How to Get Bamboo in Islands

Bamboo is a new resource that was added to Roblox Islands aka Skyblock in the recent Aquamarine update! We'll take a look at everything you need to know about it, including how to get it and what to do with it! Bamboo is a commonly used resource in real life, so we expect there to be quite a bit of new usage for it in the future.

Bamboo Guide

Bamboo is actually quite easy to get! All you'll need to do is head to the main trade hub island and then over to the portal that takes you to Slime Island! This portal no longer requires you to have a slime key, so you can just waltz right in for free! Now that you're here, head to the left and towards the new fishing lake on this island. You will start to see large green bamboo shoots coming out of the ground around the water!

Once you find one, take out your axe and then aim for the very bottom of it. This will chop it down and collect all of the bamboo from that particular shoot. Bamboo can be chopped at the very top and by segments in the middle. However, if you chop the bottom segment, you'll get all of the bamboo and won't have to waste your time shopping additional sections!

Now that you've gathered up some bamboo, you can create some new blocks with it:

  • Bamboo Block - 5 Bamboo
  • Dried Bamboo Block - 5 Dried Bamboo

You'll notice that dried bamboo is required for one of the blocks. To get this you will need to take some bamboo and put it into a furnace. Once you've cooked your bamboo long enough, it will turn into dried bamboo which you can use for the dried bamboo block!

Once you have some bamboo, you can plant it around your island and it will grow up tall! You can then harvest it the same way you did before and replant it to get some more.

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