Sea of Stars Serai’s World Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution

Reach the chest one step at a time!

Similar to the Home World Solstice Shrine islands, this shrine is not easily reachable like the Evermist and Wraith Island ones. You'll have to reach a further part of the story and gain a new form of travel to get to it. Once you do, be prepared for one of the most complex of all shrine puzzles. We have all the steps for you to complete below to get through it as seamlessly as possible.

How to solve the puzzle in the Solstice Shrine on Serai's World - Sea of Stars

This shrine island is located at the southwestern corner of the Serai World map. You won't be able to access it by ship, so wait till you progress further and gain access to a different form of travel before traversing here.

Once you get onto the island, you'll have to complete a quick entry puzzle to get into the main deal. Here is how to open the entrance (follow along by flipping through the images and list of steps below):

  1. First, climb up onto the left platform in the top left corner. Then, use your Solstice Amulet with the triggers of your controller to rotate the Solstice prism to the dials on the left. This will raise the platform your standing on.
  2. Then, rotate the prism to the right and light up the dials to extend the beams for you to cross over to the other platform on the far right.
  3. Rotate the prism back to the left dials to raise the platform you're standing on, and then hop across the beam to the lever and switch it.

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Once you switch the lever, the entrance to the shrine will open up and allow you to enter. Now is where things will get difficult. As usual, you'll need to unlock the chest by activating the glowing pillars; however, there is a large pit between you, the pillars, and the chest. You'll need to use the tiled floor with the pushable boxes on it to create pathways for you to get around, and this time, the glowing pillars will remove obstacles preventing you from creating a pathway. Here's how:

  1. Walk past the tiled floor with the boxes to the staircase directly above it. Up the stairs, you'll see the first glowing pillar you can activate. This will lower the walls around the tiles and allow you to start using them.
  2. Now, you'll have access to the tiled floor with two movable boxes, but there are still obstacles in your way preventing you from moving them to every space. So, in the meantime, you'll need to use them to get to the next glowing pillar. For now, keep the boxes where they are and walk to the edge of the platform where the first pillar is. You should see stepping stones appear, allowing you to walk off to the right and reach the second glowing pillar. Once you activate this, it will remove an obstacle from the tile floor and create a rock wall for you to climb down more easily.
  3. Make sure one box is in the bottom left corner, and then walk off to the left side from the first pillar platform and reach the third glowing pillar. This will lower another obstacle on your tile floor and give you a rock wall back to your boxes.
  4. Now that you have some space, push the boxes over to the bottom left and middle left. Head up to the platform with the first glowing pillar again, and stepping stones will appear for you to walk forward and to the left to the little ledge. Climb up to the higher platform, where you can reach the fourth glowing pillar. Once again, it will create a convenient rock wall for you climb down on the left side, but also a new rock wall on the right side.
  5. Push your boxes to the bottom right spaces in the bottom middle and bottom right. You can use these stepping stones to cross back over to the right side, except this time, walk toward the edge of the platform facing the new rock wall and use your Graplou to latch onto it and climb up. Activate the fifth glowing pillar. Another obstacle will disappear off your tile floor.
  6. Push your boxes to the top left tiles, in the top left and middle left. Then, climb up the two rock walls on the left, so you can drop down to the ledge and walk out onto the new stepping stones to the top left corner of the room. Here you can climb up to the final glowing pillar and activate it. This will add another box to your tile floor, and finally give you what you need to cross to the chest.
  7. Now that you have three boxes, you can use them to cross over to the chest. There is one more obstacle on the board that you can't get rid of, so you'll need to place them in the right spots to get across. You can place the boxes in these tiles: middle left, top left, top middle. Then, climb up the rock walls on the left to the little edge once again and walk across the stepping stones to the chest at last.

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Once you reach the chest and claim your loot inside, you'll have successfully finished this shrine. If this isn't the last shrine you're working on, be sure to head back to the Home World and explore the ones there so you can uncover the secret in the Mountain Trail cave.

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Sea of Stars Serai’s World Solstice Shrine Island Puzzle Solution

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