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How to hatch a Huge Machine Egg in Pet Simulator X – Roblox

Wow, that's one huge egg!

Limited edition pets and eggs are just one part of what makes Pet Simulator X go 'round, but it's quite a big part to say the least! In some cases, these eggs and pets are added with holiday events, such as Halloween or Christmas; in others, they're added with a weekly or monthly update and removed soon after. Surprisingly, the Huge Machine Egg has remained in-game long after its update seemingly came and went, but that doesn't mean it's sticking around forever—if you want to hatch one for yourself, it's better to do it sooner rather than later!

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How to hatch a Huge Machine Egg in Pet Simulator X

Huge Machine Eggs can be obtained in two ways, by A) purchasing them from the Huge-A-Tron machine, or B) unlocking them through the Daycare. The easiest way to obtain this egg is through the Huge-A-Tron, which can be found in the Shop area of Spawn World. Once inside Spawn World, head toward the bank on the left side of the map—next to the bank should be a large wall that requires you to pay ten million Diamonds to unlock.

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As you may have guessed, the Huge-A-Tron is located behind this wall, meaning the only way you can make huge pets (and unlock a Huge Machine Egg in turn) is by paying a whopping ten million diamonds, on top of the general cost to use the machine.

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How to get a Huge Machine Egg using the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

Now, the way in which this machine works can be a bit confusing, so we'll try our best to break it down for you. The only pets that can be put into this machine are paid-exclusive pets, meaning any exclusive pets you obtained for free from eggs or by completing quests, ie the Hippomelon, Elf Cat, Elf Dog, Pog Cat, Pog Dog, etc., cannot be used. You must have either purchased a Pet Sim X plush and gotten a physical code, or paid Robux for a digital code and pet.

Assuming you paid the ten million Diamonds to unlock the area, and have multiple paid-exclusive pets in your inventory, you can begin using the Huge-A-Tron machine. Similar to the Golden Pet Machine, or Rainbow Pet Machine, the more pets you attempt to merge in the Huge-A-Tron, the less it will cost you to do. What's different about this specific machine, however, is that it runs on an additional point system, rather than just the standard rarity measurement, meaning every paid-exclusive pet you add into the machine has its own point equivalent.

The older and rarer your exclusive pet is, the more points it will be worth—rarer and older pets will be worth closer to five points, whereas newer and less rare pets will be worth closer to one point. On top of that, pets that are Shiny will give a bonus of +3 points, pets that are Rainbow a bonus of +2 points, and pets that are Gold a bonus of +1 point. In order to use the Huge-A-Tron machine, the total number of points earned by your pets need to equate to a minimum of 50 points total. If your combined number of points can't reach 50, you won't be able to use the machine.

If you are able to reach 50 points, it'll cost you 800 Robux to use the Huge-A-Tron machine. If you're able to hit 75 points, it'll cost you 300 Robux, and if you reach the finale of 100 points, merging your pets will be free—free plus the ten million Diamonds it costed to open the door and whatever real-life money you paid to buy enough exclusive pets to have 50 points—but free nonetheless, right?

Again, unlike other machines in Pet Simulator X, merging your pets in the Huge-A-Tron does not technically create one specific Huge pet as the outcome; it instead creates the Huge Machine Egg.

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How to get a Huge Machine Egg using the Daycare in Pet Simulator X

To use the Daycare center, which is located in both Spawn world and the Trading Plaza, walk into the circle in front of it and open its menu. Then, simply select up to 10 pets from your inventory (excluding Huge and/or Exclusive pets) that you want to leave at the Daycare. The more pets you choose, the better loot you'll receive upon picking your pets back up. Be sure you're ok with the pets you're leaving behind, however, as they cannot be removed until the Daycare has watched them for six hours.

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When the six hours are finished, return to the Daycare, pick up your pets, and collect all the loot they earned for you. If you're lucky, and we mean lucky, you'll earn the Huge Machine Egg along with the normal loot.

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Huge Machine Egg Pet List

The Huge Machine Egg can have one of five huge pets inside of it. The likelihood of hatching each of these pets can be found below.

  • Huge Pterodactyl - 50%
  • Huge King Cobra - 30%
  • Huge Orca - 15%
  • Huge Chameleon - 4.5%
  • Huge Angelus - 0.5%


That's it for our guide on how to hatch a Huge Machine Egg in Pet Simulator X! Though it's expected that this egg will stick around for a while, if not permanently, Pet Simulator X is always changing, so nothing is guaranteed. If you're interested in obtaining one, it's always best to do it sooner rather than later!

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How to hatch a Huge Machine Egg in Pet Simulator X – Roblox

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