave the theme park simple and plain.

Robux, the accepted currency in Roblox, can be used to upgrade and improve your theme park. You’ll definitely want to upgrade the theme park because the entry-level theme park looks and feels a little run-down.

Work at a Pizza Place

Image via Dued1

This roleplaying game, Work at a Pizza Place, is a great game for building teamwork skills and work experience in its players. The goal of the game is to complete the orders placed for pizza. The more orders you complete, the easier it is to upgrade your house, purchase accessories, and buy furniture. This is a great choice for those who want a life simulator and diner tycoon put into one game. 

Work at a Pizza Place is basically a spinoff of the now-defunct Work at a Krusty Krab.

Murder Mystery 2

Image via Nikilis

Murder Mystery 2 was created by Nikilis. This is a horror game, and it’s inspired by a Garry’s Mod game mode, Murder. Since launching in January 2014, the game has had over 5B visits. In order to complete each level, the player must solve the “murder/mystery” and survive into the following round.

In this game, you are either an Innocent, Sheriff, or Murderer. The Innocents use their detective skill set to expose the Murderer. In addition, the Innocents will run/hide from the Murderer. The Sheriff will assist the Innocents, and the Sheriffs have weapons so that they can eliminate the Murderer. The Murderer attempts to eliminate each character in the game without getting caught.

Fans of Town of Salem or Among Us will enjoy this game.


Image via Badimo

Jailbreak is one of the most popular games on Roblox (mobile or console). With over 4.3B visits, you’ll definitely enjoy your experience when playing Jailbreak. This is a Town and City genre game that was created in January 2017. This multi-player game allows up to 30 players per game.

The objective of this game is pretty straightforward. Teamwork is the key; there are two choices for this game. You can either set up a robbery or try to stop criminals from escaping. Also, you can team up with other players to orchestrate the ultimate raid or heist. This has brought many users hours of fun!

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Super Bomb Survival

Image via Polyhex

Super Bomb Survival does not fall into any specific genre and is such a cool game that we had to put it on the list. With 1.5B visits, this is a very popular game. In this bomb-themed disaster survival game, the best way to survive this game is to keep moving safely and securely for two and a half minutes. Bombs and explosions will occur from all areas of the screen in this game, which will keep you on your toes and make your heart race the entire time you're playing.

Speed Run 4

Image via Vurse

In Speed Run 4, you will race your friends or other players in a race against the clock. There are currently 30 obstacle courses, and we assume the developers of the game will continue to update and modify how the game plays and increase the number of obstacle courses. This is a very popular game and has had over 990 million visits.

Hide and Seek Extreme

Image via Tim7775

Hide and Seek Extreme was created in 2015. Like your typical game of Hide and Seek, one person is It, and this player has to find the other players. The It player is not able to spawn with their default character; they will be whichever It character they are equipped with. This game is a lot of fun with many players or even with only two players. 

Super Strike League

Image via Cinder Studio

Super Striker League is similar to an older game, Mario Strikers Legends. In Mario Strikers Legends, you were able to choose different “Mario Legends” and build your ultimate soccer team to play against other teams. 

In Super Striker League, the game design is similar, except you don’t choose “Mario” characters. In this game, you build super teams with superpowers for epic soccer games!

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Image via TeamCrystal!

In this multiplayer, open-world game called Roville, work-life balance comes to life. You can work many types of jobs, build your dream home, and hang out with friends and other users around the world. The game has endless possibilities and hours of gaming fun. This game can give you ideas on what or what doesn’t work in the Roblox world.

Bee Swarm Simulator

Image via Onett

In this multiplayer Bee Swarm Simulator, you explore fields that have pollen in them, where you collect honey in order to attract bees. The more bees you attract will then pollinate more flowers so that you can collect more honey (this cycle continues throughout the game). You can also collect pollen to purchase items such as the Golden Rake, which is extremely useful in collecting large amounts of pollen. 

Honey Bears within the game give you missions to complete in order for you to collect more pollen in order to get more honey. Honey is the main method of currency within this game.

Are You Genius?

Image via SirMing

If you want to kick back and relax, then you may find many of the games on this list to be too stimulating. With Are You Genius, you can enjoy a straightforward trivia game with laid back graphics and mechanics. So, are you a genius? Play this game to find out!


Image via MiniToon

Have you ever wanted to play a horror game featuring anthropomorphic pigs? If so, then this specific game is made for you! Piggy is a horror genre survival mystery game where you try and escape from the Piggy killer while solving the mystery plot of the game. This game is very ambitious for a Roblox title, so we thought this was impressive enough to earn a spot on the list.

Tower of Hell

Image via YXCeptional Studios

Tower of Hell lives up to its name, due to the sheer challenging nature of the game. Your player must attempt to rush to the top of the tower while dodging deterrents and completing obstacles. The most difficult aspect of this game is that there are no save points: you have to complete everything in one go. This is a good game for players who want a tough challenge.

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All-Star Tower Defense

Image via Top Down Games

Tower Defense games are some of the best casual games you can play on your own time, and convenient for mobile users. All-Star Tower Defense in particular is one of the most popular. It has anime-inspired troops, each with their own unique abilities, to protect your towers from waves of approaching threats. Challenge yourself with hard-difficulty waves and bosses to earn special rewards and upgrades your armies. You can even play with friends and complete the various levels together.

Pet Simulator X

Image via BIG Game Pets

Pet Simulator X is an excellent choice for mobile users and pet lovers alike. Roam different biomes as you use your pets to collect coins and gems on the ground. Your goal is to save up as many coins as you can so you can hatch new pets of different rarities to add to your collection. Rarer pets can harvest coins quicker, making things a lot easier for you to progress. You can also earn ranks the more coins you collect and the further along you get through the biomes, which in turn, allows you to claim amazing rewards.

Speed Draw

Image via Studio Giraffe

Looking for a more creative experience to showcase your art? Speed Draw is an amazing Roblox game you can play on mobile, in which you draw pictures based on a prompt and try to get players to rate it 1-5 stars. Players with the most stars at the end of the round are announced first, second, and third-place winners. You want to do your best to draw pictures as quickly as possible, but with enough quality and precision so your fellow peers will rank them well.

Type or Die

Image via Type or Die

Type or Die requires players to put their brains and keyboard typing skills to the test. This is a fast-paced word game competition where you will receive prompts and must type out the longest possible word you can think of that fits into that category. The longer, the better, because your life will be on the line. Lava will continue to rise as the round takes place, and your goal is to keep adding blocks below you with each letter you type in your answers to escape. The last player standing wins!

Roblox Uno

Image via ThatTimothy

Who doesn't love the classic card game, Uno? Well, now you can play it on Roblox and on the go with mobile. This Roblox Uno game allows you to experience Uno in a completely new way with unique card animations and twists. You can play multiple different Uno game modes, creating new challenges and fun. Play against friends, other online players, or anytime you want with automated bots. If you play well and win games, you can even make it to the top of the leaderboards.

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Best Roblox Games on Mobile

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