How to get the Spring Halo 2021 in Roblox Royale High | 16 Stories!

Win yourself a Spring Halo 2021 by choosing these correct answers.

The Spring Halo 2021 is a flower-themed halo with glowing mushrooms and rocks sprouting from the top. You'll need all the correct fountain story answers if you want a chance at winning this new halo in Roblox Royale High.

How to get the Spring Halo 2021 in Roblox Royale High | All Fountain Answers

Update April 20

  • 11 New Stories Added

To get the Spring Halo 2021, you must approach the fountain in Divinia Park and make a wish. Then you will need to provide the correct answer for each story. You will be presented with one story from the list below. Choosing the correct correct answer out of the four options will net you a higher chance of winning the Spring Halo 2021.

Note: Answering correctly still doesn't guarantee you will win the Spring Halo. Although the correct answer will grant you a higher success rate, the percent of players who win the Halo is still random. Some players might even walk away with nothing, despite choosing the correct answer. If you don't win anything, you can try again once the two-hour timer resets at the fountain.

Below is a list of all the Spring Halo 2021 stories we've come across so far, with the correct answer provided. Note that some stories have two possible answers.

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Cherry Blossoms

You are in awe of how beautiful they appear and decide to pick a handful to make a delightful bouget. You reach out to gather the...

  • Answer: D. Lavender-tinted cherry blossoms

A Crossroad

Inside the thick woods, you immediately reach a crossroad. You go...

  • Answer: A. A right, into a sunny clearing

Delicate Flower Bed

You discover a delicate flower bed home to a variety of different colored flora and you decide to pick one for yourself. After pondering over which flower you want to pick, you choose to pick a....

  • Answer: C. Magenta Gladiolus

Garden Club

You look around at the park, realizing what a toll the chilled winter weather had taken on its previously lively plant life. Motivated by the club's kindness, you decide to pitch in. You look around at the stations they're setting up, deciding to...

  • Answer: C. Help plant new shrubs and trees

Flower Wreaths

However, I need flowers to create spring-themed natural wreaths for my sisters, and I can't pick between my facorites... Would you mind helping me make a decision?" You nod your head, pleased to help the goddess, and choose...

  • Answer: D. Dahlias

Flora the Fairy

After you make your wish, you walk through the blooming Divinia ark, until you notice some butterflies hovering above your head, forming a sort of halo, reminding you of your unlickiness of never having one won. You then gain hapiness again, as you remember the beautiful flowers and green grass around you which means the arrival of Spring! Just as you think about this, a pastel pink rose oens up on the ground in front of you and a fairy pops out! To your surrise, she then says to you, "Hi BabySisNessa! I'm Flora, the tribe leader of the flower fairies here in Divinia Park. My people gain their powers from the Flower of Spring, but it suddenly was drained of its magic. We fairies depend on this, but no one exactly knows where or what flower the Flower of Spring is. Could you please help me restore magic to my people?" Feeling synmpathetic for Flora, you choose to...

  • Answer: A. Help the Fairy Queen find the Flower

Follow the Bird

Each of the four birds' songs, melodic and musical, implore you to follow them as they beat their wings, ready to take off. You decide to follow the...

  • C. Robin

Fountain Lady's Quest

You thank her as you walk to the flower labyrinth located near the fountain. Looking at the paper, you become unsure of which quest to complete, and you decide to...

  • Answer: D. Learn about Spring powers with flower fairies

History Report Story

In the distance through the thicket of trees, you see what looks like a flower field and above you see animals you have never seen before, soaring through the skies at unimaginable speeds. "Hi! Are you lost int he forest too?", you hear a voice behind you say, as you whip around to see a girl whose attire seems to be native to the forest. Animals and wisps flocked behind her, "My name is Tara, I live in the forest. It's Springtime, which means it's time to celebrate the end of Winter! C'mon you should join us, we'll let you choose where to go!" Her sweet smile heavily influences you to decide with haste, so you choose...

Answer: B. The Flower Field! or C. The Pond!

A Lone Bunny

Before you can head inside, you notice a lone bunny, shivering in the cold rain. Concerned for this critter, you decide to...

  • Answer: C. Take him to your apartment

Magic Petals & Pollen

After you make your wish, you enjoy the cold breeze by taking a walk in the park. As you're walking and waiting for your wish to come true, you spot a glowing monarch butterfly perched on a tree branch! It looks at you and you gasp, feeling uncertain as to why it's staring at you. The butterfly flies up to your shoulder and surprisingly says, "Hello there, CakeNoms! I'm having some trouble picking up magic flower petals and see, all of my friends made about two and a half bags of pollen for our Princess, Monarchia. She's very sick and we have to help her, magic petals and pollen are a part of the recipe for the cure, but I can't get there by myself since my left leg is in a cast. Will you help me?" You decide to...

  • Answer: A. Help and look for a beautiful pink petal

Mysterious Woman Story

After wishing upon the fountain, you catch a glimpse of a mysterious woman near the trees with brown locks of hair, eyes the color of gold, and a beautiful gown adorned in blue. Filled with curiousity, you walk towards the mysterious woman only to be greeted with a gust of wind and floral magic circling you. The mysterious woman says, "Oh, hello there! My name is Persephone, and I am the Goddess of Spring! I am looking for a flower, Narcissus, would you like to help me?" After a brief moment of thought, you...

  • Answer: C. Accept and help her look at the open field

Red Rover Story

After you make your wish in the fountain, you feel a couple of flower stems drift past your nose. With an allergy-caused sneeze, you turn around and find a cheerleader looking back at you. She has a ring of petals flying in the wind around her, the spring breeze blowing her hair majestically. "iy, YTshaylo, come play Red Rover with us!", she says gleefully, beckoning you to a field of spring azaleas and lilacs, where two groups of people are facing one another. "We'll all hold hands tightly, and one at a time, call someone from the other team over to run over and try to break our grip! If they can't break the grip, they come to our team. If they break our grip, they get to choose someone from our team to take back to their team." The cheerleader explains, and you nod, then she asks, "Who should we send over?" After a while of thinking, you decide to send over...

  • Answer: B. Adam, Royale High's mixologist or D. Pearl, the Sunset Island Host

Save a Flower

The butterflies on the halo flutter out and speak to you, "NomSquad, you have the chance to save one of the four flowers from extinction or endangerment and give them another chance of life. Which one will you choose?" After looking at the labels and making a hard decision, you decide to save the...

  • Answer: D. Ghost orchid, a weeping white flower

Spring Maiden

You reach out your hand to wipe away the blanket of moss, which reveals the engraving "The Spring Maiden: Guardian of New Beginnings and Earth's Hidden Treasure." You think for a moment and decide to...

  • Answer: A. Explore Earth for Treasure

Suki Butterflies

After making your wish, you take a short walk, to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Meanwhile, you notice a girl with very long, snow-white pigtails and red eyes, who appears to be looking for something while holding a unique book in her hands. Curious, you decide to approach her and she enthusiastically addresses you, "Oh, hello there! I'm doing research on special butterflies, that only appear in Divinia in the springtime, for a project I'm working on. Would you like to help?" Nodding your head, she introduces herself as Suki and explains that she's looking for 4 specific butterflies with unique colors and designs, showing pictures of each to aid in the search. Looking at the pictures you decide to pick...

  • Answer: A. The dark blue butterfly with pastel yellow hearts on its wings

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Are we missing a story? Let us know in the comments if you were lucky enough to win the rare Spring Halo 2021 in Royale High!

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  1. it works! u just gotta keep on trying !! ANd I gotten the 2021 halo but some s orta make u lose diamonds or nothing TvT (no offence)

  2. I hope i get the halo are all of these true answers and is this real did anyone get it??????

  3. I really hope this works, I am going to try so hard!

  4. what the hell? I just haved a question and i used the answer Lavender-tinted cherry blossoms and i loosed over 100 diamonds? Why?

    1. its called “luck” I ended up getting the 2021 halo on that one

  5. Do we need to complete all of the questions to get the spring halo?

    1. Nope, you can get it by answering any of the one questions, but answering correctly does not guarantee you will win a Halo, unfortunately.


    1. Umm do we really get halo? I mean i never got one ;-;

  7. omg, I got a halo this website helps so much!!

  8. I have tried these so many times and they have not worked

  9. I haven’t got a halo yet but i’m trying my best! This website has been a good help! Also for some people, it doesn’t always give you a halo, even if you pick the correct answer. It will only raise your chances in getting one. So lets cross our fingers, and hope for the best!😁

  10. although i dont get the halo it still helps,because since i was using this website i never lost diamonds

  11. Hey. I still haven’t gotten my halo-I often get nothing but I hope to get a halo soon! If anyone has any tips or tricks to make it more likely to get a halo, pleaseeee tell me! Lol ty bye

  12. Hey can u only get one halo per season

  13. i chose an answer off of here and i lost diamonds :((

    1. Just because you choose the right answer doesn’t mean you’ll get a halo

      1. Very true facts-

      2. Yes thats very true ;-;

  14. I got the Val Halo 2021 so this might give you a clue: I maybed answered like over 100 questions but mostly I got nothing and XP maybe a little bit of diamonds. I do not really play royale high often now cuz my halo got scammed and I do not have a halo now 🙁 But maybe it depends on how you answer it by the speed or how much correct answer it is. Im currently looking for the val halo 2019 in order for me to have what I want.

  15. i did found a story or 2 that i cant find up there , its about the fountain lady , u need to complete some quests in the flower labyrinth… the answears are : A. Get a flower potion from the spring witch, B. Fight for the spring sword , C.Find the prettiest flower , D. Learn about spring power with flower fairis. Thats all , and if you can actually add the story that would be amazing!! ty for your time :>

  16. Hi! I got my halo from the answer ghost orchids! Thank you so much!

    1. I didn’t sadly

    2. Hey, I just wanted to say, in my 6 years of playing, I’ve never got a halo. But you give answers give me hope to be lucky, thank you so much!

      1. We hope you get a halo soon!

    3. are u sure?

      1. they said in the top things won’t always be corect

  17. Ty for showing us tho ! 🙂

  18. I think i had the Goddes Of Spring Answer!

  19. Hello-! There’s been a new story added that i don’t see here- It’s about a group of students and you decide to help them clean up divinia park! I’d like it to be added soon<3

  20. It did not give a halo….

    1. It does not give halo’s all the time-!

      1. They don’t work at all and half of them I lost diamonds except for the crossroad one, but yall’ have to remember that even if you pick the right one, you only have a small chance to get the halo, but you should take notes yourself to pick the right answer every time.

    2. Its doesn’t guarantee that you will get the halo if you pick the answer that they put up, it just raises the chances 🙂

  21. I didn’t see the question I got, about plants I had to chose to save from extinction.

  22. hi, my story is when you have to pick a wreath i do not know the answers can you write them down <3

  23. New story, about a satyr boy and 4 flowers to save from extinction

    1. I picked D ; The Ghost Orchids and got diamonds

    2. I got a screenshot of if my answer was B Cry Violet and got nothing

  24. i’ve come across a story which isn’t on any of the websites! i have no idea what to use as the answer. here’s the story! :))

    ‘After making your wish at the fountain, you daydream about obtaining a rare item, such as a spring halo. Suddenly, you hear the voice from the fountain lady as she starts talking to you? and you turn around to face her. “Hello, [name], I am the fountain lady! Could you maybe complete one of my quests in the flower labyrinth?” You accept her offer, and she gives you a flower-decorated paper, with all of her quests on it. You thank her as you walk to the flower labyrinth located near the fountain. Looking at the paper, you. come unsure of which quest to complete, and you decide to… (Story by laraunicorn290)’

    A. Get a flower potion from the spring witch

    B. Fight for the Spring Sword

    C. Find the prettiest flower

    D. Learn about the spring powers with flower fairies

    1. I picked A and lost 172 diamonds

    2. D = 732 diamonds

  25. Has anyone else gotten the story like After making your wish, you notice a group of students – identifiable by their matching t-shirts – gathering at the park’s perimeter. Intrigued, you approach one of the people in the group, asking him what they’re doing. “We’re the Royale High garden club!”, he chirps. “Every spring, we come here to Divinia Park to do volunteer work to make sure it’s in tip-top shape!” And then some more but I’m too lazy to type it XD

    1. B. Help to get more volunteer

  26. Hi! So basically, I was playing royal high when I came across a story that went something along the lines of “You find these workers that work in Divinia Park to make sure it is in tip top shape. How will you help them?” And the choices were “Help pull nasty weeds out”, “help find more volunteers”, “help plant more bushes and trees” and I forgot the last choice. Please try to find this story and who knows! Maybe you can get the halo from this story! Thanks so much!

  27. Do you just get awarded the halo from anyone of these questions randomly when you are doing the fountain and you choose the right choice? I know that it won’t guarantee getting a halo, but I would like to know how I would get it in the case that I do.

    1. The “theory” is that these answers give you a higher chance of being awarded the halo

  28. This is so helpful! Now I know all of the correct answers to the questions :3! So glad! Tysm!

    1. Glad to help! 🙂

  29. For everyone who will be reading this:
    Hello, these answers dosn’t give you an halo it just makes an higher chance to win the halo!🌸
    How I know, all halo answers listed are real and the most people got an alo already from those answers!🌸
    If you want an higher chance to win an halo, you should go all 2 hours to the fountain and try to get an halo, this makes an bigger chance to get an halo.🌸
    🌸Good Luck and have fun by playing royale high!🌸

  30. I mean I’ve been using this as an answer key and not a single one has been correct. Will no longer use lmao

    1. Hello, these answers dosn’t give you an halo it just makes an higher chance to win the halo!🌸
      How I know, all halo answers listed are real and the most people got an alo already from those answers!🌸
      If you want an higher chance to win an halo, you should go all 2 hours to the fountain and try to get an halo, this makes an bigger chance to get an halo.🌸
      🌸Good Luck and have fun by playing royale high!🌸

    2. You’re not guaranteed to win, unfortunately

      1. 🌸Yep!🌸